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Broadside in Mech Tau
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Broadside in Mech Tau

For my small 1000 pt army I've decided to use 2 Broadsides instead of a Hammerhead, as it gives me a wider range of shots and better 'give death' percentage in Mathhammer.

My question is, in a mobile Mech army, should you plant your Broadsides on the back line and pick things off (using the 3rd hardpoint for a TA), or do you give them the A.S.S. upgrade so they can bring up the rear guard and still be able to shoot, albeit not as accurately?
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Default Re: Broadside in Mech Tau

ASS will give you the ability to hide on the first turn, then walk out and shoot. Being able to avoid fire if you don't get the first turn is wonderful. The mobility also lets them avoid assault somewhat better and potentially claim objectives. I have found that I rarely need to move my broadsides much after the first turn, so don't be afraid to keep them in place.

The targeting array should be used if you are good at deploying your broadsides so you never have to move them during the game. There have been a number of games where I haven't moved my broadsides the entire game and been glad for the targeting array.

I had a very successful list with targeting array equipped broadsides, but I've recently been giving the ASS a second chance because the few times I actually need to move my broadsides, the game has been in the balance.
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Default Re: Broadside in Mech Tau

Look at it this way the base Broadside will hit with its rail gun 75% of the time because of the twin-link. The BS improved Broadside will hit 89% of the time. This means that there is a 14% difference in the hit rate. In other words you will average 1 extra hit in a 6 round game. That means that if you have to move your BS improved Broadside even once during the battle you have lost the advantage of the upgrade (in terms of hits) over the A.S.S.. They will now have the same statistical number of hits over the course of the game. If you have to move 2 or more times you would have been better off going with A.S.S. because it will now score more hits statistically speaking. What it boils down to is how confident are you that you will never have to move your Broadsides in the battle.

Me personally, I go with A.S.S. because I know that my buds will try to run them down at some point in the game. Besides 75% is pretty damn good - unless the dice gods hate you at the time.
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Default Re: Broadside in Mech Tau

Well it really isn't a Mech Tau army anymore if such an important segment of your army (ie your primary anti-tank unit) is such a slow (although powerful) unit. But really that's just a matter of terms rather than a comment on effectiveness.

My immediate response is to suggest A.S.S., since, assuming you've got an otherwise mobile list, the Broadsides will also need to be mobile to support the rest of your units. Not only that, T-L already nets you 1.5 str10 hits a turn, so TAs really shouldn't be necessary. Then again, if you really are running an otherwise mech list, you're probably going to find your Broadsides being outpaced and getting isolated very easily regardless of what put on them.

From what I see right now, I think my best general suggestion is that you try playing a full on Hybrid list and have something hang back and support those suits.

Have you posted your list on the Army List board? I think you'll get better advice if ppl can see the army you have.
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Default Re: Broadside in Mech Tau

xv88 will give you one performance.
Railhead will give you one performance.

Which performance do you need to win? Do you need to win? Does Mech Tau concept matter to you? how much?
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Old 24 Jan 2008, 17:59   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Broadside in Mech Tau

Originally Posted by Knight Actual
xv88 will give you one performance.
Railhead will give you one performance.

Which performance do you need to win? Do you need to win? Does Mech Tau concept matter to you? how much?
The MechTau concet as such matters nothing to me, nor should it to anyone else. The fun matters to me. We`re talking about a game, and you can use in your army everything you want. I`m fielding a mostly Mech army, but with Kroot and 2 Broadsides. I consider myself still to be a Mech player - not pure, but mostly. Other people might deny me this title.

Just adding Broadsides to a Mech army doesn`t make you a "bad" Tau player, nor does it make your army less "leet" than a pure Mech army.

In the end, it is important that you enjoy your army, and that your opponent enjoys playing against it, as well.

As for the Broadsides, I`m running a duo with ASS and a Teamleader with two Shield Drones. They`re alright, though their accuracy is often lacking...

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Default Re: Broadside in Mech Tau

I prefer to use A.S.S. and hide my broadsides first-turn. Of course, 2 Shield Drones from the Team Leader also helps. However, a Shield Drones on each model will make for a very hard nut to crack(especially if you can get it into a spot where it can see almost all vehicles). But IMO the Shield-Generator comes in a close second because falling back allows the use of A.S.S. which in turn means you get to control how far you fall back(generally, stay about 7-10" back, and you'll be good if they decide to run. If you want accuracy, use some Markerlights(IMO, go with Remoras)

I usually put mine in the back-field, and leave them there. They'll move maybe 8" from where they start the entire game. No need to have them run up(though if you're playing quarters, or have an objective close to your deployment zone, they can be nice for last-minute objective taking.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Broadside in Mech Tau

Originally Posted by Floobosaurus
Have you posted your list on the Army List board? I think you'll get better advice if ppl can see the army you have.
It's funny you should say that. I have posted it (and several others) and have been disappointed with the lack of commetns or interest in giving advice .

In a nutshell I've got:

Fireknife HQ

2 Monat Fireknives for Elite

2x 12 FW squad w/ Devilfish + DL

Gun Drone Squad & FB Piranha for Fast Attack

And was toying between a Railhead or 2 Broadsides ... hence the reason behind this thread.

I've got about 3 weeks left before I make a 1000 pt list for an upcoming tournament and have been trying out several tactics to use in said tournament. This is my first attempt at 'Mech' Tau.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Broadside in Mech Tau

Personnally, I stick 2 broadsides down with niether upgrade, as I find both unessessary. In a six turn game D6" a turn isn't going to get you places, and a 70% shot avarage is good enough. I do however, intentionally leave my broadsides sitting ducks (often with a firewarrior team as backup fire support) to draw the enemy to them, and then cut them to ribbons with smart missles and pulse rifle fire, all the while swamping any stragglers with my crisis suits. While this technically speaking isn't a mech army, I find that with plenty of crisis suits, it looks the part. I would definetly choose broadsides over a hammerhead, because although you sacrifice speed and manouverbility, you're getting twice the guns and forcing the enemy to kill two instead of one. I suppose that it depends on you're play style though. If you want to move fast choose a hammer, if you want you're fast stuff to survive past turn three, choose broadsides.
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Default Re: Broadside in Mech Tau

A pure mech-tau force will not have any broadsides in it, which is why I won't play pure mech-tau. I use a full team of broadsides with 2 shield drones in most of my list, then I give the hammerhead an ion cannon. Even though a railhead is more mobile than a broadside team, I prefer the broadsides for tank-killing duties. Even with TA, the hammerhead's one shot is going to miss fairly often (usually when you really need it), and one lucky shot will take down a hammerhead.

Another option for configuring the broadsides is multi-tracker and plasma rifles. I don't end up using it very often, but it seems like an excellent compromise between firepower and mobility. You've got the extra firepower of plasma rifles that you can add to your railgun shots: decent against vehicles, excellent against Terminators and similar. If you need to move, which my broadsides don't very often, you can still fire the plasma rifles. Also, I find the point cost for plasma's that way far less painful then putting them on crisis suits.

Proper deployment is very important with broadsides, though. Even at their fastest they're not very mobile, so make them the last of your heavy support deployments. You want your opponent to put down his big iron first, then you put the broadsides where they have a good shot at it. You want the first round or two of fire from the broadsides to count, because they're a big target and likely to be in assault by turn 3.
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