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hammer tactic
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Kroot Warrior
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Default hammer tactic

Hey! I'm new here, this looks like a splendid site for tau players. I just started to collect tau and I think I figured out a tactic that I was going to try with my soon battle ready army. I call it the hammer tactic. You start up with a line of two fw squads and three broadsides behind as a static ground firebase. Then you got two teams of pathfinders that will speed down and flank the enemy from both sides. These two teams are supported by one fw squad each in devilfish and some extra power like crisis ore stealthteam. Then you start to send seeker missiles and shout with evething you got. meanwile you got two hammerheads lurking around and fire at anything big and noisy like enemy tanks.
Then you got two flank groups that is very mobile and you got a great static defens. Now I'm wondering if this sound like madness or if it just might work?
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Default Re: hammer tactic

its a decent tactic, and I'm not going to make a vlaue judgement yet but its very expensive and relies on expensive units of PF and FoF as MBU, I'm more of a refused flank man myself.

this looks like your giving your opponent the opportunity to go for onr flank or the other, waht happens if he pulls up and runs all his army onto the left fork, the right one is out of position, and needs a turn to reposition, I'm more of a proactive person so it looks risky as your allowing the opponent to dictate the course of battle.
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Default Re: hammer tactic

I think it could work, but seperating your forces into three segments generally just makes it easier for a well situated enemy to just focus 1/3rd of your army off the board, segment at a time. I think this kind of tactic would be very situational and dependent on terrain and the enemy race you're facing. Perhaps if you can go deeper into it, we can figure out a bit more?
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Default Re: hammer tactic

You'd have to pick targets carefullt, and PFs are quite expensive.

What armies do you normally face? Could you type up you list so we could take a look? Thos things make a difference in evaluating the tactic.
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Default Re: hammer tactic

i dont like it too much, as your troops and suits may soon succumb to tank blasts and ordinance weapons.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: hammer tactic

Yes I know its kind of risky, but perhaps you could make out variants of this tactic. and as you say, its likely that the opponent just go for one of the two flanks. But I think that is good, because then the 2/3 of my army could just shout out them while there are moving to one of my flanks. But I also know that this tactic only could work against some army's and u would need an open battleground.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: hammer tactic

My opponents are most often marines and tyranids
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: hammer tactic

I know its very risky, but if the opponent are foucused on one of my flanks I got 2/3 of my army shooting at his advancing forces. And if my 2/3 has know line of sight I'm going for seeker missiles from hammerheads and then move my other flank to complete the hammer. I coming from behind his force that is advancing towards one of my flanks. Then I got him trapped i a crossfire and seeker missile rain.
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Default Re: hammer tactic

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