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Get yer marker lights
Old 16 Jan 2008, 16:40   #1 (permalink)
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Default Get yer marker lights

Where do you get them from in your lists? Do you use them at all? What's your favorite flavor?

I'm a fan of the good old pathfinder team myself - lots of lights for cheap - too bad you can network markerlight those shots eh? - the guided deepstrike devilfish is also nice for my suicide tank busta
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Default Re: Get yer marker lights

I have two pathfinderteams in my list, as well as a sky ray... Thats in my 3000p list. If i expand on it, i will have a tetra team and a remora team extra, plus maybe a tigershark with one...
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Default Re: Get yer marker lights

Honestly, I'd rather use Tetras. Right now, I put them on my shas'ui and play pretty static.
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Default Re: Get yer marker lights

@ 500 points - 2x Sniper Drone Teams

@ 1000 points - 6x Pathfinders w/Shas'ui + 3x Sniper Drone Teams

@ 1250+ points - 8x Pathfinders w/Shas'ui + 3x Sniper Drone Teams

Once I'm into games greater than 1500 points I will look at Markerlights on Fire Warrior Shas'uis and Stealth Marker Teams.

I am a firm believer of markerlight support for my army. They help too much to ignore the benefits.
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Old 16 Jan 2008, 18:36   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Get yer marker lights

I love my marker lights too - if nothing then just for the stompiness factor when i lay down the law with plasma/fusion trio xv8 team on some termie dyi.
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Default Re: Get yer marker lights

Man I need the Tau codex- I only have the old one. Back then they only guided seeker missiles. :'(
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Default Re: Get yer marker lights

I get mine from Sniper Drones, and if I played higher than 1.5k, I'd probably throw in some StealthFinders before Pathfinders. But for now, I'm more than happy with my Sniper Drones.
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Default Re: Get yer marker lights

Tetras for me. Most economical way to get a pair of markers into a small army, and in larger games I have 4 tetras and a pathfinder team.
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Default Re: Get yer marker lights

Well, one way to look at it is to ignore the actual unfavorable point cost of marker drones, and see them in other terms, to see how much better they look that way. So, with that, follow me on this:

12 firewarriors is the max.

To get any markerlights added you need a Shas'Ui, so no matter what the 'ui is included

Might as well give the 'Ui a markerlight, eh? Whjile your at it, give him a HW target lock, for kicks. So the unit stands as:

11 firewarriors
1 shas'ui, markerlight, HWTL

This unit costs X. From now on we will never get any cheaper or more expensive than this cost of X. So once you pay for it, its paid for. And you dont have to sweat the points cost anymore, Ya?

Now, a HW drone controller is free, so its a direct swap: 3 firewarriors for 1 marker drone. Same price.

So, you could go half way...

8 Firewarriors
1 shas'ui, markerlight, HWTL
1 marker drone

.. for the same price- but now the 8 firewarriors are basically meat shields, as now the unit will stand and markerlight mostly from now on, right? So do you really need 8 extra wounds? You still have enough numbers to squeeze 1 more marker drone out, and still hav a legal (min) number of firewarriors, and a near half dozen extra wounds to boot!

5 Firewarriors
1 shas'ui, markerlight, HWTL
2 marker drones

This final modification to the Basic unit now has 3 markerlights, that can be split up to two different targets (the reason for the TL)

And keep in mind... it costs exactly the same as a vanilla 12 man unit points wise! Isnt that a neat way to look at the cost of a 30 point upgrade to make it look much more reasonable and palatable? It takes this sort of mental somersaults to shake of the paradigm that 30 points is a lot of points.. which most people who think about taking them get stuck on.

You really just have to look at it the right way. Does it make sense to have 2 markerdrones and 12 firewarriors, in the first place? No! Not really. The huge footprint will mean that they wont benefit from cover as well, and will be in LOS to heavy bolters more often, and so on. If theyre going to stay in cover and markerlight all game, wouldnt a small unit be favorable in the first place? ;D

Now that you are familiar with the Mental Somersaults to shake off the high priced notion, lets look at the other option: Stealth Suits.

Start with a max unit of 6, or.. even 5. Give the 'Ui his markerlight, same as the Firewarrior setup, then commit to the points cost, and feel comfortable with paying for it.

.. and then simply direct swap 1 stealth suit for 1 marker drone, and the drones expensive cost is 'already paid for'!

You'll end up with a smaller set of 3 suits, and three markerlights.. all Stealthed. That CAN markerfire, then jetpack move in the assault phase to keep semi mobile and markerlighting. Not bad at all for 'not costing you a thing'

In the end, what it really costs you is numbers. The trick is to not let those missing numbers actually BE the important guns that will be benefitting from the markerlight help to make up for those lower numbers. This is why losing a few pulse rifles, or a single burst cannon mitigates the loss the most, and is the most appealing. [more appealing than trading a hammerhead for a sniper team, for example- thats a huge loss of 'important guns'] A further complication is that you cant go skimpy with markerlight numbers... there is a certain minimal number that you have to field for there to actually be a noticeable benefit to your fighting force [my personal number is 7-9 total- for 1850pts]. But if you strike the right balance [which takes study and testing], you may find that the markerlight benefits actually more than make up the difference in numbers that you gave up!

We know conclude our markerlight pep-talk. Now get out there, and light em up!! ;D
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Default Re: Get yer marker lights

I get them from a static FW team and Sniper Drones

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