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Need help on a 750 pt match up Tau vs Dark Eldar
Old 11 Feb 2008, 07:55   #1 (permalink)
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Default Need help on a 750 pt match up Tau vs Dark Eldar

In 2 days i have a 750 pt match up with a dark eldar player that is a very competitive DE player. I am new to WH40k and Tau, I was wandering what is the best way to face DE? Suits, Mech, MI, and what tactics should be use I have access to pretty much of any Tau army spec.
This is what i was thinking of for a list:

Commander Shas'O w/Plasma Rifle and Airbursting Fragmentation Projector, HWMT

Firewarriors 5x Shas'la with Pulse Rifle. Shas'ui with Pulse Rifle, Markerlight.

Kroot Carnivore squad. 10x Kroot with Kroot Rifles.

Pirahna: Fusion Blaster, Target Array, 2xSeeker Missiles
Pirahna: Fusion Blaster, Target Array, 2xSeeker Missiles

4 Pathfinders in Devilfish with SMS and Target Array and 2xSeeker Missiles

Broadsides: TL Railgun, SMS, A.S.S.
Broadsides: TL Railgun, SMS, A.S.S.

well I know I might be going about it the wrong way but hey I have to try something right..well just let me know if i need a new list or what I need to do to give the DE a run for his money so to say.....thank you
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Old 11 Feb 2008, 09:13   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Need help on a 750 pt match up Tau vs Dark Eldar

missile pods are always good to take.

not too mention, add some more firewarriors if you got them (least 2 squads should do it.) they can glance those whirly bird skimmers.

balance it out with some kroot (some fast enemies will be at you, but they will still be t3) and ditch the pathfinders (TOO MANY POINTS!).

in addition, broadsides might not be the best thing in the world, unless of course you gave them some smart missiles. smart missiles can hurt.

seeker missiles arent what you want here, its at best going to get you a glance.

lets see, a shas`o may not be needed, because a shas`el doesn't need much bs for the AFP, and the plasma rifle could still be upgrade to bs 5.

what is available to you by chance?

because I can go on and on.
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Old 11 Feb 2008, 17:54   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Need help on a 750 pt match up Tau vs Dark Eldar

here is what is available to me:
2 suit commanders ( with magnet weapons)
16 Battle suit/broadsides (I use magnets on all the Suits and broadsides too)
5 Piranha (I use magnets on on the BC/FB and seekers)
7 hammerhead/devil fish (these too have been made to be any spec needed at the time)
2 skyray
9 stealth suit ( I have 1 more set on order)
about 50 drones (markers/shld/gun)
20 kroot 24 hounds 2 shapers
60 firewarriors (all of them have both carbine and pulse on them)
22 pathfinders
3 sniper teams

And I really think itís a warrior spam he is running, but he has a ton of witches too.
This might help I know he normally runs like 3 raider ships 1 talos and a few Elite and FA I just do not remember them I think his HQ rides on a flying lance looking speeder thing at 500pts.
I do know he is a big fan of that upgrade on his ships that take 6 inc. off your range attacks.
He normally deploys in a weighted flank I think. HQ and Talos and one ship and support unit on left side. And 1 ship 12 inc. going to the right of that and 1 ship 6 inc. away from that one to the right of that ship.
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Default Re: Need help on a 750 pt match up Tau vs Dark Eldar

If he's throwing tons of troops your way, I'll give you my customary battlesuit baised advice: tons of battlesuits with misslepod/burst cannon OR burstcannon/plasma rifle combanations, and a few crisis with fusion blaster/plasma gun. If he's got lots of skimmer tanks, you could also inclued a broadside or two, with the manditory units of firewarriors (firewarriors are terrible in close combat, but should thin the herd better than kroot) providing back up. Personally I would go with as many crisis as possible, and skimp on the rest. (with the exeption of the piranhas, they're great against DE vehicles). For your commander, I would go with cycilic ion blaster/burst cannon.
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Default Re: Need help on a 750 pt match up Tau vs Dark Eldar

Well, there are two possibilities to take into account: The Dark Eldar will have a lot, albeit weak infantry who will try to beat you in close combat (I doubt he will try to out shoot you). Dark Eldar however are known for a lot of skimmers, so I would count on him bringing some vehicles to bear. With this in mind, unit selection is up to you.

For your infantry base, minimum two squads, probably three. Keep a squad of carnivores behind that to charge into combat and help defeat any infantry that breach the gap. I believe the Eldar armor save sucks and your shooting should do significant damage to his standard infantry. Keep either stealthsuits, XV8's or piranhas on your flank, to guard against anyone trying to sneak around the core of your army and to push forward and flank his forces. Vehicle rear armor is always easier to take down.

Missile pods should deal with most of your enemies vehicles, but a Hammerhead/Broadside squad with seeker missiles may be useful to take down the transports (if his transports are not damaged after your first round of shooting, he will be dangerously close to close combat). I would recommend some sniper drones to fill the last gap, as they should take down elite infantry and always have the odd shot capable of taking down a vehicle if your other sources fail.

The whole point of this game is to stay out of combat, deploy further back in your deployment zone if necessary and use tanks to block charges. Some Devilfishes can also save any firewarrior squads that are under threat.

You're looking at a static fire line down the center of hard hitting guns with light vehicles/battlesuits to cover the flank. Since he looks like he enjoys pushing one flank, stay centered until you see an opportunity. The flank he pushes on will be guarded by your flank guards while the other flank pushes around. Just don't forget that as menacing as some of his speeders or the Talos may look, his real backbone is in the Wytches and Warriors. Firewarriors should be thinning their ranks every turn.

Happy hunting.
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Default Re: Need help on a 750 pt match up Tau vs Dark Eldar

I thing i recomend drop the broad sides they are no good vs skimmers and u can be guarenteed that the dark eldar will feild loads of those buggars. Skyrays are much better with there multiple tank busting shots. Skimmers ignore penetrating shots, so... more shots the better go with the skyrays.
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Default Re: Need help on a 750 pt match up Tau vs Dark Eldar

I almost always take pathfinders, but they are a little too expensive in a 750 list. Out of 750 points you spent 60 on seeker missiles which will be useless if the 4 pathfinders die. I usually take a Shas'O with the Cyclic Ion Blaster and a Missile pod. He can shoot at light armor at a distance then slaughter guardsmen and eldar at close range. If you want the AFP, then put it on a 'Vre since his BS is useless with that gun anyway. Otherwise I'd agree with everyone else in that you need lots of missile pods for the transports, and firewarriors for the warriors. Kroot can hold up in CC longer, but having AP 5 to beat the warriors Armor is better.
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Default Re: Need help on a 750 pt match up Tau vs Dark Eldar

My forces have fought Dark Eldar on numerous occasions...and most Dark Eldar will send in as many skimmers as possible. Dont bother with Rail Guns. I suggest Ion Heads for this...though your Fire Warriors should be able to take out their transports. Save the heavy stuff for Ravagers and Talos, and take shots at his Raiders whenever possible. If your opponent is anything like the one I face all the time...prepare for plenty of Dark Lances.

this has been wisdom for O' Mo'nan of the 351st Tash'var expeditionary...Good luck!

Aim High-
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