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Tau camouflage
Old 14 Feb 2008, 21:20   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Tau camouflage

Has anybody got any suitably alien camouflage designs floating around?

Have been pondering how the Tau might design their camouflage fatigues.

I'm interested in trying to do a camouflage design to fit an urban battle zone.

One train of thought is to base it on modern day army design but that doesn't really
look or feel alien enough ( but for the Cadian Imperial Guard of mine it fits superbly )

Any suggestions?
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Default Re: Tau camouflage

Well, most tau tend to wear the Sa'cea Sept uniform for fighting in cities etc. But i understand wanting to do your own, i made up my own too.

I think that tau camouflage would be more than just a colour, they would have adaptable technology. The armour might shimmer, or distort the air around it, making the outline blurry, like a stealth suit.

i tried to paint some fire warriors with chameleon suits, which try to look like the environment, in my example a desert. I couldn't quite do it, but it would be interesting to see if you managed to do this to your tau


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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tau camouflage

Try using a digital pattern, somewhat like we use today. O tau it may make it look like armor pixels are deliberatly changing colour to suit the surroundings. What ever you do, make sure to post it.
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Default Re: Tau camouflage

Try looking up WWII German camo patterns (on their troops, their tanks, planes, etc.). Those Germens, I've got to admit, had some great camo pattern ideas.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Tau camouflage

ive always found that the us delta force rangers have a good military feel to them for desert, but for urban ive never really seen anything good, and plus depends of what typ of planet them fightin on, like arnt the tau buildings white? and the imperium concrete?
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Default Re: Tau camouflage

In the codex, where the painting section is, it says that different colors are use in different environments.
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Default Re: Tau camouflage

Me I've gone for an Urban Snow Environment camo( Battlefield 2142 being a big help there).

I use adeptus battlegrey on a chaos black base and apply codex Grey stripes and finally astronomican Grey stripes. I pick out a lot of details with my sept colors (Bork'an Hawk Turquoise).
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Default Re: Tau camouflage

My amry is set in an urban background, so the colour scheme i use for them is shadow grey as the base, regal blue for the middle of the shoulder pad (not the tau symbol) which i then highlight with ultramarine blue (or the one lighter than regal blue, as i'm not 100% sure its ultramarine). I also colour the tau symbols white, as the same with my shas'ui helmets. I find that the white helps contrast against the darker colours.
Another colour that works is a mix of 1 part chaos black and 2 parts shadow grey, just use it instead of the shadow grey in the above colour scheme.

Also for the helmet lenses i do them dark angels green (highlight goblin green then white), as i think it looks better for an urban enviroment than blood red.
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Default Re: Tau camouflage

The colour scheme most people mistake for being the Sac'cea sept colours is actually the standard Tau urban camo uniform (sept only being determined by the colour of the sept markings on the uniform, and nothing else). In a similair way the one most people refer to as the Bork'an scheme is actually just the Tau standard snow camo pattern.

Digital camo patterns work really well on the Tau (it's what they use in the codex), alternatively the 'undersea' stripe patterns used on alot of the aircraft looks really nice if done properly.
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Default Re: Tau camouflage

Check my monthly vow page for an unusual camouflage that other players seem to like. Since at least one of my tanks looks like it was draped in seaweed, it might be close to the undersea stripe Kai mentioned. Not sure what that actually looks like.
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