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Banners & flags
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Default Banners & flags

Do the Tau sport any kind of heraldry on their battle suits, also do they
have anything similar to flags or banners?
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Default Re: Banners & flags

Alot people like to put banners on the back of there firewarrior leaders. It looks kinda like a samurai banner. I guess if you wanted to this would be the most suiting for them.
I bet you could aslo put a banner in the hand of say an eatheral and call it a honour blade.
I don't know about a crisis suit though. Perhaps some sort of hereldry painted on, but something with a jet pack doesn't seem like it would best to have a banner flapping around near the intakes.
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Default Re: Banners & flags

Personally, I don't think the Fire Caste would have banners at all in most circumstances - those kinds of things should be reserved for 'Dress Uniforms' and the more regal and/or diplomatic/propagandist members of Tau society - the Ethereals and the Por.

Shas seem entirely too practical to sport giant "shoot me" signs on their person for everyday use, but then again the Tau do sometimes go to extensive lengths with their "camouflage" to add that extra psychological shock factor when assaulting fortified positions (such as Brightsword's entire cadre on Nimbosa colored bright silver and red).

Therefore I think banners are situation-dependent.

For all practical missions, i.e. when the Tau try to remain unseen and unidentified for as long as possible through effective camouflage - I'd say no banners.

If the Tau force is a shock/occupational/PsyOps/propaganda cadre, I say go for it.
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