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2000 Point Tau WIP
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Default 2000 Point Tau WIP

First off to the moderators if there is a more appropriate place for this thread I apologize.

OK so I've decided to do a post about my current army as it develops since I won't have inspiration to keep painting if I don't :P

OK so without further adieu I present to you my 1000 point list which is almost complete. Below it I'll post what I plan to add to increase the list to 1500 points then 2000.

Shas'el : MP, PR, TA, HWMT 97pts

1 Crisis: PR, MP, MT 62 pts
1 Crisis: PR, MP, MT 62 pts
4 Stealth 120 pts

9 Firewarriors: Shas'ui 100
9 Firewarriors: Shas'ui 100

Fast Attack
8 Pathfinders: Shas'ui with HW BSF, 'Fish with DL 194 pts

Heavy Support
Railhead: SMS, DL, MT, TL, BSF 183pts
1 Sniper Drone Team 80pts

Expanding to 1500 Points I would Like to add:
Targeting arrays to my Stealth Suits.
6 more firewarriors
2 more Crisis to make teams of 2
1 more shas'el similarly Configured.
1 more sniper drone team
1 Team of 8 drones

And my final 2000 point list only then requires:
1 more Railhead
1 more sniper team
1 12 man firewarrior squad with 'Fish
and some team leader upgrades for my crisis teams

The main colours I'm going to use are a dark grey and shadow grey for the armor, codex grey for the cloth, markings in white and weapons and accents in snot green / goblin green mix

OK so thats what I've started from and as of right now I have painted:
2 Crisis
4 Stealth
7 Firewarriors fully painted, 12 half painted
Pathfinders and their 'Fish
Sniper Drone Team

Pictures will follow as soon as I can find the software for my camera.

This week my plan is to get the pictures and everything ready to go.

Next week my plan is to completely paint the railhead and finish my firewarriors.

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Default Re: 2000 Point Tau WIP

The list looks pretty good. Though, you should have posted this in the Army List secion here.

I would sugest, however, taking Targeting Arrays instead of Locks on your Stealth Suits. Having them being able to hit more of their shots is better than picking different targets for each one. You'd have to get rid of 2 Fire Warriors for this (From your 9-man teams), but it's worth it.
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Default Re: 2000 Point Tau WIP

Ah right thanks my mistake It was actually Targeting arrays that are added. but not until 1500 points.

below are the images of whats currently painted:

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Default Re: 2000 Point Tau WIP

I don't mean to sound critical but that green is overwhelming. It seems very out-of-place and quite frankly, the only thing you end up seeing on the model is the gun because of the stark contrast it creates with the rest of the model. The gun is a bright, neon green where everything else is grey and white.

It's your army though. As far as the list goes, I can't really help. My Tau are pure Mech, so things like only having 1 devilfish and using sniper drones are just not my style and not something I can comment on. It may work well, but I wouldn't know.
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