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Super Shooty Army
Old 31 Jan 2008, 00:21   #1 (permalink)
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Default Super Shooty Army

would it be ridiculous to field primarily fire warriors in an army. 50-75%

particularly when playing against marines

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Default Re: Super Shooty Army

From the tactical point of view you are fielding a very immobile fire line. Only give them bayonets and put them into trenches and you have a WWI Tau army.

Yes, you will have firepower. Firepower against infantry and LIGHT vehicles. You are going to wish you wouldn't be there when you get assaulted by a fast, mechanized enemy...
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Default Re: Super Shooty Army

It wouldn't be ridiculous, but it wouldn't be very effective either.
Fire Warriors shouldn't really make up more than about 25-40% of your army's points. Fire Warriors are good at two things, taking out light/medium infantry, and popping light vehicles. That's it. They cannot damage medium/heavy vehicles and have a very hard time cracking heavy infantry unless they have overwhelming numbers.

If you wanted a somewhat more flexible force, with a large Fire Warrior core, I'd suggest giving each squad a Devilfish, or even a Warfish (Devilfish with Targeting Array, Smart Missile System, Multi-tracker, Target Lock and Decoy Launchers), as a transport, then giving those fishes Seeker missiles and the Shas'ui Markerlights and target locks.

Then you simply customise your commander to your playstyle or the particular opponent.
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Default Re: Super Shooty Army

If you switch from mostly fire-warriors to pathfinders with rail rifles, then that immobile line will become far more effective against 3+ armor marines.
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Default Re: Super Shooty Army

I used that sort of army for a while before I switched to Ravenwing. It can be fun to play, although it isn't very strong. I supplemented it with an Ethereal and Honor Guard, and Shadowsun also works well for support.

I enjoyed it because you play games with a siege mentality, holing everybody up in a tight area and trying to use a few roaming units to keep the enemy from overwhelming you. There was an old report between Imperial Guard and Orks where the Imperial Guard had to hold an encampment for a few games (this was the debut of the Praetorians). I have always enjoyed that type of game.

In practice, though, what usually happens is that a strong enemy unit will manage to get into combat somewhere along the line, and you will never get the chance to shoot at it again. So it will just chew through from the side. I have had this happen with Daemon Princes and Chaos Lords even after most of the rest of their army was already dead. The true weakness of Tau armies is not that they lose in close combat, but rather that they have no means of killing the enemy once close combat has begun.
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Default Re: Super Shooty Army

well, not nesceraily (sp) kroot are great at tieing up units in CC, they may cut like paper, but if they charge, then they can hold the enemy up for a good few turns while you readjust your army to shoot the crap into them. and if your lucky, the kroot may even get a wound or two on them!!
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Default Re: Super Shooty Army

An army like requires you heavily support those firewarriors. And depending on some situations, that would not be very effective.

If you do use such a force, you would need either a lot of kroot (used a counter-assault) or rely heavily on long range units (hammerheads, deathrains, sniper teams).

However, in general, you wouldn't want to field such a force unless you know you either: 1) safely advance towards the enemy 2) the enemy is coming to you
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Super Shooty Army

I did the mathhammer, and against a space marine squad that doesn't have a transport, a unit of tau should win. So long as they dont move, retreat, the rest of the space marine army doesn't attack, there are no heavy weapons or tanks in the oppositions army, the marines only move six inches per turn, and the fast assulters are slow. Seeing as it would be a cold day in hell before this happens, at least add some broadsides, or sniper drone teams. This army would be ace against I.G. and tyranides, but sooner (likely not later) you'll run into marines, and wish you had bought more crisis suits. The biggest tatical advantage with tau isn't Every Thing Counts In Large Amounts (gasp!), its diversity. A tau commander sould have many different units that work together to take out the whole army. It's a cool idea, but I dont think it would fly. (Plus, do you really want to paint 60+ figures?)
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Default Re: Super Shooty Army

I don't think this army would be good against 'nids or guard. Think about it.

In static fire line the tau can bring a lot of str 5 ap5 death to the opponent so long as they're 30" away. The guard on the other hand can out range you with all of the heavy weapon abilities that they have. So you'd either have to walk through their gun lines to get a shot at them or wait till they move close enough so that you can shoot them (that won't happen, they'll out range you).

The 'nids have the ability to get a first turn charge. I'm pretty sure of that as I've seen it happen not only to myself but also to other opponents. Once that happens they'll stop you from shooting for the rest of the game and you'll be completely masicered. Not only that but a dakka fex can easily out shoot a crisis suit.

In my opinion I can't see this army being effective against much. It'll take a heck of a lot of practice. I say go hybrid, I've been playing that way for five years now and rarely loose (except for the odd cheese space marine player or a competent 'cron player)
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Default Re: Super Shooty Army

well it would depend on what kind of Space marine army you would be playing, but ingeneral i think the concept would work you just might need devil fish to support them. You should also try "fish of fury" tactic which will make them very effective against the marines and avoid assualt of you firewarriors.
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