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Research for the future.
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Default Research for the future.

With work coming upon me again, I needed something to do in the free time.

I am in the planning stages of <insert name here> llc

The one thing im aware of is the used tau market, but say if you didn't go for the used stuff; what do you buy?

what is the most popular item you get?
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Default Re: Research for the future.

Hmm...combo boxes are usually good to get early on. Battleforce and Megaforce boxes, specifically.

After that, the Sky-Ray, XV-8, and Stealthsuit boxes are usually on my list.
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Default Re: Research for the future.

you know, I thought that battleforces for Tau were among the best. They actually tend to every need.

I thought suits would be among the top, due to the fact that people inevitably get suits.
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Default Re: Research for the future.

The biggest items for Tau players are probably as follows:
Crisis Suits: Everyone needs at least one of these. Some people try and fill the whole FoC.
Sky Ray: Not because everyone likes the tank, but because it can be used to make any Tau tank.
Fire Warriors: As per crisis suits, you need at least one box of these guys for a legal army.
Kroot: Some people just love the space chickens.
Piranha: About as popular as Kroot, but in a larger, more vehicle-y way.
Battleforce: A complete army in a box. Seriously, theres 700-1000 points in there depending on equipment and stuff.

Everything else falls below those in popularity, although sniper drone teams seem to be something of a nicety.
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Default Re: Research for the future.

If you're serious about collecting, go for the magaforce. It's got everything. (Or jump on the bandwagon I'm on, and get a crisis suit army, with the rapid insertion force box). Personally, I'm not sure why you would sell tau, unless VERY hard on cash, or you make enough profit to make more. Used stuff wont take up your free time, as everything will be completely finished. My last suggestion is not to buy what is popular, buy what you like, as you wont get as bord as quickly with it.
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