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new configuration
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Kroot Shaper
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Default new configuration

I'm just wondering if you that this was a good configuration: 3 shas'ui each with twin-linked plasma rifles and burst cannon.
I choose this because I did some math and discovered that Twin-linked plasma rifles will kill the same amount of space marines as a plasma rifle and fusion blaster.
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Default Re: new configuration

The beauty of the Fusion Blaster/ Plasma rifle combo, atleast to me, is it's potential for use against Vehicles. I find I have more than enouhg S5AP5 in my army, so anything included on battlesuits has to pass muster.

Deathrain and Fireknife squad: Long-range fire support, with the possibility of hurting heavy infantry. Considering my Death Rain is packing a Positional Relay to garauntee deep strike, this unit exists to stay out of harms way. The Plasma rifle makes it in to give the unit a little added punch up closeand at mid-range. Missile pods keep light vehicles honest, and can pick off most infantry.

Helios-6 and Helios squad: Close-range fire support. Lethal death to Marines and Terms, and capable of jumping a vehicle too, if necesarry. Prime cantidate for Deep Strikes if I find a viable target.

Thor(ABF, TW Flamers) and Helios squad: Anti-infantry to the max. The Helios allows the squad to take on heavy infantry, while providing a delicious ability to target large chunks of light infantry.

FireKnife-7 Shas'el: With a Twin-linked missile pod and a plasma rifle, this guy is a generalist. This guy either comes on the field in deployment, to go after tanks and infantry, or he deepstrikes to give another squad some "uumph".
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Default Re: new configuration

Originally Posted by Fiendwurm
I'm just wondering if you that this was a good configuration: 3 shas'ui each with twin-linked plasma rifles and burst cannon.
I choose this because I did some math and discovered that Twin-linked plasma rifles will kill the same amount of space marines as a plasma rifle and fusion blaster.
I don`t get the Burst Cannons. I`m running TL PRs with Targeting Arrays, which makes them simply deadly. The BCs are wasted points, since you`re probably always firing the PR.

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Default Re: new configuration

If you're going to TL weapons, then putting any other weapon on the suit is a waste. The exception to this is the team leader as he can hardwire the Multi-tracker. For the regular schmoes... just use a targeting array or a target lock. This gives you MUCH better bang for your buck.
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Default Re: new configuration

I think it's a waste to put the BCs on your Burning Eyes. The T-L Plasma combo is, IMO a short-range config, so it's kinda pointless to put on another short ranged (non-TL'd) gun without even having a Multi-tracker to let you shoot both guns at the same time. It's also supposed to be a specialist config, so its shortcomings should be made up elsewhere.

If you're more leaning towards a generalist config, then why don't you try the PR/BC (Blinding Spear?) config - though I don't know how well it performs on regular Shas'ui's. Better yet, trade in those 3 Shas'ui for 2 Fireknife Shas'Els/Team Leaders w. TA's - as far as generalists go, they're the best they come.

For close range plasma, I personally prefer Helios (PR/FB) to Burning Eyes (TL PR) for pretty much the same reason VerjigormDeExile said. As you know, they are both really good against hard targets like MEqs. However, Burning Eyes are a bit cheaper and are a little better at 12''-24'', but Helios are good against pretty much everything up close, not just MEqs (well, about as good as XV8s get anyway). This is really more of a style thing of course, according to the way I build the rest of my army.

Hope that helps.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: new configuration

Personally, I would use either plasma rifle/fusion blaster or burst cannon/misslepod. Attaching too many weapons to a crisis is a waste of money if they can't fire them, and multitasking is a bad idea. Either kill armoured stuff (I inclued tanks and space marines in this catagory) or kill troops. Trying to do both both usually acomplishes niether, and your suits may run around like little lost puppies the whole battle, trying to do everything.
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