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The Next Crusade
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Default The Next Crusade

Greetings fellow commanders of honourable septs all around our empire!!!

If GW where to launch a new global campaign this summer, what would you like to see? What suggestions you have for organizing the presence of the entire forum as aforce? What could improve the performance of the Tau in the 40K universe?

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Default Re: The Next Crusade

Last time around TO did a heck of a job organizing us. They set up a separate board that provided private boards for different races.

As I hear it, at least in the US, GW is running an Apocalypse Campaign in the stores. It's called "Lucky 13th" I think. So the story will probably be all in the hands of GW.
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Default Re: The Next Crusade

And here we go. The Lucky 13s it is.
Originally Posted by Col.Angus
I picture the Ethereal looking out the window of the Devilfish from his seat: "Hey this isn't the way to Applebee's?! Where are you guys taking...Aw man, a battle?! Aw, you guys are total dicks, I swear! I'm still wearing my bathrobe! Can I at least have a gun? What do you mean you don't have any extra? What should I do, hit Khorne Berzerkers with my symbol of office? Man, you're gonna be sorry if I die... dicks."
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Default Re: The Next Crusade

IŽd suggest first of all allocations of our troops within the Empire.

I have (not so well) re drawn the map on the first tau dex with the new regions specified as third phase colonies (I know theyŽre 3-5 missing) in the empire dex...

so feel free to download it to point where is the allocation of your forces and then upload it with the pertinent info (at your discretion) of your cadre or force (ie. mechanised runŽal)...

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