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Transporting Tau
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Default Transporting Tau

Up to this point I've always used a GW case for infantry and a tool box with foam cutouts for vehicles, but my collection of Tau is growing out of two cases, and I really don't want to tote two GW cases and the big toolbox and a bag for rules, dice, etc. (blah, blah, whine, whine)

I'm trying to decide how economic it would be to get an Army Transport case. What depth tray do you need, and how many will fit per tray of the following?
Devilfish-sized tank
Crisis Suits
Firewarriors(normal infantry)
Kroot (odd shaped sprawley infantry)

I'm also open to other suggestions.

Thanks for any help

(Mods if this needs to be in general discussion...sorry)
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Default Re: Transporting Tau

Hey O'Ca'rees,

I'm assuming you're talking about the SABOL Army Transport?

The amount that case can carry depends on what trays you put into it. It ususally comes with 6x 1.5'' and 2x 2.5'' deep trays. 1.5'' trays should be able to hold about 24 FWs each, or a bit less of Kroot (b/c of their pointy bitz). On the other hand, the 2.5'' trays can hold about 3 DF chasis, though they are probably a bit excessive for that; the 2.0'' trays are better for Tau vehicles. Likewise, you'll be able to fit alot of Crisis suits into a 2.5'' tray, but will probably prefer a 1.5'' tray for that.

For myself, I've been able to fit my entire 1500 pt Mech army into a SABOL Army Transport case with room to spare, so I hope it works out for you too.
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Default Re: Transporting Tau

I bought the GW green case that came out a year or two ago for a christmas special. I have been able to fit 4 tanks in it, and all my FW/suits/vehicle bits.
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Default Re: Transporting Tau

I personally use the combination of a Tackle Box (for infantry models) and a large wheeled toolbox (it breaks into to halves; and has an upper and lower compartment) which I've lined with foam.

If that's still not enough room, then a large gun case may be a better option. A 36" x 12" briefcase-style rifle case is a good starting point, and you can pick one up on eBay for under $40. They already contain egg-crate foam, which you can just place miniatures on top of. For tanks, however, you may need to cut custom-sized holes into the foam, which is no big deal.

If you want an even tighter fit, however, you can get "flat" foam and cut out holes for individual miniatures, replacing portions of the egg-crate foam with it. You can get this type of foam here: http://www.foambymail.com/
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Default Re: Transporting Tau

The 1" trays are your best bets for transporting Fire Warriors, Pathfinders, Drones and Kroot Hounds. The 1.5" are good for your Stealth Suits (Even though they can fit in the 1") and best for Kroot. The 2.5" are good for your vehicles, Crisis Suits (When laid on their back) and Broadside Suits (When laid on their side). I love the case as it lets me pick the exact size and shape I need for my miniatures. I'm still experimenting with how to cut it to make them all fit though. :P But that'll be on on-going process, no matter what army you play.
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Default Re: Transporting Tau

I own the Sabol Motor Pool Army Transport. I am able to transport 9 "Fish" including drones/sms, 48 Firewarriors, 15 XV8 suits, 9 Stealth, 1 Piranha, 12 Kroot, and 8 Pathfinders. I have a little room to spare but not much. I use 3 1", 3 1.5", and 3 2.5". I push the transport to the limit though going about a half inch over what it says it can hold.
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Default Re: Transporting Tau

Wal-Mart has these really cheap plastic shelf things for office, tools, clothes, whatever.. They are these clear plastic drawers that are set into a stackable and separateble framework segments... so you could have 2 shelves, or 4, or an entire stad up dresser of a dozen of them. The maker or name of the thing is "sterilelite", and it is truly cheap, and has worked well with my warmachine collection [I can post a pic of how it stores things, if youre interested in seeing it]

The thing is, the shelves are exactly the same long dimension as the foam boards, by lucky coincidence. Or, if you are unwilling to pay the $12 for a block of foam (I know, its rediculous!), you can simply get some foamcore boarding of your own, and make little display cases out of each of these shelves, with recessed holding contours to hold your miniatures upright within them.

These stacks of shelves are light but sturdy, and easilly carryable around, by the sides of the framing segments themselves. It help you keep everything organized as well, as you can pull the shelves completely out, or have the shelving sitting right there on the table for when you want to put casualyies away. Its simply a perfect cheap-o soulution.
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Default Re: Transporting Tau

@Calaban: I demand pictures!

Normally, I just use a much abused GW case for carrying my stuff.
I may invest in a second, so my new army has its own customised case.

Or, I'll get one of those uber-large GW cases, and have half of it for my Baneblade.
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Default Re: Transporting Tau

Here are the pix (excuse the mess, this is my 'hobby corner', and everything is pretty much stacked upon everything else- I tried to crop the mess away, but you may spot some little hidden things here and there, if youre into that sorta thing ;D ). Hurray for this digital instant information age, eh?!

Theres the case that I bring to teh local game store, in all its heavilly used glory. You can see its a perfects size for a carseat ride, or even for taking up space on the game table. This holds absolutely everything for my Warmashine needs, from all the rulebooks (bottom shelf), to the minis (middle/top shelf), to all the gaming... stuff - dice and templates and wreck tokens- in the top shelf.

Here it is with the lid popped off. Each shelf segment is like this, so you can stack more and more up and top the top off with the lid. Note the beefy handles on the sides, thats where I pick the whole thing up and log it around. Simple!

And heres the glory shot. (and about the big pink blob in the middle shelf.. trust me- you dont wanna know, nor see a closeup!) All of my minis are standing upright (because there are some far reaching and sticking out bits with these minis), and you can see that the foam trays fit in there like it was made for this! The width is perfect, but thats not two entire foam trays front to back, the front one has about 1/4 of it trimmed away, so that the middle shelf is entirely foam with holding spots for all those fancy pewter minis. And the top shelf holds a deep foam tray for all my big warjacks. Its a very close fit, height wise, but everything fits. This shelf has to be the top on so I dont have to slide it out and risk popping al those pokey rised bits away.

And heres the big brother to this shelving. Its my bits box/unbuilt model boxes storage/microwave stand. You can see at the bottom some deep shelves, that hold 2 hammerhead box kits stacked up inside them.

Grand total for the two sets of utterly cheap-o shelves? Id say about $16, for both of them.
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Default Re: Transporting Tau

Can you really fit 3 DF per Sabol tray? About how many Crisis suits if they're laying down?
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