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a big day for the Lar'gal sept
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Kroot Shaper
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Default a big day for the Lar'gal sept

so today is a big day and im super excited about it. I will be fielding the biggest army in my gaming history (2k ;D) for an apocalypse league at a local game shop (2 players playing 2 other players). i am hoping to show others the mighty power of the Tau. wish me luck friends!

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Default Re: a big day for the Lar'gal sept

Bon chance!! Mind you it's probably bad luck to wish you good luck in French. And remember- Shas'O's can beat choas princes in close combat if you soften em up enough first with a fusion blaster. I did.
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Default Re: a big day for the Lar'gal sept

Good luck! Try the disruption beacon strategem thing, they will probably try Flank March against the Tau...

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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: a big day for the Lar'gal sept

Man o man, I hope 2 more people show up so we can play a league game and not just beat on each other with our Tau....that would be much less fun. Anyway, see ya laters.
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