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Hammerhead, BC or SMS??
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Default Hammerhead, BC or SMS??

Im currently working on a list for a few games I'm having with my mates (mainly SM and CSM), i was wondering what people use on their Hammerheads as a second weapon choice. The Burst cannon or SMS?? At the moment I have the Hammerheads configured both with Railguns.
I'd like to know peoples experiences with the different configurations of the Hammerhead. Rail + SMS or BC, and Ion + SMS or BC.


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Default Re: Hammerhead, BC or SMS??

Well, I have tried all the combinations before and these are what I think of them;

Railgun with SMS: Optimizing upon long-range firepower with the ability to fire upon another unit without the need for Line of sight is a nice thing indeed.

Railgun with Burst Cannon: when used with the Submunitions, it is a nasty tank indeed. In addition, it can fire to several targets at once, which makes things really funky. However, you need line of sight to use all its weapons. I used to use it, but finally decided to use the Railhead with a SMS instead.

Ion Cannon with Burst cannon: The number of shots from this thing is astounding, but it is more of a line-breaker tank, with a heavy emphasis upon killing light vehicles and infantry. I tend to use it as the spearhead of my Mech force with at least two of my devilfishes.

Ion Cannon: Quite similiar to the Burst cannon variant, only less shots. However it can fire its SMS without the need of LoS, which makes thing quite interesting. However I do not play this thank because I like the Ion/BC combo better.

In my opinion, I say if you are using Railheads go with the SMS while for the Ionhead, go with the Burst cannon.
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Default Re: Hammerhead, BC or SMS??

I run my HH with BC's, it's cheaper, and you get more "dakka". SMS is good fore better range, and maybe shooting things out of LOS, but if your going to do that, you might as well take a TL too, and IMO that's just adding up too much stuff.
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Default Re: Hammerhead, BC or SMS??

Cheers guys for the advice. Im thinking of running a Ionhead + BC and a Railhead + SMS for my first game to see how I go.
Im going with the Railhead + SMS due to the fact i can hide behind a building/terrain and still shoot. And the Ionhead will be there for pure annoyance.
Also i think one of my mates has a Land Raider so im going to have to get a Railhead in the list.

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Default Re: Hammerhead, BC or SMS??

If you are worried about a Landraider get a pair of Broadsides instead of a Hammerhead. They down tanks with much more efficiency.
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Default Re: Hammerhead, BC or SMS??

I always run with the SMS because I don't want to get that close to my enemy. An 18 inch range means that if there is a melta in the squad they will be able to shoot you with it. With a SMS, I can comfortably stay out of range and still shoot them with 4 5/5 shots.
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