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RRT batrep 1850
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Default RRT batrep 1850

This past saturday i went to a RRT an hour away from home. after much debate on what to take i figured it was time to crack out my tau since it has been 6 months since they seen any kind of action. The RRT was themed after the Predator movie and was called "get to the chopper!" the list i took was a hybrid style called the shadow sword. all three games had a primary secondary and third objective with an added bonus that was the same in all three games. Here was my list.

Shas el-plasma rifle, missile pod, multi tracker
3 crisis suits plasma rifle, burst cannon, multi tracker
2 crisis suits- twin linked missile pods, target array
5 stealth suits
10 FW
10 FW
12 FW
12 kroot
8 gundrones
6 vespid
railhead- burst cannon, multi tracker, decoy launcher
ionhead- burst cannon, multi tracker, decoy launcher
2 broadsides target arrays, team leader with hard-wired drone controller with 2 shield drones.

my first opponent is playing chaos
winged demon prince
5 ten man squads of marines 2 have lascannons and the other 3 have rhinos
dread with plasma cannon
3 oblits
pred with 2 spon lascannons and a autocannon

mission 1 “rescue the civilian”
1 rescue the civillian
2 table quarters
3 VP
bonus kill enemy hq

the civilian at the end of one complete turn moves in a random direction and the objective is to get them back to your deployment zone. and of course I lose going first.

turn 1 chaos
for some unknown reason he is holding his dread in reserve along with his oblits. anyways the wing prince moves up the middle of the table with all three rhinos going up both flanks and the middle popping smoke the other 2 tac squads take las pop shots but do nothing. the defiler fires at my 12 FW squad with a very bad drift only killing 2 the pred takes out my railhead with its 2 lascannon shots. the rhino squad on my left flank jumps out and grabs the civilian. and my 12 FW squad passes its pinn check.

Tau turn 1
everything moves except my foot FW kroot and broadsides. My 2 man death rain team fails a target priority test against the pred and shoots the rhino with the squad that has the civillian and destroys it oh well looks like they be walkin now. the broadsides take out the defiler. the gundrones get lucky and stuns and immobilizes the rhino on my right flank and one of my warfishes shakes and immobilizes the center one. the stealth team and foot FW team drops the prince to 1 wound with my shas el delivering the death blow. the ion head and blinding spear team drops 5 members of the team with the civilian but they rally. after that the civilian that chaos has stays with them and the other one on my right runs 3 inches towards him.

turn 2
he must be new to the game as he rolls and brings in both the dread and oblits some how he thought he could deep strike the dread in but found out it had to come in on his table edge. the oblits get close to my kroot who are protecting my broadsides. he keeps the other 2 mounted rhinos full hoping to repair them but fails at it on top of that the dread fire frenzies killing 5 men from a lascannon squad. the squad with the civilian runs back 6. and the oblits light up the kroot killin 7 the 2 lascannon squads can only shake the ion head. The pred tries taking down the broadsides but he rolled all ones to wound.

Tau 2
I move my warfish on my right goes up beside the immobile rhino on that flank and disembarks 10 FWs and move my other warfish up my left next to the wrecked rhino. The vespid move quickly up to the full 10 man las squad and everything that moved before does again up the flanks except the stealth suits who go up the middle. The broadsides take out 2 oblits with the shas el and kroot taking the last one out. The vespid kill 4 from the las squad and the blinding spear squad finishes off the squad with the civilian. The two man deathrain team destroys the pred. The dismounted FWs blow the rhino on the right flank up killing 3 and pinning them with the gun drones adding another 2 the kill. The stealth team destroys the rhino in the middle with the FW squad on foot kills 2 and another 2 from the explosion. The gun drones move up and take the civilian on my right while the civilian on my left runs right into my 3 man crisis team.

Chaos 3
The dread moves toward my left flank while the las squad moves to engage the vespid. In shooting the 5 man squad kills a member of the 3 man crisis team and the dread kills another in shooting. My last suits fails a moral check and runs for it. The vespid lose 3 of their own from the six man squad and get wiped out in assault.

Tau 3
My mounted Squad remounts back up and falls back to help the drones make an escape.while the other squad that’s mounted sits tight and has the warfish shot doing not a thing at all the deathrain team takes out the dread and the stealths and gunline FW team shots at the center pinned squad killing 2. The gun drones also take out 2 from the squad on the right flank. The civilian the drones have ends up falling back toward my side another 3inches and the civilian on the other side runs back the chaos side 5 inches.

Chaos 4
Night fight begins now. The six man squad shot it las at my warfish on the left and scores a destroyed after I made him reroll the immobilize result killing 3 members of that squad. The other las squad hits ion head and downs it too with a glancing 6 the squad that was in the middle makes a break for the civilian on the left and nabs him while the squad on the right kills 2 drones, but they hold on.

Tau 4
The stealth team, 2 man crisis team and shas el engage the squad with the civilian and in fashion wipe the team out. The broadsides have nothing they can bear so never fire. The drones make the sprint to my deployment zone now with the mounted FW team and the gunline team along with the drones kill what is left of the squad on the right. The civilian on the left now runs back towards me 5 straight into my shas el and the one the drones have runs back 3 but still remains in my deployment zone.

Chaos 5
The six man squad marches after my shas el hoping to toast him but rolled poor for the spot check in night fight the five man squad with the other las try to make a spot check as well and failed too.

Tau 5
The shas el makes a break for it back to my DZ with the survivers and the stealths engaging the 6 man chaos unit chasing after my shas el Killing only 2 of them. The drones civilian stays put this time and the one with the shas el runs straight back toward the chaos line. What the hell is his deal.

Chaos 6
The 4 man team makes a run for it with the 5 man team unable to get LOS to anything and ends his turn.

Tau 6
The FW team ,stealth and crisis team along with the shas el chase after the 4 man team and wipe it out, but couldn’t get the second civilian back to their DZ and the game is over. I have to admit this mission was a pain and with night fight coming in like that it was tough on my opponent who did say he has been playing only 7 months and that this was his first RRT. That and he had some very bad misfortune after turn 1 so I would say I was lucky scoring 17/22.

Mission 2 “Something is hunting us”
1 VP
2 getting more units off your opponents table edge regardless if scoring or not
3 table quarters
Bonus kill enemy HQ
Also you must nominate an infantry unit to be a suicide squad that hits on 3+ regardless of WS. if the squad gets wiped out you earn your self times 2 the units cost. If it is still on the board you loss double its cost. Again I lose to go first and my vespid are my suicide squad.

I’m playing against a different form of ravenwing army

Command bike squad
3 full ravenwing bike squads broken into combat squads
5 man assault squad
2 land speeders 1 tornado 1 typhoon
2 pred all lascannon armed

Ravenwing 1
This surprised me a lot he turbo boosted all bikes except sam. Pred 1 shoots and again the railhead is smoked on turn 1. The other pred penetrates a warfish but fails at doing anything but shaking it and forcing them to disembark.

Tau 1
I must had lady luck with me today. All my crisis suit go up the right flank while my FW rembark their fish go up with the other fish along with my stealths and kroot on the right flank. The broadside destroy the pred on the right flank while the 2 man crisis suit team destroyed the other. The rest of my force opens up on all the bikes that moved up the middle and wiped out 3 combat squads reducing 2 more squads to one bike and an attack bike and one solo bike. The command squad lost 3 and nothing targeted the suicide squad. My opponent rolled several 1’s and 2’s for saves.

Ravenwing 2
Seeing he had 9 bikes left out of 28 he boosted all of them except the suicide squad off the table. He tried deep striking the speeders and assault squad, but nothing came in. sam came up the middle and hit the gunline warriors killing 3 while the suicide squad killed 3 from the stealth team and assaulted them losing one of their own and wiping the stealths out who move to get into position to assault the kroot next turn

Tau 2
All mobile units run forward with the vespid wounding sam and the broadsides wiping out his suicide squad.

Ravenwing 3
The speeder squadron come in on deep strike and reduce my 3 man crisis team to one man who passed his morale check. Sam kills 3 more FW from the gunline in assault, but they hold strong.

Tau 3
Again everything moves forward. The kroot are having a hard time going thru difficult terrain only moving 2 inches at a time. The 2 man team and the shas el down the speeders and the lone crisis suit makes his last man standing the vespid engage sam in assault and he kills 3 more FWs and the vespid deliver another wound. Afterwards the FW team breaks and goes off the table.

Ravenwing 4
Again the assault squad fails to appear. Sam dies in assault, but kills 2 vespid in return.

Tau 4
With nothing to shot I advance forward.

Ravenwing 5
the assault squad arrives but deeps strikes to close to the gun drones and gets wiped out without doing anything .

Tau 5
I get a good portion of my army off the table to compete against what he got off, but in doing so and losing double VP from the vespid I couldn’t get a solid victory and got half points on the main objective. Afterwards I asked why he didn’t assault next turn and he stated “After seeing how you rolled and how I rolled I was happy getting units off the table to even earn points”.
Anyways 17/22 again and I’m in third with an ork player who got 44/44 so far and a grey knight player with 36/44.
Mission 3 “get to the chopper”
1 player with the most scoring units in the center of table
2 destroying all opponents troop choices
3 table quarters
Bonus kill enemy HQ
Unless you got both civilians you could infiltrate one unit not vehicle or monstrous creature that would not be normally able to infiltrate. On top of that we are playing reverse escalation so all transport jump, bike, walkers, and tanks start on the the table. My opponent is playing a very mech eldar list with 2 nonmech units. I got to go first this time.

Autarch-bike, lance, fusion gun
6 fire dragons
5 rangers
6 avengers
6 jet bikes with 2shuriken cannons
10 storm guardians with 2 fusion guns
wave serpent with bright lance, shuriken cannon, vector engine, stones
10 storm guardians with 2 fusion guns
wave serpent with bright lance, shuriken cannon, vector engine, stones
Vyper with bright lance and shuriken cannon
Vyper with bright lance and shuriken cannon
Falcon with scatter laser, shuriken cannon, vector engine, stones, holos
Falcon with scatter laser, shuriken cannon, vector engine, stones, holos
2 warwalkers with bright lance, scatter laser, stone each

Tau 1
Everything moves and in shooting all I do is shake both walkers, 1 serpent, and both falcons.

Eldar 1
The autarch boost up my right flank with 1 vyper. All 3 skimmers that got shaken move forward to my right with the serpent protect the falcons and the walkers move behind a building. The jet bikes kill 2 stealth suits and I lose one drone from the unshaken serpent to my left

Tau 2
Again I try to work for better shots at his tanks while using cover. My 2 man CS drones railhead and mounted warfish go up the left while my stealths, 3 man CS, mounted warfish and vespid go up the middle and my shas el and Ionhead go left. Mid way in my turn I forgot to roll for reserves and I’m forced to do it next turn. The stealth team shoot at the bikes, but failed to do anything while the gun drones destroy the bright lance and shake the vyper to my left. The 2 man CS team manage to destroy the bright lance and shake the serpent also on my left. Mid field my warfish again manages to shake 1 of the walkers while my ion head can’t scratch the paint of a falcon. My shas el does engage the autarch and kills him after a failed save against a missile pod.

Eldar 2
Ranger come out and fleet up to the top of the building the walkers are hiding behind. Walker pop out of cover to engage the warfish, but failed in doing so. The serpent to my left disembarks guardians who happen to shake my railhead. And the jet bikes come out of cover to engage the stealths but failed in doing anything. The serpent and both falcons advance again on my left stunning my ion head and the vyper pops out into my left deployment zone doing nothing fire dragons pop out of one falcon and kills 2 suits from the 3 man team causing my other suit to run off the table.

Tau 3
I need to do something here fast. My stealths jump out again toward the bikes along with my vespid my 2 man team comes out along with both fishes to engage targets and I move the railhead. This time both my kroot and FWs come out. With the kroot taking the middle and the fire warriors my right by the vyper. The 12 FW team destroys the vyper to my right while my 2 man CS team takes out the other to my left. Fire warriors disembark out the fish on the left and rapid fire into the guardians with the help of the gun drones wiping the unit out and the warfish getting rear armor shots downing the serpent. The stealth team and vespid wipe out the jet bikes and the other mounted FW team disembarkes next to the walkers destroying both and the fish wiping out the fire dragons. Shas el destroys the bright lance on the serpent on the right.

Eldar 3
The guardians from the serpent to my right disembarks along with avenger from the other falcon. The serpent heads for my kroot killing 3 while the falcons form up behind the guardians. The vespid get cut down by the guardians while the lead falcon shakes my railhead and the other immobilizes the ion and destroys the cannon. The avengers and rangers wipe out the mounted FW squad in his mid field.

Tau 4
The FW team to my left remounts up and there fish heads towards the rangers while the 2 man CS team, stealth team, and gun drones engage the guardians. Kroot head for the center. Broadside team enters play and deploys next to my right flank. The rangers suffer 2 losses from the mounted fish and break while the CS team, stealths, and drones cut down the advancing guardians. The empty fish and FW team on my right flank open up on the avengers destroying the unit while shas el and the broadsides shake the falcons.

Eldar 4
He knows I got him up against the ropes so he pulls both falcons back hoping to do something and passes turn back to me.

Tau 5
Most of my scoring units that are mid field now head towards the center. The 2 man CS team take shots at a falcon shaking and immobilizing it while the rail head shakes the other. Afterwards he calls the game to me. 22/22

Believe it or not I didn’t win anything. The ork play got best general, but I had a blast plus I got 2 honorable mentions which was survivalist (I was the only player who’s HQ was not killed in a single game) and MR. Consistent (I placed 2nd in best overall, best painted, headhunter, army theme, and best general, but not in sportsmanship 4th there) out of 16 players.


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Default Re: RRT batrep 1850

Sounds like an amazing few games. I actually feel sorry for the beginner chaos player facing up to the greater good.
Beginner: Noun
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Default Re: RRT batrep 1850

yeah me too it seemed he didn't know his army too well, but he didn't do too bad. It was a funny tourney and I did have a blast.

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Default Re: RRT batrep 1850

I have regularly smoked Chaos, it seems they are only good for picking on Imperial Guard.
"Anything but a one and he is dead" *Rolls a one*
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Default Re: RRT batrep 1850

Against the Eldar, on your third turn I believe it was, when you said that your warfish got a rear shot on the rear of the Eldar Wave Serpent, were both vehicles facing each other , or did you have direct LOS on the Wave serpent's rear???

I was always curious to know if LOS was necessary to get a rear shot on a vehicle with SMS.
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