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Tau Buildings
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Default Tau Buildings

I remember someone asking about Tau Buildings a little while back, and came across this picture:


Can't quite remember who wanted it, but here it is incase anyone wants it. And I admit, I've always wondered: What is the old crone supposed to be?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tau Buildings

interesting to see the comparative size difference between SM and Tau.
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Default Re: Tau Buildings

Are the ethereal caste generally taller or shorter than air and fire caste?
I ask this becuase if I remember correctly that picture went with a story and the tau depicted should be an aun.
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Default Re: Tau Buildings

Ethereals are shorter than Air and taller than Fire

I think?
(by the models at least)
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Default Re: Tau Buildings

Yeah, Ethereals are slightly taller and more frail than Shas, while quite a bit shorter and a bit bulkier than a Kor.
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Default Re: Tau Buildings

Yeah, Kor are almost sickly looking because of how tall and skinny they are. I am pretty sure they are the tallest.
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Default Re: Tau Buildings

Yes but this could be Water Caste diplomat who could be shorter then his Fire counterpart.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tau Buildings

I'd bet the Tau guy is Water Caste, but there probably isn't a huge difference in height between Water and Fire caste (who would want weak-looking diplomats?).

As for the old fogey, he's probably supposed to be some sort of archivist for the Imperium. You know how there are codex entries written by human scholars in the various codexes? I'd say the old guy is one of those crowd. Weird, because they're supposed to be all about hating xenos as much as Space Marines but are purely non-combatants. Very odd to see him having a civil conversation with one of the most advanced non-human races and not ordering the Space Marine to purge the planet or something.

Of course, the big question to me is why is the Space Marine not only speaking with a Tau, but has landed his ship on a Tau world (it's in the background)? I know the Tau get regular humans to join up all the time, but aren't all the Space Marines pretty serious about the whole "if it isn't human, kill it" agenda?

Regardless, it's neat to see a depiction of the 40k universe where everybody is not 100% trying to kill everyone else because nobody is allowed to have allies in the 40k universe. The whole "everything in the galaxy sucks" theme wears pretty thin after a while.
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Default Re: Tau Buildings

I believe it's from a piece of Nimbosa blackground.
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Default Re: Tau Buildings

The Space Marine and Human were buying time for something or other in the story I think.
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