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Old idea, revisited
Old 07 Feb 2008, 21:45   #1 (permalink)
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Default Old idea, revisited

Heres the old idea: Crisis Suits in a direct support role.

Crisis solos or teams serving as heavy weapon elements for firewarrior/kroot squads, where the crisis suits 'attach' [in quotes because they dont really attach attach] to the squads, providing the much wished for special wargear features to the units shooting ability [sortof], and in return are shielded from assaults, and are granted the 'poor mans screening'- pretty much auto requiring a target priority check to shoot at the suit within the mob of troops.

It may seem odd, but that was the appeal: that it was a ground-up different way to battle with a Tau collection, that felt and acted genuinely different from other Tau armies. It was an interesting strategy to think about, because it opened up completely different suit setups and uses, that normally would not even be a serious option with more mainstream Tau strategies (burstcannon and flamer suit, anyone?), and that fresh way of looking at Tau was what got me into exploring this strat way back when.

Some examples of unit pairings, to give you the idea. Keep in mind these Crisis suits are never meant to be out solo, even as a group, and are intended to be a integral teammate with the unit they are tagging along with... and its the synergy between the two units that dictates the Crisis setup.

Shas'El: CIB, AFP, TA, HWMT, HWdrone controller
2 shield drones
Attached [or just 'attached'] to a full squad of 8 Gun drones (or a 10 pack if a full piranha squad is out there)

This is probably the most obvious setup: HQ protected by a swarm of drones, and a team that is very nasty at 18"

Broadside monat, bare bones (multitracker)
'attached' to a pack of kroot, all bunkering up in some woods. The kroot travel with their 'big buddy' if he ever moves, and serves as an assault shield.

A 'Pick one' Budget Crisis Suit: Burst, Missilepod, Flamer [49 points]
-or 2 or 3-
'Attached' to either a Kroot back on the prowl, or Carbine Firewarriors out looking for trouble.
With the suits tagging along, either unit now has a complement of special weapons that other armies would likely be envious of, with weapons to either deal with vehicles, swarms, or those needing some good cooking. Further versatility comes when the crisis suits can indeed shoot at whatever they want to, separately from the troop squad.

'misses his stealth days' Shas'El: Burst Cannon, CIB, TA, HWMT
attached to 6 Stealth Suits.
This is a common one, that may be seen in other army styles as well (as the HQ/drone combo).

So, there are many more combos out there, and its the teamwork and dedicated-ness of this style that is the fresh outlook of this. This view of Crisis Suits can also support hammerheads with additional firepower (because they can afterall keep up!), or any other combo team up imagineable! The Suits' versatility and utter customization means that it can fill many different roles, and can tailor itself precisely to any other units' personal needs.

This whole different way of thinking/playing reemerged for me after taking an illicit peek at the changes that will most certainly come about in 5th edition in about 6-8 months. Most notably: the shift to troop-centric gameplay (where only troop choices can contest, take, or hold quarters/objectives), where troops will become much more important in the future. And the days of "2 units of 6 firewarriors" is truly a thing of the past! In this light, the direct support Crisis Suits start to look more and more viable, eh?

So, what are you're thoughts, in re-looking into this? This could be something interesting.
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Default Re: Old idea, revisited

I like this aproach and have thought about it but I don't understand the Monat rules. Where are they (I assume in the rule book somewhere or the codex) and do people actually use them still?
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Old 07 Feb 2008, 22:59   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Old idea, revisited

Hi Fate13,

Monat just means a unit of one battlesuit, as such there have no special rules.

Oddly though in the Tau fluff Monats are XV pilots who have either lost their other team members or just gone a bit mad (battlesuit psychosis) and can no longer function effectively as part of a team (very un-Tau). So that they can continue to serve the greater good they except dangerous solo missions like tank hunting etc...

Third Sphere
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Old 10 Feb 2008, 17:03   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Old idea, revisited

@Calaban, I think that would be a lot of fun. What an easy way to create spectacular looking team leaders. (The image of a crisis suit holding hands and skipping down the woods with 2 kroot haunts me now)

As for pushing away those who dismiss troop choices, I hope there's still going to be a few armies where they have the freedom to do as they please.

@ Third Sphere, Battlesuit psychosis is pretty sweet. My only Monat suit is a deepstriker, twinlinked fusion, targetting array, iridium armor, 2 shield drones. Mmmmm, he's crazy, but my army loves him. (so what if they make him eat in the padded part of the mess hall?)
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Default Re: Old idea, revisited

Pretty sweet idea!
It's rather late over here, I'll review it later... But so far it seems like you put some serious effort into it. Kudos.
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Old 10 Feb 2008, 19:25   #6 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Old idea, revisited

That's a really interesting concept - one that I might have a go at, when my army grows a little. All your points are good ones. The only problem is when you don't have 'static' FW squads - i.e., they have a Fish. Then the suit is left out in the cold.
However, my army looks like it'll be featuring some Carbine-wielding, footslogging squads - Monat suits would be perfect support for them.
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Old 10 Feb 2008, 22:34   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Old idea, revisited

Was thinking of a type there...

Firewarrior squad:
Shas'ui: Markerlight, bondin knife and HW Drone Controller
5 firewarriors.
2 Marker drones

Crisis suit: Missile pod, whatever

Seems to work great, but i cant find out what to equip the others...
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Old 11 Feb 2008, 00:11   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Old idea, revisited

I thought about this option a while ago, but then I remembered that in IA3 there were Heavy Weapon Drones. You only have to give them the choice to use a Missile Pod or a Burst Cannon and problem solved. It would be also very tau-ish.

Cheers, Alexander.
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Old 11 Feb 2008, 02:24   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Old idea, revisited

The only problem I see with most of those ideas is the difference in mobility between a crisis suit and most infantry. If they're on foot then they will slow down the crisis suit, and if they have a devilfish they'll leave him behind! This would be much less of a problem with the broadsides, though, and I like the idea of kroot as an assault screen for the big guns.

Another pairing that would make sense would be relatively inaccurate crisis suits (fireknife without TA, for example) and a squad of pathfinders in front of them. pathfinders could be replaced with fire warriors & marker drones, or even an ethereal & honor guard with up to 4 marker drones (2 controlled by the ethereal) for 5 markerlights. I particularly like that one, as the markerlight squad would make the big guns more effective, and the big guns would put some serious hurt on anybody trying to assassinate the ethereal and friends.
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