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Kroot Shaper
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Default Range???

What would the range be of the standard troopers guns in warhammer 40k??? e.g. A bolter with a range of 900 yards etc or a pulse rifle with a range of around 1200yards.
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Default Re: Range???

well, based on the height of the models (which are not always to scale)i think an inch corresponds to about six feet, so a bolter would have an effective range of about 48 yards and a pulse rifle would be about 60 yards.
that's basically how i understand it, but it could certainly be wrong. and even it i am right, scale is certainly not set (space marines are as tall as fire warriors in the models, even though marines are supposed to be a foot or so taller).
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Default Re: Range???

Weapon scale is actually about ten times model scale, with each inch representing about 20-25 metres of effective range.
eg: A Pulse Rifle has an effective range of 600-750 metres; A Bolter has an effective range of 480-600 metres.
Assault Weapons are about 30 metres per inch; Heavy weapons about 40-50 metres per inch; and Ordnance weapons about 50-70 metres per inch.
Further Examples:
A Burst Cannon has an effective range of 540 metres.
A Railgun has an effective range of 2880-3600 metres (2.8 to 3.6 km).
A Battlecannon has an effective range of 3600-5040 metres (3.6 to 5.0 km).
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