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Cheese list
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Default Cheese list

My friends and I are having a get together of sorts in which we have all agreed to use really cheesy lists. I don't have all of the models I want yet, but I realized that I have more heavy choices than anything else in my army

So I am planning to have minimum everything except for my uber cheesy heavy choices!

I am planning two hammerheads with railguns (and all the usual upgrades to keep them alive) and a three man squad of broadsides with TA's and sheild drones. I would not be surprised if my heavy choices make up half of my list points wise. The primary targets for the hammerheads will be infanty, and will probably be dropping pie plates everywhere unless (somehow) my broadside squad didn't manage to pop whatever they are targetting. The three broadsides with TA's almost garentees I pop a tank a turn unless they are all out of LOS.

I really want to try sniping infantry with broadsides for once! I know one of my friends in the tourney is going to have a very termie heavy list. I think enough pie plates can take out any infantry squad.

I was also considering having one hammerhead, one 3 man broadside team, and three sniper drone teams. Which do you guys think is more cheesy?

Or does anyone have a more cheesy heavy choice selection? ???
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Default Re: Cheese list

Two Railheads and a Broadside team are good. Go minimalistic on your troops (small Fire Warrior squad and small Kroot squad), and bring some more hurt with Crisis and Stealthsuit teams.

One thing though, since one of your Broadsides is already going to be upgraded to Team Leader - give him a Hard-Wired Target Lock and possibly a Hard-Wired Multi-Tracker as well. That way you can split fire to two potential targets, and fire his SMS as well as his Railgun should enemy infantry start closing in.
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Default Re: Cheese list

There will only be so much Anti-Tank that you will need before it's overkill. 2 Hammerheads(two Ion), a team of 2-3x Broadsides, 12 Gue'Vesa, and the rest into filling up Crisis Suits would sound cheesier to me.
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