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Tell me what you think of a "horned " warfish
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Tell me what you think of a "horned " warfish

Should Warfish be allowed to sport burst cannons instead of SMS in addition to the center mounted burst cannon that it comes with ???? For a cost of +10 points (treating it just like a hammerhead) one could increase its fire by 2 shots , having a total of 9.

I would think that this would be advantageous for FOF players as the highpoint of their craft is practiced at the 12 inch range- well within the 18 inch range of the BC. Assuming that the Drone well or "horn " mounted Burst Canons were treated like those of the Hammerheads, they could fire 3 shots a piece. > ;D

Assuming that the 5 th ed. is still in a fluid state as it is not in print yet, would this be a worthy addition to the Devilfish profile? I implore the learned Ethereals , Shaso's and Shas'els to kindly please impart their wisdom to this thread for the greater good.

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tell me what you think of a "horned " warfish

I came up with something similar. I used your idea but gave the devilfish a turret with 2 burst cannons (counts as twin linked) giving the fish 12 shots but at a total price of 130 pts. Yes it's a good idea.
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Default Re: Tell me what you think of a "horned " warfish

I think its a little too good for its cost. As it stands right now a fully kit out warfish is 120 points, which while expensive is totally worthwhile. 7 Shots a turn is quite a lot from a transport. Also I find the extra range, and ability of the SMS to ignore LoS is incredibly valuable for turns when you don't want to expose yourself to enemy fire.
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Default Re: Tell me what you think of a "horned " warfish

I like the idea, but when the fifth edition is released I doubt they'll be updating our codex again. We just got updated and I don't think GW will be wasting resources like that.
Also I believe the new rule book will be designed so that you are able to use current codexes with it.
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Default Re: Tell me what you think of a "horned " warfish

Plus in 5th ed the defensive weapons criteria is strength 4 or less, so that will mean the warfish will only have offensive weaponry to fire. If I understand the new rules, if you want the 5+ save for moving over 6" you can only fire 1 offensive weapon rendering the other one useless. Oh well, that's what we get for having nice basic weaponry.
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