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Kroot Warrior
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Default Titans

Most races in the 40k universe seem to have titans in one form or another.

As the Tau are methodical in their approach to warfare, I'm surprised they don't
have any form of titan to deliver massive amount of fire power on the enemy.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?
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Default Re: Titans

I was pretty sure that a Manta kinda is a titan :P
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Default Re: Titans

Tau do not have Titans in official fluff. There are a number of player built ones, but nothing from GW or Forgeworld. And you know what? Tau don't need Titans.

Tau warfare relies on quick flexible units that work together to accomplish tasks. Imperial Titans are massive, lumbering constructs that while are nigh-impossible to defeat without another titan, require a massive amount of support. Tau, on he other hand, have several choices when fighting against them- usually involving aircraft. Tigersharks are almost purpose built to take down Titans, and are much cheaper to boot. Groups of railgun armed Hammerheads or teams of broadsides both have excellent chances of damaging lighter Titans.

And of course, this is ignoring the Manta. Which is the closest thing the Tau get to a "real" titan. Except, unlike a real titan, a Manta is maneuverable, able to drop from orbit and return, and acts as the support and transport for an entire cadre. On the tabletop, it is ridiculously huge. In fluff, it would be incredibly dangerous.

In short, the Tau don't need Titans to deliver massive amounts of firepower to the enemy- their normal tactics and weapons do this quite nicely.

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Default Re: Titans

Tau don't need Titans. They are not exactly 'fast' (they are still faster then most units, and their big weapons tend to be heavy). There would be other problems like all the material to matain a land based slower moving walking weapon platform when you could get several mantas, which can go to and from space and move quicker. Meaning that they can be deployed in more places and are easier to move from continent to continent.

The Tau Air Caste I am sure has a lot of enemies in the Ordo Mortis. I am sure that every time several mantas strike you can hear the swearing of the Titan piliots. I mean the Air Caste probibly makes minicmeat out of them. I always imagined the Tau running circles (IF for some reason they didn't have air support) right in front of a titan. Titan weapons have a mininium range and their close combat weapons can only hit legendary units and gargatuan creatures. So the Tau (in my mind) would stay in. I also imagined that they would (this is my imagination at work) 'lead' the Titan to an area which happened to have a fusion bomb (like in Dawn of War when you attack the Necron stronghold) which when the Titan got there it would go bbboooommmm no more titan. In fact if anything I would like to see it go boom because how would you feel if your big evil titan was destroyed faster then you were expecting. I mean it would suck the life out of a lot of people and what would it feel like to be a ground soldier and see your titan which is your life line fly through the air in little bite size pieces.
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Default Re: Titans

Titan void shields would probably prevent the Titan from being destroyed. But air power of the Tau makes sense, and it stands to reason that they can handle titans. Titans are extremely destructive, but I can't imagine Tau ground troops standing still to fight one. A hunter cadre without sufficient weaponry to engage a titan would retreat, harassing the titan and drawing it away from support.

For the imperium, which often faces enemies who will entrench a site, there is a need for the sledge hamemr like ability of a Titan to crack open a fortification. Titans also excel in defense, for the imperium, in that a massing of enemy troops for a breakthrough of a well entrenched guard force is going to be a right nice target for the Titan.

But, then again, the Imperium have only recently been fighting the Tau. This fluid and dynamic style of combat, which does not rely on entrenchment, means that there is little for a Titan to destroy, other than to act as a sort of mobile anti-air unit for imperial troops. Previous enemies, even the rapidly moving Eldar, have been willing to fanatically defend certian sites.

And against the ork Gargants, Titans are probably pretty handy.
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Default Re: Titans

The Tau don't have titans because it does not fit with their style of warfare.
Manoeuvre warfare, which implies that you are faster and more agile than your opponent at almost every turn.
A Titan is only about as fast a slow moving groundcar, and about as agile as concrete pillar.
Tau Superheavy Fliers, on the other hand, have enough speed to break orbit, and can fly rings around any other superheavy fliers barring those of the Eldar variety.

As to void shields providing good protection against Tau air strikes, I think not.
On multiple occasions Scout (Warhound) titans have been destroyed by a single shot from a Tigershark (in the fluff).
The Manta mounts dual Railcannons, purpose designed to smash through starship hulls. The void shields and thick armour of a titan have about as much chance of stopping those as thin air does. You just pray they miss your titan's power core.
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Default Re: Titans

Originally Posted by Ravager Zero

On multiple occasions Scout (Warhound) titans have been destroyed by a single shot from a Tigershark (in the fluff).
Not just the fluff. Rules-wise it's possible too.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Titans

Originally Posted by Impulse
Originally Posted by Ravager Zero

On multiple occasions Scout (Warhound) titans have been destroyed by a single shot from a Tigershark (in the fluff).
Not just the fluff. Rules-wise it's possible too.
Yeah, if your other weapons (Seeker missiles, etc.) take down its void shields first. A strength D shot will at least cripple a Warhound.

I wish my Tigershark would get here... I've been waiting a month and a half.
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Default Re: Titans

Ring them up and com[plain, they have no right to be keeping it from you beyond the time limit.

but on topic. i argree with all the said above. tau just don't need a titan. they are far to slow. and big.

this is the sort of conversation that happened around when the plastic bane blade came out. "why can't tau have a super heavy" because they ****ing well don't need one. thst is why.
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Default Re: Titans

Just after I finished typing out my question, the fog of war cleared & all the reasons
in sundry why Tau don't employ titans slowly appeared through the mist.

Personally I rather like Orkkrusters comment on the Tau air caste. Massive orbital
strikes seem very plausible but would certainly knacker any chance of an Apocalypse
game being played out. ( Hard to play anything when the battlefields been blown to buggery! )

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