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New advice on next purchase
Old 13 Feb 2008, 22:23   #1 (permalink)
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Default New advice on next purchase


My dad has given me $75 and I want to expand my Tau army. I've only purchased a Battleforce and a box of firewarriors. My friend is looking to get rid of some Tau and sent me this email:

-Fire Warriors x36 I'd say about $20 per FW team ($60 total) Almost all have pulse rifles, but a few have carbines. I always play them as rifles, and most people don't notice it, but if you have a problem with their armament just tell me.

-Kroot warriors x20 $20

-Piranha x1 15$ I haven't glued the weapons on yet. Minor conversion work.

-Hammerhead w/ Railgun x1 35$

-Stealthsuits x6 $20 per team. 3 are classic models and 3 are the new plastics.

-Pathfinders x5 $10

-Battlesuit Commander x1 $15 Minor conversion work.

That's $145 total for roughly 900 points of tau, excluding the Pathfinders, because I don't have a Devilfish.
So, having to only pick out $75 of that, what should I get?
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Default Re: New advice on next purchase

question you should ask yourself.

What do you want?

but if you were to ask me, the firewarriors seem like the better deal. But what constitutes a team? 8-9? 12?

60$ total for the firewarriors, then get 15 kroot.

youll have your troops covered, then you could focus on heavy support for the future.
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Old 14 Feb 2008, 01:31   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: New advice on next purchase

Go for the fire warriors (what a deal!), and the battle suit commander, another great steal. He's roughly 40$ (Canadian) and you're getting him for only 15, and you need to have one any way.
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Default Re: New advice on next purchase

He could technically use the crisis suit as his commander.

If I were to do anything at this point, I would cover troops, then my heavy support
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Old 14 Feb 2008, 17:07   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: New advice on next purchase

So you already have 2 FW groups yes? I'd then just suggest picking up 1 group from your friend, maybe 2 if you want a FW heavy army.

The kroot sounds like a good idea, but only if you plan to use them. Personally I love using kroot, some people don't. But IMO thats a good price.

The piranha is a good price, I'd pick it up as it brings some speed to a Tau army.

I'd suggest the HH, but for that price you might as well just pick up a new skyray (which I think you should seriously consider since you have no tanks yet), which can be converted to all 3 types of tank.

The SS aren't really a deal unless you fancy the metals, and TBH that's a bit over priced for the metals, unless one of them is the team leader model. But then it's still barely a savings.

The PF are a really good price IMO, and it's always nice to have a unit of them in case you want to try them out. A devilfish did come with the battleforce, didn't it? So you should be set.

The Battlesuit commander is a good deal as long as the model's in good condition. With it you'll have 2 XV-8s in your army, not bad, and much more effective then just 1 XV-8.

If I were in you shoes I'd get these:
$20 FWs
$20 Kroot (or FW if you prefer)
$15 Piranha
$15 Commander
$10 Pathfinders (Yes I know that adds up to $80, not $75)

A tank is pretty necessary for any Tau army, but seeing as these are limited time deals from your friend, I'd pick them up while I can, you can always pick up a tank later. And fingers crossed, maybe he'll let you get away with $5 less since your buying so much. Either that or get your dad to pony up another $5. ;D

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Old 14 Feb 2008, 19:57   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: New advice on next purchase

I would try to haggle the price of the Hammerhead down and use that, its effective against all armies, even though you may need to change out the Railgun for a Ion Cannon.
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Default Re: New advice on next purchase

For $75 by those prices, get 24 Fire Warriors and the Hammerhead. After that, I'd work on getting some more Battlesuits.
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Default Re: New advice on next purchase

your next purchase should be to buy me another box of firewarriors. :
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