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Squad Identification
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Squad Identification

i am working on a small tau army, in it i have 2 fire warrior squads.

i am trying to come up with an appropriate method of seperating them other than just different line patterns, i was thinking of putting a symbol/number/letter on the bottom left of the big shoulder pad on each warrior.

i was just wondering if anyone had any ideas concerning this.

my first thoughts are a letter A,B,C etc or 1, 2, 3 etc in Tau font (for squad Alpha, Bravo, Charlie etc or squad 1 2 3 etc) , however i am wondering if this may be inappropriate to the tau and too "human"

any thoughts will be appreciated
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Default Re: Squad Identification

I paint the small (as you look at their face, the left shoulder, right from the Tau persective) in various colours, such as blue and red etc. Its better on a lighter colour scheme, but I find it works fine. I can then key this in with that units warfish, by painting and armour plate on the "head" in this colour as well.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Squad Identification

This was a issue that I came across myself. What I did was use the transfers that came with them as a way to ID differant squads. I also use the transfers as a way to ID a "great" kill, such as the FW squad taking down a Dreadnought for example. I used the small knifes for that

I have had a lot of fun making use of the transfers with my Tau units.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Squad Identification

Being a very poor painter and having lost all my transfers over the years since I last bought any new models, I paint the ring around the base a different color. The flat part of the base I paint green, but then each squad gets a color designation, and I paint the ring that the holds the model up that color. I can then refer to the squads in army builder by the color I painted them and it makes it easier to find in the list and check for upgrades.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Squad Identification

I add one special decoration on each member of a squad. For example, I've got a squad where every model has one shoulder pad replaced by a space marine shoulder pad, and thier devilfish has a few space marine ornaments. In another squad, each model has a scratch on thier armoured part of thier left leg for each kill they've made. Just find a small theme/decoration for each squad and stick with it.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Squad Identification

Another way you could do it if you arn't ambitious, is by simply painting a squade specific colour uder there base (on the bottom). This is simple, if a little lame.
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Default Re: Squad Identification

On mine, there are two things I'll paint differently than the camo-scheme:
The little square on the top-back of the helmet
The ammo-clip, near where the arm holds on. If you'll take a gander at my avatar, The Punk's hand is on what I'm talking about(or what it looks like).

One of them(I think it's the helmet's square) has the sept's color, while the other has the color of the unit. I think I colored the top of the helmet as the unit's color because I can easily identify it when looking down, whereas the ammo-clip is partially obscured by the hand holding the weapon.
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Default Re: Squad Identification

I use a simple ID system based on squad colour.
On the bottom left corner of the large shoulder pad, I paint a block of colour, Blue, Green, Red, White, etc.
The same colour goes on the squad's warfish 'decoration panel' (The armour plate 1 section after the cockpit area).
Thus, it's very easy to see who goes with what during a battle.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Squad Identification

I just picked a theme and ran with it for my entire army. As my entire army serves as an interdiction force, being called in to strike or hold in desperate times, I went with a red/yellow unit ID scheme. Each FW has a different combination of them on his right shoulder pad - 1st Squad having a red 1 over yellow (couldn't resist the Big Red One), 2nd having the pad halved red and yellow, third having a red hourglass shape with yellow on the sides, etc. Pathfinders have a quartered circle, red and yellow quarters, while the stealth suits have red/yellow hemispheres. Actually also have methods to denote Crisis teams and vehicles, but the topic is about infantry, so that's beside the point.

Really, how you do it depends mostly on why you're using the unit identifications. If it's merely for your use, and your army wouldn't care about them, then just do something on the base to help you figure out which ones go with which. If it's something that would be used internally with your army, then the right shoulders make good places to put the patch, although there are myriad other ways you could separate them.

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Default Re: Squad Identification

I had a similar difficult choice in how to mark squads.

I settled on coloring the top strip of their pulse rifles. You know, there is a long strip from the gunsight foreward to the little panel edge by the tip? Those are painted with somewhat bright colors by squad. Currently I have Red, Green, Grey, and White squads, and the little marks on the guns make them easy to keep straight, while all the firewarriors have a common color scheme, and yet still looks like a not too flarish marking on the austere Tau way (Tau dont approve of kill markers, or boastfull slogos on their equipment, it seems)

Thats how I did it.
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