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1500pt's tourni army list
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Default 1500pt's tourni army list

Hiya i started playing tau about a two months ago. I feel quite confident in using them im just trying to refine tactic's and my list making ablitys as i plan to make a tau army for this years UKG. i'll go throw and discribe how i use each unit to give people an idea how i play.


Shas'o,plasma rifle,missile pod, shield gen
hardwired drone controller +2 shied droned, multi tracker, black sun filter.

body guard plasma rifle.missile pod,multi tracker; 245pts

the blacksun is there because i had just enought points left over and he was the most useful person to have it, as its a tourni army theres a risk of night fight.
these guys jump about lay down some fire power and jump out of assult range they do well in taking down low armour tank's high T units and can also put a little hurt on well armoured troops.
i know i could save 5 points bye making the body guard a elite but with 4 in the unti 3 of those being 4+ invul i find it helps with where i put hits and can sock up lose str hits with my leader and high str on my drones.
im just worried they cost alot for what they are.


Stealth team 6 shas'ui upgrade 1 to team leader and give him hardwired gun drones; 207

these guys are great i normaly infaltrate them behind some cover where they can jump out cut holes in the enemey army and hide/ get out of assult range after. i use them mainly to take out things that cause the most threat to them like fast moving troop's then whatever seem's like the most juicy targets for the squad. i have the drones just because there same range and have a chance to pin also add's to casultys once youve lost a few stealth suits.

Crisis team

2 suits 1 leader upgrade for shield drone upgrade
both have plsma rifle, missile pod, multi tracker; 165

these guys do much the same as my command squad but normaly on the other side of my battle line. they will go where most needed.


Fire warriors 12 with shas'ui upgrade drone upgrade with 2 gun drones

Fire warriors 12 with shas'ui upgrade

Fire warriors 6; 342

all armed with pulse rifle's
these guys cover each other normaly keep quite close. i have the option to use the 6 man squad as bait or a distraction for the opponents in deployment. i set them up so they can all cover a fire lane that i can force the enemy into/ know there going to go into. i make sure they have routs so they can brake apart to give a bigger gap between them so they don't all get assulted at once(but it shouldn't come to that

Fast attack:

gun drones 8; 96

these guys im not so sure about at the moment i use them to harass and try to take out rear/side armour i deepstrike them on the enemy side hopefuly cause some distraction for there forces to counter them.

Heavy support:

Broadside, plasma rifle, 2 shield drones;110

this guy i normaly hide behind some cover so that he covers a fire lane/ will be covering where his tanks are (normaly the last to deploy in the deployment turn) at the most extreme range, hes normaly the first sighn of where im setting my fire base up from as he will be very close/inside/behind my line. plasma altho cost's a little more can come of use when things get to close and i need to move him about.

Hammer head,Railcannon, burst cannon, target lock, multi tracker, disruption pod, decoy launcher, blacksun;180

this guy will deploy behind cover and as far away from the enemy as possibly, always moves it's full 12 inch's mainly to get a good shot on his target(with both guns/dif targets) works on the emediate tank threat to itself first, then will move on to strewing with infentry once enemy armour is neutralised. blacksun as with commander was because 8 point's short so they got one each and i think this guy will make best use of it out of my army. i keep this guy at long range

Hammer head,iron cannon,burst cannon, target lock, multi track, disruption pod, decoy launcher;155

this guy will be mainly focusing on hard as nails troops, altho he will make efforts to take down low armour transports when he has lines of fire/it seems like he has a chance. always moveing.


this army did quite well last time i took it out V's eldar. not played marines yet with my tau

my ideas im thinking of are

1rop the drones:
a:get another 3 man stealth team use the (couple spare points to give wargear)

b:more fire warriors

2rop the drones and 6 man fire warriors.
a:2 devil fish to have a go with FoF altho my worry is i only have 24 troops toatle makes me sad

b:kroot mabey?

anyways i hope ive given an ok run down of my army and how i use it. i'll be able to get my hands on all the tau range just bare in mind its an all comes list.

Thank you for any help and advice. Have fun rippint the list apart.


P.S. for the UKGT i have a good hunch that there will be a far few Nid's players and the usle majority of 3+ save (mariens/chaos)esp as i will be waiting till heat 2-3.
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Default Re: 1500pt's tourni army list

I'm not too familiar w/ the UKGT rules pack so someone'll have to correct me later ^-^

ok in a tournament setting this guy will get owned, he isnt very useful as an 'O and has drons which make him worse, we'll sub him out for a Utility O as this is a tournament


to combat the ever present FoTD Libraran an etheral will be coming to stave him and assorted other nasties off ^-^


stealth team is good here

6 Stealths

but the crisis are just horrible stealths kill just as many marines as Crisis so Stealths take their place (efficiency is paramount :P)

6 Stealths 180pts
(these can be a squad of fireknifes if you must but I'd recommend stealths)

heres were your list really falls down IMO, all those static FW, not good

a nice big fish squad with a BS4 BC to fire while they preserve their VP in the fish ^-^

11 FW

a nice big mob of Kroot round out the troops

19 Kroot

and a small Fish squad to claim objectives and make sure we dont waste too many pts on FW (etheral goes in here so they all hide and preserve VP)

6 FW

8 Gundrones

Heavy Support
the ubiquitous 2 HH and BS setup is fine, just some issues w/ loadouts.
nice and cheap to pop annoying tanks


the HH's kitted out in traditional fasion



an odd model or two bought it here and there to squeeze things in but it looks fine to me and shouldnt get dinged in the comp scores while maintaining effectiveness, a few more troops than I'd have done myself but thats for me :P, it has a good balance of anti-Meq and Geq so it would be good in a tournament setting, the utility 'O should do some damage with the right weapon for any occasion.
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