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mystery caste
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Default mystery caste

there is a picture on page 23 of the tau empire codex that shows a different caste symbol than any of the standard five castes. The guy is standing to the right of the "view station", he has a high collar and what appears to be a 6 sided caste symbol on his robes. Can anybody shed some light on this?
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Default Re: mystery caste

It's an Ethereal; the six-sided caste symbol looks like it's merely a hexagon with what appears to be either the T'au sept symbol, or just the Ethereal caste symbol. The Ethereal caste symbol as shown on page 9 seems to be a pentagon, but perhaps it's just an error on the artist's part.
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Default Re: mystery caste

It's a Sept symbol, not a Caste symbol. It appears to just be a grouping of Tau from different Septs to me.

But I'm not big on Tau fluff, so if I'm wrong then please correct me.
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Default Re: mystery caste

It looks like the same symbol as what aun'shi has on him :P

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