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Newbie. Whats the skinny on stealth suits?
Old 11 Feb 2008, 06:59   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Newbie. Whats the skinny on stealth suits?

So im a newb, still picking my first army.. and ive got some good ideas about where im probably gonna go..but I wanted to get some information on the Tau before I made a final decision.

Basically.. I know the general playstyle of the Tau, but im not all that fond of some of their models (specifically, I dont care for the look of Crisis suits, broadsides, krootox, or vespids). But there are a couple of models that I think are some of the coolest in the game (Fire Warriors, Stealth Suits, gunships/devilfish).

What im wondering is.. can you build an effective tau army that doesnt make use of the models im not too hot about?

And more importantly..Stealth suits..how big of a part can you have them play in an army and still be effective? I love this model and if I made a Tau army id want to make full use of these units as much as possible.

I appreciate any info and advice you can give me. Thanks for reading!
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Default Re: Newbie. Whats the skinny on stealth suits?

Lemme give you quick answer. You always need to have at least 1 crisis in your game. Its a rule. He needs to be an HQ. Other than that, its your choice what to use in your army. Well, yeah, there's also the rule that you need 1 FW squad, but as you like those models, it shouldn't be a problem. You can slam on as many stealths as you want, till the slots fill up (lemme think, max is 6 in a team I think... 6x3 is 18 stealths). Don't know if you like the piranha's, but you can always add those. Then there are the gunships. Whoo!!! Yeah, they can be pretty effective, and if you use those as replacement for the missing broadsides (which I think you're not too fond of either, as they basicly are crisis suits), you should be OK. I'll let someone else inform you about the weapons, since I'm rubbish at that.
Hope it helps,
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Newbie. Whats the skinny on stealth suits?

Can't quite remember all of the rules on Stealth Suits, but they're pretty damn useful. My favourite part is though, that I think they always count as being in cover when charged or something like that, I played against Tau with an army of Khorne Berzerkers and a unit of three suits held off a unit of eight Berzerkers for a turn or two. I can't understand why you wouldn't want to make use of battlesuits, the weapon systems you can equip them with added with their movement bonuses make them an awesome shooting machine able to jump in and out of range of enemy weapons. I'm with you about the Broadsides though, I have no problem with the model, but I just think that a Railgun armed Hammerhead Gunship is so much more effective, the added mobility makes them much more useful too. I'd suggest though, when assembling your gunships, DO NOT glue the guns in place, this'll give you the ability to change the Railgun for an Ion Cannon depending on who you're playing and what role you want the Gunship to fill.

So back to your Qs, in my opinion you can make a very effective Tau army without using any of the models you dislike. It'd be a mobile Tau army, which I think in most cases works better than a static or a hybrid army; although you don't see too many of them around. I'd take the Shas'el for your HQ, keep him nice and cheap if you can, then you'll have more money for vehicle upgrades. Take two squads of Fire Warriors, I suggest two squads of twelve each with four Pulse Carbines and eight Pulse Rifles, give them a Shas'ui, possibly with a bonding knife, (but don't pay for a marker light as they'll spend most of the game on the move) - load both squads into a Devilfish. Then onto your beloved suits, take as many as you want and infiltrate them around the board. Also, don't forget to add some Fusion Blasters in the squads; they in come in very handy when you're infiltrating near tanks. Onto some fast attack now, I suggest taking some Pirahnas for tank hunting, or just as fire magnets zooming up the flanks drawing attention from the main fire power of your army, (people under-estimate Pirahnas all of the time, I love making large use of them and overwhelming enemies with their sheer speed and fire power). I'd also take a unit of Path Finders in there, just so they can sit in cover and make it easier for your suits to terrorize enemy units. Use some of the markerlights to raise the suits' ballistic skill and overs to lower your enemies leadership. Something else I don't often see, but think about taking some small units of Gun Drones, just get them up there and annoy your opponents. Next up, the Gunships. I can't remember, but I'm pretty sure there's and upgrade that makes them move as if they were fast vehicles, don't have my dex handy so I can't check, but I'm pretty sure about it. This is always an invaluable ability, and this is why the Gunships pwn Broadsides all over.

Hope this helped.
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Default Re: Newbie. Whats the skinny on stealth suits?

Here is a hell of a lot of what you need to know on stealth suits, uses etc. Really good article, if I may say so myself

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Default Re: Newbie. Whats the skinny on stealth suits?

I'd say that the stealth suit is more of a secondary unit. I mean ya they can play a role on the battle field but not one that can't be done better by something else. Crisis suits are the main powerhouse of a tau army and if you don't want to use them you could have a hard time.

When I first started playing I used to use stealths all the time but now I don't use them at all as the points they take up are better spent on more firewarriors and crisis suits.

I'd say that you could make a competitive list with them but you'll have a harder time than someone who would use crisis and broadsides.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Newbie. Whats the skinny on stealth suits?

Despite the fact that battlesuits are my favourite army, I love the vehicles as well. So, ignoring your earlier mortal insult , I believe that a good tau army can be made with your preferred units. Fish of fury (if you didn't know what this is, just post it) is a great tactic, and uses both tanks and firewarriors. Stealth suits are great against troop heavy armies (I think you've got enough info on them now), and hammerheads are an exportable substatute for broadsides. You will NEED to have one crisis commander, but if you're that against them, it would be pretty easy to convert one. Wish you all the luck, battlesuits or not. P.S. I agree with you on anti- vespid/krootox, to be honest, but battlesuits...?
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Default Re: Newbie. Whats the skinny on stealth suits?

i agree with corbie about most of the units, (for instance, i dont like the battlesuits and i love the gunships so much ive got rules for a shaso that can ride in a devilfish at http://www.tauonline.org/Article/374...fferentArmours) but ive never really used stealthsuits.

however theres a good article on them in the tauonline house rules
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Default Re: Newbie. Whats the skinny on stealth suits?

Battlesuits and broadsides are a must-have. Battlesuits are some of the most flexible models in the game, they can be very effective tank hunters, or infantry killers. They can sneak up on a tank, and use its jump pack to get behind the tank, and hit its weaker rear armor, with powerful weaponry, such as the fusion blaster (S8 Ap 1) Or they can stalk units and pound them full of multi shot powerful weaponry such as the plasma rifle or the burst cannon.

Broadsides are also effective tank hunters, and don't even need to get too close to pack a punch with their twin linked 72" range S10 Ap1 Railgun. And if units are advancing on them, they can call upon their smart missile system to ward off attackers. The 2+ armor save is also an added bonus.

Nobody really likes krootox all they do is eat away at points, and make nice targets. Vespid stingwings arent a must have, but can be useful in certain situations.

1/2 units of stealthsuits would be necessary in most battles, when enemy models are targeting them, they must use the night fighting special rule, and can be very good ambushers on infantry, striking them with burst cannons, and a choice of a fusion blaster. This choice of a fusion blaster also makes them effective tank hunters, as you can use them in the same way as crisis suits.

As for the units that you are fond of, fire warriors can pack a punch to infantry with their pulse rifles, and look dead cool on the battlefield. Their devilfish APC is useful for moving them away from dangerous assault based units, because, as you probably know, Fire warriors aren't exactly the bees knees when it comes to close combat (But some Kroot carnivores can help with that). And stealthsuits, I've already told you about them

Well, hope that helps, and I hope you start collecting Tau, and crush those who stand in the way of the Greater Good!!!

[EDIT; That seemed much longer when i typed it :P]
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Default Re: Newbie. Whats the skinny on stealth suits?

You can always make conversions if you're not happy with models.

I don't see any reason why you couldn't convert a Stealthsuit into your commander. Just glue on the appropriate weapons and go to town.
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Default Re: Newbie. Whats the skinny on stealth suits?

Well, you can always convert some of your stealths with crisis suit weaponry so that they count as crisis suit. Just put them on the 40mm if you wish o do so.
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