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Battle report: Tau vs Tyranids 1500pts
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Default Battle report: Tau vs Tyranids 1500pts

Hello all, Got in two games this last weekend 26 Jan 08. This is the first time facing off against the Nids with my new Tau Army.

As I have my own Nid Army, I pretty much knew that this was going to have to be a standoff engagement for me, as I know how good they are at getting to and into CC. Just a quick note before getting started this list was designed for play against a SM army as they are the most common army played at our gaming shop, so on to the lists.

Army lists



Deathrains w/TA X 2
Burning Eye w/TA
Burning Eye w/TA

12 Fire Warriors w/Shas,ui w/ML-BK-HWTL and Warfish w/SMS-MT-TA
12 Fire Warriors w/Shas,ui w/ML-BK-HWTL and Warfish w/SMS-MT-TA
18 Kroot w/Shaper and 4 Kroot Hounds

Fast Attack
Piranha w/FB-TA
Piranha w/FB-TA

Heavy support
Hammerhead w/Ion Cannon-BC-MT-2 Seekers
Hammerhead w/Ion Cannon-BC-MT-2 Seekers


Tyrant w/2 TLD-Winged-Warp Field

Lictor X 3

10 Genestealers w/ EC-RC-ST
10 Genestealers w/ EC-RC-ST
20 Gaunts w/D and Endless Numbers

Fast Attack
Spore Mine Cluster w/Bio Spore X 3

Heavy Support
Carifex w/ES-TLDx2
Carifex w/ES-TLDx2
Zoanthrope X 3 1 w/Synapse - 2 w/Warp Blast


I let my opponent set up the entire table, he placed 4 major tree stands and no less then 10 rock formations, he was sure trying to setup terrain to block fire lanes. I really like it when they set up this way as it makes me have to really work to achieve a win.


I deployed a Hammerhead and Warfish on both flanks and deployed all Crisis Suits and Piranha’s and Kroot in the center of my deployment zone.

My opponent deployed in a tight formation in the middle of his deployment zone, the only things left where his Lictors and Spore Mine clusters. He would deep strike them later on.

Turn 1


He won the roll off and took the opportunity to advance the hoard towards my force’s that had deployed in the middle, as all his fire power was short ranged so he was unable to engage any of my army this turn.


Seeing that he had deployed everything in the middle and marched them straight down the middle this turn, I ran both Hammerheads up the flanks to gain a better firing position, and shifted the Warfish’s back towards the center to set up for a FOF on his Gaunts in a couple turns, also moved the Piranha’s to both flanks.

My shooting phase saw both Hammerheads engage HVT (High Value Targets) on the right flank I engaged a Carnifex caught out in the open and caused three wounds on it all from the ion, and on the left a Zoanthrope was engaged and toasted, my two Deathrains moved from behind cover and engaged the Genestealers running up the middle and three died from the missile salvo, as I had no other targets I conducted a tactical retreat with the Deathrains.

Notes: After my shooting phase ended, my opponent just could not believe his bad rolls on his saves, but I also stated I couldn’t believe that all three hits stuck on his Carnifex and the two wounds caused on the Zoanthrope w/synapse, so I just passed it on that the dice gods were good to me this turn.

Turn 2


My opponent rolled for his reserves and only managed to bring in the three Spore mines, once again he moved his forces forward toward my lines, and his winged Tyrant and his Genestealers would be in charge range next turn. Also the Gaunts moved to within charge range against the Kroot deployed behind one of the tree stands.

His Carnifex with one wound opened fire on the nearest Warfish but failed to damage it, and his two remaining Zoanthrope’s tried to Warp blast the other Warfish but failed to connect. The spore mines also failed to cause any damage against the Warfish.


I moved the Kroot forward into the woods intent on rapid firing on the Gaunts, I moved both Warfish and deployed both FW sqds in a bid to stop the advance of the Genestealers, the Piranha’s moved in on both Carnifex’s in an attempt to draw fire and keep them away from the Tau lines, both Hammerheads moved to gain LOS on the Tyrant, all my crisis suits jumped out from cover to also fire on the Tyrant.

The Warfish and FW fired everything they had into the advancing Genestealers, they managed to take one squad down to two Genestealers and four in the other, the combined firepower of the crisis suits managed to suck 2 wounds from the Tyrant and one Hammerhead managed at take one more from it, the Piranha’s failed to cause any wounds on the Carnifex’s, The other Hammerhead did not gain a shot at the Tyrant but was able to engage the Zoanthrope’s causing a wound on one, the Kroot rapid fired on the Gaunts and killed all but three of them.

Note: My opponent tactically had hoped that I would have killed all of the Gaunts, and he could have brought them back on during his next turn.

Turn 3

This is where the game took a strange turn.


Lictors all appear and deploy in three different location, two being within assault range of the crisis suits, and the other within a turn of getting into the fry with the FW‘s, both Carnifex’s moved closer to the Piranha’s, while the Tyrant and Zoanthrope’s both retreated towards his lines, the Genetealers moved forward towards the FW’s, The Gaunts failed their LD and moved toward the Tyrant.

Carnifex’s fire on both Piranha’s and destroy one and strip the FB from the other one, by moving his Zoanthrope’s he moved them out of range, the Genestealers fleeted towards the Fw’s then assault them, four Genestealers make it in but the other sqd with two Genestealers falls short because of a bad fleet roll.

Close combat see’s the second loss to my Tau with five dead FW’s, while not getting any wounds back on the Genestealers.

Two Lictors roll to jump out of cover to assault there intended targets but fail to make it into CC.

Note: At this point I asked why he retreated his Tyrant and Zoanthrope’s he said he was trying to deny me VP by moving them out of range.


I embarked the FW’s who were not locked into combat and withdraw them away from any unit that could make it into CC with them this turn and set up another FOF on any targets that remained, I also moved the other Warfish out of harms way from the Genestealers, Both Hammerheads moved to gain shoots at both Carnifex’s, I moved the Deathrains to engage the remaining members of the two Genestealers, the two Burning Eyes and Commander moved forward toward the Carnifex’s, the soul remaining Piranha dropped it’s Gun drones and then zoomed away to find a nice hiding spot for the rest of the game, the Kroot moved forward and right a bit to gain LOS to the Tyrant.

The Warfish less the FW’s sqd opens fire on the two remaining Genestealers and kill them both, this being done the Deathrains now have no targets and they now find and target one of the Lictors and it fails it’s cover saves and promptly dies, Gun Drones fire on the Carnifex with one wound remaining and it drops to the ground dead , now both Hammerheads are able to fire on and kill the remaining Carnifex, now the Commander and the Burning Eyes have to look for another target and find they are just in range of another Lictor which also promptly fails it’s cover save, the Kroot have half their number within rapid fire range so they fire 27 shoots into the Tyrant needing fours to hit then fives to wound and cause three wounds which the Tyrant makes two of but fails the third and slumps to the ground.

Note as my opponent only has Three gaunts - One Lictor - Four Genestealers - Two Zoanthrope’s of which one has one wound left he promptly concedes the game as ever thing he has remaining on the board is out of range or will be killed in the next shooting phase, so we call it game over.

Things learned:

1) Never under estimate combined fire power on single targets no matter the odds of killing it off.
2) Always deploy with deception in mind (Warfish on flanks)
3) When you think you don’t have shooting double check as something might just be in range.
4) Never leave home without taking your Kroot and Gun Drones as they just might win you a game.
5) Remember to bring a Cam to take photos to post with Battle Report.
6) Add TL lock to my Hammerheads and Drop Seekers.

Aside from that, it’s always nice to have the Dice Gods looking down on you.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Your army appears refreshingly different, which in itself is a god-send; it suggests you actually give a damn about something other than winning, and that alone speaks volumes.



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Default Re: Battle report: Tau vs Tyranids 1500pts

Nice write up. I bet your opponent almost fainted when the gun drones killed his Carnifex. I can't count the number of times my Kroot or gun drones were the MVP's for a game. A lot of people underestimate them.

For a further list change I would drop the marker lights and target lock from the Fire Warrior squads. If you keep them out of the Warfish in the first couple turns, I'd keep them, but markerlights are wasted in a mounted squad.
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Default Re: Battle report: Tau vs Tyranids 1500pts

Nice write up 88-2.
You've earned yourself a tasty Karma cookie.
Enjoy. ;D
Originally Posted by CmdrBonesaw
"Drop the shovel, and stand back from the keyboard!"

We have done the impossible... and that makes us mighty.
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Default Re: Battle report: Tau vs Tyranids 1500pts

Originally Posted by XV88-2 Pilot

4) Never leave home without taking your Kroot and Gun Drones as they just might win you a game.
I agree completely, every game I have played I contemplate using my Kroot even if there is no trees. While they have no save, they are a cheap Rapid Fire unit, 10 of them costs just a little over what it costs for 6 FW. I find it is tough on my opponent, they are an easy kill that they sometimes disregard them for later but when they are getting off 20 shots per shooting phase (assuming in RF range) they can lay down some punishment. I have been contemplating gun drones but Kroot seem to be working for me.
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