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[BatRep] Space Marines vs. Tau and Eldar, 1500pts
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Default [BatRep] Space Marines vs. Tau and Eldar, 1500pts

We played a game tonight between, 1500pts of Space marines vs. 750pts each of Tau and Eldar. Here is my battle report.

"The Human auxilaries are in full retreat, and have abondened their command post, Shas'el..."
Shas'El T'cea nodded silently as Mont'Cea spoke, his eyes looking beyond the hsimemring holofield depicting the fighting, to the ruins of the human city. The resolute defence of the humans was admirable, but their intractability meant that this world, so much like his homeworld of Sa'cea, was being reduced to rubble. Why must they refuse the glory of the Greater Good?

"...our Shas'la teams are in transit, and soon we will be able to access the human battlenet, and bring this tragic campaign to a -

"We bring news most dire."

The whispered wordssoundeded like a knife being drawn from it's scabbard. T'cea whirled to face the unknown voice, and was confronted by the sight of several armor clad figures stepping from the shadows of the rubble. Several resembled the fierce desert scorpians, while others were cloaked in shadow. Vior'la'ar, hotblooded as always dre her pistol swiftly, but an effortless and quick swipe by the clawed leader sent the weapon flying.

"We come in peace, and bring news that the Angels of Death are now converging on your position. Our commander wishes to aid you in your resistence, and we have been sent as emissaries...

Gold Scars, White Scar successor chapter
Commander in terminator armor /w power weapon and storm bolter
Command Terminator squad 6 terminators, 2 with assault cannons
Libarian with Fear of the Dark, Emperor's wrath and bike
Venerable Drednought with assault cannon and heavy flamer
Tactical squad x10 marines, 1 missile launcher
Tactical Squad x10 marines, 1 missile launcher
Bike squad x 6, 1 attack bike /w heavy bolter
Scout squad x5, sniper rifles, 1 heavy bolter
Scout Squad x5, sniper rifles, 1 heavy bolter

Sam Hain expeditionary force
Autarch with reaper launcher, power weapon
Striking scorpians x6 with Exarch, shadowstalk, scorpians claw, stalker
Dire avengers x12 with Exarch /w bladestorm and twin dire avenger catapaults
Pathfinders x5
Pathfinders x5
Jetbikes x4, 1 shuriken cannon

Sa'cea hunter Cadre
Shas'el T'cea, FK-7XV8
Shas'ui Kay'mont, DR+XV8
Shas'Ui teamleader Mon'cea, H+XV8
Shas'Ui teamleader Vior'la'ar, H-6+XV8

Shas'la x12, 6 Carbines, Shas'ui /w markerlight, target lock and bonding knife
Shas'la x12, Shas'ui /w markerlight, target lock and bonding knife
Devilfish /w SMS, TA, MT and Decoy launchers

The battlefield was a 6x5 set up with plenty of urban terrian. The mission was take and hold, and there was a bunker on the outskirts of the central objective area. Deployment for the Gold cars was(from their player's POV) Libby on the right, bikers(not with libby, but close by), scouts in tall building bordering objective, tac squad behind them, another tac squad, the Dred and Terms in fron of the tac squad, and scouts on the left flank in a tall building. For our side, from right to left it was: Jetbikes, Devilfish and fire warriors, T'cea and Kay'mont, fire warriors in cover, Pathfinders and the other two suits on a tall building i nthe center, Dire avengers in the bottom floor of the building, pathfinders. Space marines won the first turn.

Space Marine Turn 1
As the chapter master and teminator veterans, flanked by the Venerable Isuldor moved forward throught the haze of the ruined city, Sergeant Benedictus narrowed his eyes.

"Brother Lucius. Can you see that..It appears to be a tau transport. Dispense the Emperor's will upon them."

Brother Lucius sighted his missile launcher carefully, exhaled slowly, and when the last bit of breath was gone, offered a short prayer to the Emperor, before squeezing the trigger of his missile. The dul whumph of the propellent charged launched the misisle from the tube, and then the rockets fired, and the missile streaked down the rubblestrewn blouvard. The missile impacted the Devilfish just above the nose, and the shaped charge exploded, sending a jet of molten metal into the engine of the tau transport. The devilfish crashed to the ground, partially hidden behind the still standing building.

Chaptermaster Marcus smiled grimly as he advanced, pleased that his battle-brothers were both faithful and inerring in their aim. He raised his stormbolter, and whispered the command into the Vox: "fire". Brother Hjold and Aemilius took aim, and their assault cannons roared the Emperor's wrath from their many-throats. Venerable Isuldor opened fire at the same instant, and the tau warriors clusted about the ruins of a cafe were visited with great justice. The tau firewarriors that survived fell back, a few attempting to return fire, but to no avail.

The scouts slowly took aim at the central tower, where several battlesuits and smaller infantry hid amongst the ruined building. Their weapons spat flame, but none found their mark amongst the eldar pathfinders. Brother Maerneas of squad Julian fired a fragmentation missile at the same pathfinders as his brothers covered him. Sadly, the emperor's justice was denied, and no xenos fell to the missile.

The bike detachment, intent on outflanking their enemy roared down a narrow street, when one brother pointed to the sign of several xenos in a ruined Basilca. The brothers fired upon them, but were disappointed to see only one xeno fall, his chainsword skittering across the rubble. Libarian Titus gunned his engines and roared down a back ally behind the basical, intent on reaching the enemy lines, where he could visit Fear upon the treacherous Xenos.

Tau and Eldar Turn 1
The Pathfinders hidden amongst the ruined edifeces smiled the Jackal's own grin, and released a fusilade of accurate fire into the Marine scouts who whad betrayed their position with their inaccurat volley. Several scouts fell, though they attempted to train their weapons on the pathfinders in return, none could find their mark. The dire avengers in the lobby of the former hotel charged into the street, released a veritable storm of shuriken. The riddled body of Brother Modi plummated to the ground, as the scout squad was annihilated.

Vior'la'ar looked to his comarade, and could swear he almost saw the wolfish grin as Mon'Cea leapt over the edge of the edifece, his jetpack firing at the last instance to bring him to a soft landing, before sprinting towards the cover of the command post bunker, as missile and bolter fire from squad Julian kicked up dust and rubble around him. Vior'la'ar followed quickly behind Mon'Cea, knowing the distant forms of the terminators would be the gravest threat to his comrades.

Klaxons blared inside the Devilfish as the Firewarriors rapidly exited from the smoke filled vehicle, taking cover amongst the rubble. They called to their fellows falling back, exhorting them to remain and fight for the Greater Good. The other firewarriors slowly halted, realizing that their deaths would only serve the Greater good, and began to return to their post.

T'cea and Kay'Mont leaped atop the smoking hull of the devilfish, then out into the street. T'cea rapidly fired his plasma rifle and misisle pod at the massive dreadnought approaching before ducking back around into cover. His haste however, was evident as the missiles exploded with no effect against the dreadnought's admantine hull. Kay'mont, always the patiant one, knelt and steadied his aim, before releasing a salvo of missiles that slammed into the dreadnought's right knee, dismembering it. As it toppled, Kay'mont leaped back into safety, return fire chasing him.

The jetbikes roared up the narrow bacloneys of the former mansion and released a salvo of fire on the prone dreadnought as it attempted to right itself. However their fire was to no avail, spattering against the thick hide like so much rain.

The striking scorpians withen the ruined basical laughed even as one of their own was cut down, and charged the bikes, pistols blazing. Their blades glanced from the fast moving bike,s though the exarch siezed one bike by it's chassis and lifted it above his head before smashing it to the ground, destroying it and the side car with heavy bolter. The assault quickly ground to a halt as the marines abandoned their bikes to struggle with the eldar aspect warriors.

Space Marine turn two
Titus concetrated, slowing his bike untill he was in the optimuim position, before releasing the fear inherent in all things. However, a voice whispered into his head at the last moment: "for the changer accepts all of great talent" and a sudden fear coursed through him. He had been found by a Daemon. Cursing, he was forced to focus his pyschic power against staving off the chaos taint.

Squad Julian sprinted forward, eager to gain an arc of fire on the two battlesuits that had sprinted to the command post, knowing that if they failed, their veteran brothers would be in grave danger.

Marcus ordered his veterans forward, trusting that Isuldor would be able to handle himself. Indeed, the massive dreadnought had righted itself, presenting it's face to the enemy yet again. However, Marcus had no time to think more of this, as his quad came face to face with two hulking battlesuits. Quickly the squad opened fire, but the foremost of the suits leapt out of the way, as it's kinder was riddled by assault cannon fire. However, in his haste he left himself vulnerable, and a searing blast of pain tore through his arm.

Tau And Eldar Turn 2
Sniper and bolter fire rattled against Mon'Cea's carapace, yet he ran forward. Shame that Vior'La'ar had not made it. He had admired her greatly for her courage and beauty. But enough of it, he had a task to do. Kneeling, Mon'Cea released a rapid burst of plasma, which tore one of the hulking terminators apart. His fusionblaster jammed, and he cursed his luck, before jumping behind the corner of the command post.

The pathfinders released a bevy of shots, several of which found their way inbetween Titus's armor, forcing him to weave erratically on his bike as he gunned for the dire avengers before him. Shouting, the dire avengers charged into the swirling melee with the scorpians and bikers, punching, kicking and lashing out with their weapons. The fighting had become desperate, with only the Exarch and one striking scorpian still alive, back to back, fighting a closing ring of marines.

The jetbikes roared into the open, releasing a storm of shuriken upon the terminators, sending one to the Aethyr, where he could question his faith for all etenrity, before slipping back into cover.

Kay'mont and T'cea lept out of cover, firing upon the veteran marines, before ducking back into cover. They had scarce time to enjoy the carnage they released, as another terminator fell, and Marcus sagged to one knee, his leg bloody and weeping as plasma fused bone, flesh and admantine together. The fire warriors cheered, as they took aim and fired, but to little avail.

Space Marine Turn 3
Mon'cea laughed, his back against the wall as he leaned forward, taking aim at the terminators closing on his position. He never saw the Krak missile that exploded against his shoulder, and ended him.

Squad Benedictus surged forward, moving under the cover of squad Julian towards the command post, intent on preventing it's capture by the heretical xenos.

Titus gunned his engine, releasing the Fear he had channeled earlier, forcing the xenos overwatching him to flee in panic. With a shout, he leaned into the turn and drove his bike into the rear of the swirling melee.

Marcus directed the fire of his terminators and Isuldor against the downed devilfish, which still spat fire at him, impudently. The combined fire of the assault cannons tore through the devilfish, and it's guns quickly fell silent. Marcus allowed himself a terse smile, and Prayed that the Emperor would see his troops through this day...

Tau and Eldar turn 3

The battle between the bikers, Avengers and scorpians continued, with the two scorpians unable to fight fre eto their brethern, and finally cut down by the marines. The Avenges gave as good as they got, but were slowly driven back, grimly attempting to retake their brother's corpses if nothing else. However, they were no match for the fury of Titus and the bikers, and were savagely cut down.

T'cea and Tay'Mont leapt from cover again, opening fire on the terminators as their firewarriors charged forth in support, weapons chattering madly. Marcus and his remaining bodyguard were cut down in a swarm of missiles and sun-bright plasma, while the jetbikes roared towards the command post. One lucky missile destroyed the dreadnought's assault cannon, disarming Isuldor

Space Marine Turn 4
Squad julian ran forward, as several of the number fell to the fire of the eldar pathfinders, attempting to seek cover, while squad Benedictus followed up behind them.

The scouts took aim at the eldar jetbikers, and released several shots, but the uncany speed of the jetbikes threw off their aim.

Titus and his brothers knealt and offered a short prayer for their kindred, taking a moment of peace in the chaotic battle.

Tau and Eldar turn 4
The screaming jetbikes taught squad Julien the meaning of Swordwind, death issuing from their catapaults and cannon, taking the tactical squad down to below half strength.

T'cea and Kay'mont released an accurate and well aimed salvo at Isuldor, and the venerable dreadnought crumpled to the ground, it's guns never to speak in anger again. The two fire cast pilots quickly covered the ground to command post, scanning for any potential threats.

The pathfinders atop the buildings released death from it's cage, and removed the last few bikers from around Titus. Kay'mont, in his eagerness found himself in position to unleash a missile blast at the wounded Librarian, sending him to the final peace...

End of Game
The game was called her on account of the store closing. VP weren't figured out, but I figgure we got full VP for the bikers, terms, chaptermaster, dread and a unit of scouts. We also recieved half points for one tac squad, and had two scoring units(Jetbikes and Kay'mont) within 12" of the objective. We gave up full points for the Scorpians, Avengers, devilfish and two helious battle suits. Half points were awarded for one unit of fire warriors.

I deployed very sloppily, but we still managed to get the win. Close, but it was a tight battle, and my first against marines. My opponent brought a fairly nice list, imho. He's a cool guy.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Space Marines vs. Tau and Eldar, 1500pts

Aside from some typos, that's a very nice first BatRep.
+1 Karma Given. ;D
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Default Re: [BatRep] Space Marines vs. Tau and Eldar, 1500pts

I wil lagain state my deployment was VERY sloppy. This game isn't like fantasy at all! In WHFB, you can come up with a standard deployment scheme and win, by kepeing to your battle plan. In 40k, deployment can often men life or death.

I deployed my devilfish with it's nose around a building, because I thought that looked... "cool". The krak missile(and a failed obscured roll) made me rethink this. I can't wait for 5th ed and better cover rules for vehicles. The loss of my devilfish on the first turn meant that around 300pts of my army sat in cover for three turns. Sad, but I wasn't about to run firewarriors out into the open against three assault cannons.

My Helios suits would have been better served deployed where T'cea and Kay'mont were. T'cea and Kay'mont could have provided excellent overwatch from the central tower, able to shoot at anything, while my helios could've used the cover to JSJ the terms. But...i made a mistake.

While I only got one turn of Helios on the terms, that one turn(and one helios) were awesome, killing a WHOLE term...But had I deployed properly, they probably could've gotent two or three turns of shooting. The snipers had me scared, cuz I'm used to pathfinders with AP1 shots. Apparantly, eldar rangers and pathfinders are the only ones who enjoy that AP1 on 6(or 5+ for pathfinders...). So I shoudln't have been as terrified as I was.

t'cea and Kay'mont really earned their points, killing 3 or 4 terms and the Chapter master, and taking out the dred. I got lucky when I immobilized it early on, but that's what it is. Once immobilized, the dred was no threat, because it lost a turn of shooting(immob + stunned on a pen hit), and then I managed to destroy it's assault cannon, turning it into a stationary heavy flamer pillbox. I went for the kill after the terms were gon, cuz I wanted the VP, and everything else was in cover or not visible.

I think we lost a turn, but it's ok. I hope I get to play this marine opponent again. It was his 2nd game and my 4th. I FINALLY got a win. I'm slowly learning why Tau strategy revolves around the Killing Blow and Patient Hunter. You need to wait untill your opponent makes themselves vulnerable. Our crisis suits arn't tough enough to weather heavy firepower.

this is the second game in a row that, due to my deployment, I have lost a devilfish on the first turn. I'm sick of that. I gotta protect these things, they are NOT falcons. They can be destroyed.

Bonding knives seem cool. I never tested them,because my fire warriors who fel lback wer e capable of rallying without them, but for 5pts, I think it's worth it. And they shall know no fear is a disgusting rule, btw.

Dice luck was really bad, though. When we hit our targets with stuff that wounded on 2+, we rolled all ones. The Strikin' Scorps couldn't manage to get more than 2 or 3 wounds before saves, despite throwing 20ish attacks. And almost half the biker attack backs were failed saves. Ridonkulous(that's the donkey kong of ridiculous).

I didn't get to test my carbines. The unit with'em took 5 casaulties really quick, so I removed carbines before rifles. I was hopin' ta pass my morale check and atleast get some shots. But...no...

I still think Bonding knives are an awesome idea for Shas'la squads. 10pts for the ability to rally at below 50% strength is nice. I didn't get to use it, but I can imagine it keeps your troops in. Even thought they cant score, they can contribute firepower. And that's enough for me.

Deathrains /w TA are AWESOME. My goodiness. I didn't know they could handle dreadnoughts. Well, ok, I only had one death rain. But T'cea runs a twin-linked missiplepod fireknife, so I had basically two. And they worked.

And can I say it? w00t! I got karma, biznatchs! Sorry. IT makes me feel like a real member of the community.
That until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned: That until there are no longer first-class and second class citizens of any nation; That until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes; That until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race; That until that day, the dream of lasting peace and world citizenship and the rule of international morality will remain but a fleeting illusion, to be pursued but never attained; And until the ignoble an
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