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Batrep Tau VS Chaos 2000 pt
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Default Batrep Tau VS Chaos 2000 pt

So I noticed that I hadn't posted a batrep in quite a long time and as I'm sure you, my precious reader, has concluded, that just will not do. So, after about a month of not having touched my Tau forces other than to repaint them yet again (I'm sticking with this new scheme, I swear!) I grabbed my carrier once again to battle my friend's Chaos forces in a battle of epic proportions!

The lists:
Iron Man (Shas'O, Plasma, Cyclic, Shield, Stims, Iridium, Hard Multi, Hard Blacksun) 168 pt
Ethereal (drone, marker drone)
Honor Guard x8 200 for the entire unit
XV8 (Twin Missile, Shield) 63 pt
XV8 (Twin Fusion, Plasma, Team, Hard Multi) 73
XV25 (Targetting, Team, Bonding) x4 170
FW x10 100
Devilfish (Smart, Targetting, Decoy, Multi) 120
Kroot x10 + Hounds x6 106
Vespid x5 + Strain 102
Pathfinder x6 (bonding, rail rifle x2, 'ui)
Devilfish (Smart, Targetting, Decoy, Multi, Seeker) 130
Piranha x4 (2 burst/targetting, 2 fusion/targetting) 270
XV88 x2 (Plasma, Targetting, Leader, Drone Controller, Shields x2, Bonding, Hard Multi) 225
Hammerhead (Ion, Burst, Target, Targetting, Multi, Decoy) 135
Hammerhead (Ion, Smart, Target, Targetting, Multi,Decoy) 145

Lord w/ Demon Weapon, Jump Pack (or equivalent)
Raptors x6 (melta, power fist)
Raptors x8 (melta, power fist)
Chosen x8
Chosen x8
Chaos Marines x10 (Missile, Melta, Power Fist)
Chaos Marines x10 (Missile, Melta, Power Fist)
Lesser Daemons x8 or 10
Lesser Daemons x6 or 8
Havocs x8 (Missile x4)

Mission: Gamma level Secure and Control with 5 Loot Counters.
Due to fortunate events 3 counters ended up on my side of the field.

Deployment was easy enough, hiding almost every unit behind size 3 unit except for the Piranhas, Fire Warriors and Broadsides.
Counter infiltration on my part prevented my opponent from optimally using terrain. Huzzah!

My opponent got first turn as we put on suitable music: Get Ready to Die by Andrew WK.

Turn 1:
For whatever reason he decided not to move any of his units. Shooting saw the untimely death of my Rail Rifle toting Pathfinders. Fortunately though, the others sought to avenge their deaths and they stayed put.
My Pathfinder Devilfish got its Smart Missile System wrecked thanks to another Obliterator.

My turn saw all of my vehicles head out, ready to put the hurt on the Chaos forces. The Stealth team jumped out to take down the Obliterator responsible for killing the Pathfinders. The pathfinders lit the poor Obliterator up like a christmas tree and the Stealth Suits managed to put a single wound on it. Fire of a Devilfish inflicted the second wound, killing the Obliterator. The Piranhas took a shot at a squad of Chaos Marines and killed only 1 because only the Gun Drones of the front 2 Piranhas (Fusion) could reach them. My Ionheads did more damage, killing off one squad of Chosen down to the last man. The Havocs also took some casualties, losing 2. All units passed their tests and held strong. A random Smart Missile System fire managed to kill 1 of the 6 Raptors protecting the Lord.

Turn 2:
Both Lesser Daemon hordes arrived onto the field, close together on my relatively weak right flank. My opponent had hoped to assault my Kroot and Vespid units but unfortunately for him the distance was too great. He did manage to stun both my Hammerheads. The Havocs managed to destroy a Shield Drone on the Broadside team.

I recognized the threat the Lesser Daemons posed to my flank as they were well in range of opening it wide up. I moved my Kroot, Vespid and Crisis units into position, fortunately they would get additional support from the Pathfinder Fish and my Ethereal's Honor Guard.
Shooting saw the demise of 1 Lesser Daemon squad and killing the other down to 4 strong. The Piranhas were now completely in range of the Chaos Marines they targetted before and killed 2 more.
The Devilfishes didn't accomplish much. The lone Chosen got shot at but his armor protected him.
In the assault phase I noticed the Lesser Daemons being out of coherency and I had my Vespid charge 2 of the 4 Lesser Daemons. They were killed and by being outnumbered the other 2 were killed as well. I consolidated my Vespid back to my deployment zone to keep them out of an 8-man strong Raptor squad's range.

Turn 3:
Things went kind of downhill from here. My Burst Hammerhead got immobilized and stunned due to a penetrating hit. The other one lost its Ion Cannon. The Chaos Lord and his 5-man bodyguard of Raptors jumped ahead, getting a little too close for comfort but out of charge range. Shooting didn't do much really. The other Chosen squad came out of hiding and attempted to charge my Kroot unit. Unfortunately they succeeded and while they lost 1 member, they killed 2 Kroot. Fortunately they held. One of the fusion Piranhas got destroyed, while the other got stunned.

I tried my best to take out the Lord and his 5 Raptors but I only managed to kill 4 of them. The Piranhas managed to kill a few more Chaos Marines while the Broadsides killed more Havocs. The Chaos Marines fled and ran clear off the table, freeing up my Chaos opponent's entire right flank for my Stealth suits and Piranha squadron.
In the assault phase my Vespid jumped in the huge Chosen/Kroot brawl and together they managed to kill off some more Chosen.

Turn 4:
Oy. The immobilized Hammerhead got destroyed, the Chaos Marines marched forward and the Lord + Raptor stood in front of my Fire Warrior team. The 8 man Raptor team jumped ahead as well and killed my Deathrain suit with Melta fire.
The Lord alone managed to kill enough Fire Warriors to run them clear off the table and they consolidated into my Broadsides.

In my turn I had the Ethereal and Pathfinders evacuate the area. The Pathfinders headed for the now destroyed right flank to claim a loot counter. The Piranhas jetted off to the center of my opponent's deployment zone to destroy the other Chaos unit though they barely had LoS. A devilfish launched a volley at the Havocs team and 3 survived. This time the Kroot unit ran off in combat and the Hounds ran off, leaving the Vespid to fend for themselves. Combat saw the death of one Broadside. The other kept fighting bravely partnered with a Shield Drone.

Turn 5:
The Raptors headed for the loot counter in my right flank, the chaos marines chose to claim an objective nearby and the Lord broke free of combat, heading for Iron Man. Right now the situation looked like this: my opponent held 3 counters, I held 1, was close to grabbing a 2nd and contest 2 more. The 5th was guarded by an Obliterator who refused to die.
The Havocs shot the fusion blaster off my last fusion piranha. The Vespid got wiped in combat and the chosen were heading for the Honor Guard. The Lord was left alone with a wound after a succesful round of combat with my Broadside.+

In my turn I tried to do as much damage as possible. The devilfish managed to kill 2 more Havocs, leaving one standing. 4 Raptors died of the 8 man squad and a few Chaos Marines bit the dust, leaving 8.

Turn 6:
Rather than chase my last crisis suit and prevent it from contesting a loot counter, my opponent had his 4 remaining raptors hug a loot counter because they were still scoring. The Lord charged my Commander and killed it in the first round, while 4 remaining Chosen charged and destroyed my Honor Guard and Ethereal. My opponent ended in control of 2 loot counters and contesting a 3rd.

The pressure was on, I had to get both the raptor squad below scoring (or contest the counter with my suit) and the Chaos Marine squad (meaning I had to force 4 failed armor saves). Unfortunately because the ethereal died, my last Suit ran off the table and my Pathfinders had to retreat, keeping them from claiming a loot counter. Shooting saw the death of only 1 chaos marine, the lone Chosen died by Hammerhead fire (it also claimed a loot counter) but the Havoc survived. The Lord got killed by shooting attacks netting me some more VP's.

When the dust settled I managed to just barely get a solid victory out of it all even though I doubted I'd even make the draw. (My opp got nearly 1200 VP's but I ended up getting nearly 1450, enough for the win).

Just out of spite I won't be fielding my Ethereal again for the next 5 games. Damn him for making me work harder and making things look so bleak by having 2 out of 3 units fall back >_>
Manta angry! Manta smash! Manta bash!
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