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Jokaero as 'counts as' tau?
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Default Jokaero as 'counts as' tau?

After the so-far sucess of my iron snakes marine army I've been wanting to try my hand at another 40K force. Now I've spent a whole lot of money on the marine army so far (6 FW drop pods, a batle company box plus vehicles/dreads and termis etc) so am hoping this will exist as my main 40K army but it's not realy given me much chance to flex my modelling muscles too much. I quite fancy a go at doing a massive conversion project. probably just starting at around 400 points ( I really love combat patrol games, something about them just seems massivley superior to me than full 40K games) and if it's not too much work, progressing from there. I've had a few aborted attempts at a 'major counts as' 40K project in the past which have all ended pretty disasterouslyso this is something that may never get done, but it's fun to plan it and see if I can possibley managed to make a handful of characterful models.

While leafing through my copy of Rogue Trader, my interest was piqued by the nearly forgotten Jokaero race (the best summary of which can be foud here


Inspired by the new space gorilla astyle army AT-43 has out (but not wanting to start another game system so avoiding that particular group of models) seen here: http://www.wargamesworkshop.co.uk/Pr...D=94&GrpID=638

I thought about doing something similar for 40K using technology/battlesuit wielding orangutangs. Who wouldn't love that?

As for rules, having just played a couple of games against a friends Tau Army, I'm really impressed at how much tactical depth there is to the force (my fleeting encounter with the original 3rd ed tau boiling down to little more than a gunline). Additionally, the Tau' mastery of technology and abhorence of clos combat, tie in pretty closely with the jokearo fluff.

so what do you think about an army using the tau empire rules (fielding mostly battlesuits I imagine...and no vehicles) but virtually scratch scupted to resemble jokearo? I expect I'd still use the tau weaponry for ease of wysiwyg.

Would you play agaisnt an army like this? Would it annoy you to have to keep track of so much 'counts as' (I'm thinking it boils down to , big base and covered in armour...battlesuit, smal base and more fur showing...firewarrior etc)?What about a tournament? would it be a big no no, even though the only non sculpted stuff in it would be gw models? Would you torpedo my sportsmanship or painting/modelling scores for fielding such a non-standard army?

And fionallyu, does anyone know any suppliers of 28mm orangutangs/apes like things that I could harvest some heads from?

Feedback would be very much appreciated

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Default Re: Jokaero as 'counts as' tau?

I had just about the same idea only I added Jokaero as an integrated race to the Tau. For my models I used brutes from the Haloclix line and took Tau, Space Marine, Imperial Guard bits to convert them into Jokaero.
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Default Re: Jokaero as 'counts as' tau?

That's a grand old project you're taking on. I love modelling, but wow, you must be fanatical. So long as they're well done, and everything is obviosly represented (i.e. gamesworkshop guns, crisis suit back packs, tons of tau bits), I wouldn't gun down your scores, I would add to them for tackeling such difficult conversions, and I would love to play against them, (counts as are no problemo for me), but a true tournement would crucify you for trying to use non-gamesworkshop models (they are a company, after all). Worth doing though, if only so I can see the pics. Be sure to post.
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