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Mobile Khorne forces
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Default Mobile Khorne forces

I have been regularly mopping the floor with my most common opponent who plays chaos, more specificly, a Khorne army. He had never played Tau before me so he was quite unprepared for it. His stratagies currently are mostly just using cover to try to get his forces in melee range of mine. Most of the terrain we use is pretty fair in the way of cover so I cant shoot at him for long, but the 1 or 2 shooting phases I get to shoot at him are usually where he loses most of his men and rarely gets anyone in close combat, and when he does, I usually space my men out so he cannot consolidate right into the next group. Meaning once he kills one squad, they are almost immediately mowed down by sniper drones, crisis suits with plasma rifles, Broadsides etc. We came up with a campaign to play. I am currently undefeated in that campaign and he is basically going to redo his whole army. He plans to get lots of rhinos, fill them berzerkers, get raptors, get a daemon prince with wings and a land raider to get his Terminator lord in melee range. I fear this swift retribution, and am wondering what I should do to counter this?

My thoughts so far on how to counter it is basically this. If he is going to get fast, I need to be faster. Put my fire warriors in devilfish, get pirahnas, get crisis suits with fusion blaster and missile pod for deep striking behind his vehicles and a Hammerhead for added speed and fire power.

Your thoughts?
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Default Re: Mobile Khorne forces

I play a similar styled opponent(but space wolves). My heavies against him is usually 2 railheads, 1 ion head ( note this is for more closed in tables, cities and what not) or 2 ion heads and a squad of 2 broadsides. I've also used piranhas with FB and a seeker missile. As for tactics use the rails guns on the LR make sure to get at least some marker lights off on the rhinos and missile em back to where they came from. Also make sure to hit the vehicles first in your turn(any pen. hit makes them all bail out and are entangled for a turn). I usually keep my FWs in the devilfish until they able to get the shots off for sure(he also uses a whirlwind for me and on more than one occasion obliterates a squad). As for crisis suits i give them plasma, and leave the infiltrated stealth teams with FB to take care and stall him for another turn while the rail guns "get'r done".

* if you're tight on points i've used Burst cannons aswell making him take alot of saves is just as effictive as instant death*

happy hunting.
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Default Re: Mobile Khorne forces

I have a friend who plays a Chaos army (often with a Khorne emphasis) as well.

Ironically, I deal with him by slowing down. I make sure to have a good static fire base of Broadsides and Sniper Teams (usually just one of each team, with a Kroot unit to counter-charge), which acts like bait to his Raptors and winged lord, allowing me to move in my more mobile troops and finish them off with flanking manoeuvres. My Devilfish does NOT unload its cargo of Fire Warriors until these fast units have been destroyed. They are your top priority, especially the Raptors, which are absolutely deadly to Tau.

I'm sure completely mechanizing your army would do okay too... It's just that you might be in trouble if he backs your suits into a corner while you're running backwards from the speedy units. Make sure that doesn't happen!
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Default Re: Mobile Khorne forces

The only Khorne army in my store is a Mech Khorne army. Suffice to say that means lots of Predators, Rhinos, and Daemon Princes with a touch of Chaos Dreadnoughts and a squad of Chosens with a Lascannon.

What I generally do is to basically hunt down the most easiest thing to pop first, which often means the Rhinos. Then I will go and kill the Daemon Princes, and last but not least the other vehicles and other units. My match against the player general ends into a tie or a small win on either one of us, for we lve to use our terrain to our advantage.

You do not necessary need to go faster, but it helps. What matters is that you kill his fast units fast and hard.
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