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Broadside or IonHead?
Old 07 Feb 2008, 19:34   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Broadside or IonHead?

Ok simple question.

My friends and I are holding a friendly tournament. there will be Dark Angels, necrons, and tyranids. We've settled on 500 points, some of us have more then others, so to be fair we settled for this. I want to bring a heavy, so Ionhead or Broadside? I'm bringing 1HQ, 2 XV-8, either Ion or Broad, and the rest FW.
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Default Re: Broadside or IonHead?

Do you know what the likely compensation of the armies are? I would in general go for the Ionhead. It's a bit more resilent(but not so against Necrons...), and with burst cannons can work wonders as Infantry supression.

I would take the Broadside(I imagine two, or just one nice one?) if you expect vehicles. With Tyranids you don't have much reason for a broadside, with DA it can really go multiple ways.

In general: Ionhead.
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Default Re: Broadside or IonHead?

When playing 500 points, Combat Patrol rules are really a "must".

Think about it - while the Necron player can only fgield the bare minimum (20 warriors for troops, Lord), you can arrive with an Ionhead, 12 Firewarriors and a buttload of Crisis.

For fairness and balance`s sake, use Combat Patrol rules.

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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 86
Default Re: Broadside or IonHead?

it will most likely happen that way, but i'm more worried about the Dark Angels then the others. no offense to them but I feel confident of victory there, more concerned with DA since I have not played them before.
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Default Re: Broadside or IonHead?

Well if it's most likely to become a 500 pt Combat Patrol, then that changes a lot of things. Namely, no Broadside (2+ save) and no Ionhead (FrontAV + SideAV >33). In this case, you'll need to use FBs or something on Crisis or Piranha.

Otherwise, for a balanced list, I'd say Broadside --> more pts for troops'n'other things. If your lookin' at a cheesefest, bring your Hammerhead w. either the Ion or the Railgun + more.

About the DAs, I wouldn't worry much about them. Both Death+Ravenwings will have their things (extreme toughness / extreme speed) but will be very few in number. Regular DAs are just regular Marines with more restrictions.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Broadside or IonHead?

yeah were having trouble coming up with rules that are fair for all players because, at 500 pts, no CP rules i have a lot more options that are better then others.
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Default Re: Broadside or IonHead?

Well, if it stays as a regular match, I'd take the Ionhead. It'll take down just about anything that's coming against you from those three armies, plus any big beasties you might face. The AP 3 will also be useful against the necrons and DA.

If you go to combat patrol, I would take a couple piranha w/ fusion blasters. They can do some damage to the small numbers of necrons, (voiding their we'll be back role), as well as take out vehicles. However, be careful against the necrons, as those gauss blasters can really hurt your piranha if you get within rapid fire range. (40 gauss shots, 28 hits, 4-5 6's rolled, 4-5 glancing hits!) Or, you could add a few more Crisis suits w/ at least one missile pod... Fireknife might be a useful configuration, giving you some AP 2 shots as well as anti light and medium vehicle fire.
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