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Good Shas'O Config
Old 18 Jan 2008, 21:09   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Good Shas'O Config

I'm putting together a 1000 Hybrid Static list and I can't decide on a Shas'O configuration that I like.

I have a Stealth team of 3, 2 Fireknifes, 18 FW, a Patherfinder Squad w/ Rail Rifles, 2 Braodsides and a Sniper Team ...

What Shas'O configuration would best compliment that?

I have exactly 115 left for this guy, so:

Aurora - CIB, Plasma, MT (115)
Deathrain - TL MP, Drone Controller + 2 Gun Drones (113)
Helios - FB, Plasma, MT (112)
Suntorch - Flamer, Plasma, MT (104)

or just a Fireknife Config (which would be my default)

Thoughts, Suggestions?
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Old 18 Jan 2008, 21:56   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Good Shas'O Config

make it a shasel

shasel+targetarray+mtrk+plasma+msl pod = approx100pts of BS5 goodness
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Old 18 Jan 2008, 22:03   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Good Shas'O Config

Deathrain with 1 Shield Drone instead of 2 Gun Drones, Hard Wired Drone Controller, and add a Flamer or a Target Lock on the hard-point.

Or just regular Deathrain with Targetting Array.
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Old 19 Jan 2008, 01:18   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Good Shas'O Config

Really? My Shas'el is always a Fireknife, or some config involving Plasma. Deathrains it seems are more suited for Elite XV-8s, the TL makes up for their lack of BS4. I've never heard of a Shas'el being a Deathrain, he'd be the bane of light armor but then where's your reliable source of AP2? Trusting that to regular XV-8 teams? nothx.
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Old 19 Jan 2008, 03:00   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Good Shas'O Config

Jormungard your idea is short a drone.

I usually go Shas'el with PR, MP, and TA with a hardwired MT.
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Default Re: Good Shas'O Config

My usual commander config is a helios shas'el with targeting array and usually one drone. Since the rest of the army is weak on mobile AP2, he fills that hole nicely.
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Old 19 Jan 2008, 05:45   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Good Shas'O Config

While I usually stick with a Fireknife 'El (Plas/Missile/TA/HW Multi - Great config on an 'el, plenty reliable.), the Aurora can kick some D'yi as well.

I'd go with a Fireknife 'El if I were in your situation, but if you're stubborn on taking an 'O, like I said, the Aurora can be quite fun, if only due to the quasi-randomness of the CiB. I've had multiple situations where I've killed 6-7 Guardsmen in shooting only to charge the squad and finish them off.

Looking over your list, the Aurora 'O actually may be a superior choice, as you have plenty of Anti Tank (broadsides) and ap3/2 (broads again, snipers, pathfinders w/rail, other fireknives.). That being said, a sizable group of Fireknives can do some serious damage to pretty much anyone who crosses their path.
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