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[BatRep] Tau vs. Imperial BFG, 1425pts
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Default [BatRep] Tau vs. Imperial BFG, 1425pts

Hi All,
I just put up a BFG Battle Report. You can read the whole report here but here's the introduction and the briefings:

It has been…well, years since I’ve played a game of Battlefleet Gothic, and my fleets have long been gathering dust on the shelf. However, I love the game, so it was high time to have another battle. I had been building up a Tau fleet for a long time as well, but as yet it had remained unblooded. Time to finally get them up in the sky and into the fight. We were both rusty on the rules, so it would be a refresher battle more than anything else. Although I call this a Cruiser Clash, it isn't quite the same--we're not using victory points or anything like that. It's mainly just a basic fleet engagement with the most basic of objectives: destroy the enemy fleet or force it to flee.

For this battle report I also attempted something relatively new for me—adding fluff text to the report itself. I have inserted very small amounts of fluff into previous battle reports, but this time I would include a generous amount of it. Also these maps are new my BFG battle reports, so I decided to have a little fun with them. They aren't as "clear" as the maps are on some of the other batreps, but I was going more for atmosphere on them than anything else. I based the symbols on the NTDS symbols from old U.S. naval tactical displays. They aren't perfect, and I don't use them exactly the same way, but they get the point across.

Tau Briefing
Dan: As I mentioned earlier, this was my first Battlefleet Gothic game in a long time, and I was eager to try out my Tau fleet.

After reading the Tau ship naming conventions in the Tau Fleet Rules (e.g., Ship Class Name + Sept Name + First Commander’s Name + Current Commander’s name), I quickly tossed that out the window as being far too unwieldy. I’d never remember names like “Lar’Shi Tau’n Kor’o Mont’ka Kor’el Kauyon Kais”, so I decided to just name all my ships with more conventional names, for example, the Hero Class Cruiser Fearless, and the Explorer class Battleship Greater Good. I suppose I could rationalize it by saying Fearless is just the name of the current ship captain in English. Either way, I’m thinking about ship names too much…

So my fleet would consist of the Explorer Class Battleship Greater Good, commanded by a Kor’O. Brought along by its gravitic hooks would be the three Orcas Celerity, Dash, and Anger. I would have two Hero Class Cruisers, the Fearless and Indefatigable, and two Emmisary Class Light Cruisers, the Honor, and the Sacrifice. For escorts I would have two squadrons of Defenders, consisting of the Audacity, Daring, and Drive, and the Confidence, Strength, and Agility. Providing additional support to the fleet would be three Messenger Class escorts, the Initiative, Mettle, and Fury.

Yes, I realize that the fleet list isn’t strictly legal, because I only have one Explorer Class and two Heroes, and I’m including two Kor’or’vesh ships in a Kor’vattra fleet (gasp). But we play friendly games, so this isn’t a big deal.

Since my ships have their firepower mostly directed forward, I decided on a simple strategy of meeting the Imperial fleet head on, and just plow right into them. I split the fleet into two separate groups, with my Explorer, Emissaries, and Orcas along with two Messengers to the left flank, and the two Heroes and the Defender Squadrons to the right. The two forces would just plow forward into the Imperial fleet and concentrate their fire. After deployment, I would quickly decide to try to move one of my Defender Squadrons in a flanking maneuver and try to get behind the Imperial ships and completely surround them.

Imperial Navy Briefing
Jacob: As Dan mentioned, neither of us had played BFG in a long, long time. So the chance to shake the cobwebs off some fleets and break out the Big Blue Book sounded like a great idea. I'd played as Imperials a few times before, but the Tau had yet to get into a good scrap, so it was a good matchup. I let Dan just build me an IN fleet from the ships he had, and we'd take it from there with a simple Cruiser Clash.

Imperial ships can make your life difficult. Their major firepower is set up as broadsides, but their heavy armor is in the prow. Therefore, movement and positioning is critical because you want to come head-on against your opponent to protect yourself as long as possible, and then come about and present your broadsides, hoping that if you don't finish off your opponent he won't batter your more fragile flanks in retaliation.

During setup, I decided (more or less on a whim) to send my escort swarm after his battleship in the hope of drawing his ships after my escorts in an attempt to defend their battleship. With a little luck, this would leave my capital ships the chance to hammer his Hero class cruisers and the other scattered escorts on that flank. The escorts would try to dump as much head-on firepower as possible against his battleship and accompanying vessels, while my cruisers would come in head-on, then turn 45 degrees and open up with broadsides. Then, the two halves of my fleet would turn in and pass each other - the cruisers would turn right and finish off the battleship and it's escort fleet, while the remaining escorts on my right flank would turn left and go after the other half of the Tau fleet.

Maybe a good idea, maybe a bad idea, but at least it's a start...
You can read the rest of the batrep here.
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