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Tau Pulse Weapon Change Poll
View Poll Results: Which change would you prefer, or use more?
Pulse Rifle: Heavy 1 2 1.79%
Pulse Carbine: S4A, Assault 2, no pinning 25 22.32%
Tau Weapons are fine as-is. 85 75.89%
Voters: 112. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Tau Pulse Weapon Change Poll

Which would you guys prefer, or find yourselves using more often in games you play? All other stats are held equal to what they are now, unless otherwise stated above. This included Fire Warrior statline and Gun Drones.

Edit: Whoops, there should be a third option: "Tau weapons are fine as-is" but I guess it didn't go through(read: I forgot to put it in before hitting the button :)

Fixed. - Khanaris
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Default Re: Tau Pulse Weapon Change Poll

I think this poll is a bust since the option I wanted to select wasn't available :P
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Default Re: Tau Pulse Weapon Change Poll

Polls can always be edited after they are created. If you forgot an option or want to propose one, please feel free to send a mod a PM about it. I do not recall if you can still edit your own polls or not as a member.

I can't think of any reason why the Pulse Rifle would need to be weakened by making it Heavy. I suppose if you raised basic Fire Warrior BS to 4 or halved their cost. Otherwise, it would force Tau to play in a static fashion like Imperial Guard, and they are currently not balanced to survive that.

The Pulse Carbine does need an update, but I am having trouble figuring out how to make it viable against the Pulse Rifle. It would really require a change in how pinning works, since decreasing its strength would mean that players are even less likely to use it. I also wouldn't want to give it the same statline as a Dire Avenger Pulse Carbine, as that is part of what makes that unit special.

So no, I wouldn't prefer either, and I am not sure they would even work with the current list.
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Default Re: Tau Pulse Weapon Change Poll

I say fine as it, but then the carbine is a bit weak compared to the rifle. The assault 2 is tempting, but I kind of like the pinning ability (even though it's useless most of the time).
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Default Re: Tau Pulse Weapon Change Poll

Why would the carbine lose power? It still uses the exact same ammunition as the pulse rifle, it's just not as accurate at range.

Additionally, there's no benefit to be gained by just making the pulse rifle a heavy weapon.

A better (And personally, more interesting : ) topic for discussion would be changes for the krootoxen and the kroot gun:
Assault 2 at 24"?
Assault 1 at 48"?
Heavy 2 at 48"?
Or leave as is...
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Default Re: Tau Pulse Weapon Change Poll

I personally think the pulse carbine should be assault 2 and leave the rest as it is. The only downside is that it will make even more lethal (downside from the non Tau player perspective) but it would give a reason to outfit your more mobile teams with carbines and the more static ones with rifles for the increased range.
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Default Re: Tau Pulse Weapon Change Poll

Assualt 2, Str 5, Pinning.

That's what I want for the pulse carbine.
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Default Re: Tau Pulse Weapon Change Poll

The pulse gun is fine as it is - its not god like, but it perfectly offsets the weakness of combat, without removing the weakness.

Short of them changing the entire game to "movie" style (they seemed content to only let marines get that :) then I'm fine with what it is at the moment.

Of course, an Assault 2 carbine would make FoF even nastier than it is now, and easier and safer to pull off....
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Default Re: Tau Pulse Weapon Change Poll

the obvious problem is that a pulse rifle that is "heavy" couldn't FoF.

Besides I don't think there should be troops choice that completely has heavy weapons.
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Default Re: Tau Pulse Weapon Change Poll

Whats strength '4a'?
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