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Tau time keeping
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Default Tau time keeping

Now guys i no ive posted this here somewhere before but this is the fixed version.

Basically I have decided to right up a tutorial or guide so people can understand the basic Tau time keeping.

Tau Timekeeping
The Tau'cyr is an annual cycle on Tau. A Tau'cyr is broken down into 6 kai'rotaa is dedicated to a caste with the additional one dedicated to the race as a whole. A rotaa is is broken down into 10 decs; decs are either light-time or dark-time. most tau need only 1-2 decs of sleep per rotta

The Tau'cyr or Tau year last approximately 300 terran days (297.74 to be precise). A kai'rotaa is therefore about 50 terran hours and a dec is 1.5 terran hours

So therefore a Tau year is one of our years, a kai'rotaa is one of our months a rotaa is one of our days and the decs are our hours.


One tau year has 6 kai'rotaa each with 80 rotaa.
So in a 21st millennium humans eyes; a tau year is 6 earth months each of which with 80 earth days.

The rotaa
A rotaa is a tau day, which consists of 10 decs, 5 of which are light (day) and the other 5 are dark (night)

Human perspective.
The 10 decs are equal to 10 earth hours, 5 are day and 5 are night.

A fire warrior only needs 1-2 earth hours of sleep were us humans need at least 8.

So basically

Tau Year = 6 Earth months
Tau Month = 80 earth days
Tau Day= 10 earth hours
Tau Hour = 60 earth Minutes

I hope this puts things in perceptive.


Tell me if I need to add anymore
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Default Re: Tau time keeping

I'm slightly confused as to what you're trying to do - I thought all this was relatively common sense thanks to the descriptions in the codex...

If you're trying to directly convert each piece of Tau time into Earth time, you have it slightly off there, fat-tree...

As the codex says, decs are ~1.5 Earth hours, meaning a Tau needs only 1.5-3 hours of sleep per "night", and a day on T'au is roughly 15 hours long, 7.5 of which are "light" and 7.5 are "dark".


Also, your quote is wrong. A kai'rotaa is not 50 Terran hours, it's roughly 50 Terran days.
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