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First Tau Battle Report
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Kroot Shaper
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Default First Tau Battle Report

If I've put this in the wrong place, either delete or move it please and thank you.

Well last night saw my first Tau (and 40K) game ever. It was not pretty.

Squished Tau - Tau vs. Orks 500 pts.

My Tau Force -

HQ - Deathrain
Elites - Helios & Steath Team (3)
Troops - 2x FW Squad of 8, bonded w/ leader
Heavy Support - Sniper Drone Team

MY Opponents Orks -

2 Squads of (w/o counting) 30 Orks
1 Nob per Squad
1 Psyker

Game - Cleanse
Layout -

| | |
| Q3 | Q4 |
|______|_______| <--- [Just for reference, North is up]
| | |
| Q1 | Q2 |

Q1 - Opened roofed, 1 tier, 8x8 building w/ access to SW corner
Q1/Q2 Border - Ancient ruins
Q2 - Hollowed out warehouse, 3 tiered
Q2/Q4 border - fiery crater
Q3 - Ruined apartment complex, 3 tiered
Q3/Q4 border - crater
Q4 - Ruined building, 5 tiered

Deployment -

Tau - Q1
Orks - Q4

This was my first mistake, as I knew it would be. He got to deploy first, putting 1 of his large groups of Orks in the southern part of Q4. I deployed my Sniper Drone team in the windows of the open roofed building in Q1. He dropped his 2nd group in the western part of Q4. I put my 1st squad o FWs in the Ancient Ruins. He put his Psyker in the first group of Orks. I put my 2nd FW group on the northside of the open-roofed building, Then my Stealth Team behind the Ancient Ruins, my Helios inside the open-roofed building and my HQ Deathrain behind it.

Turn 1 - Orks

Soutern Ork Squad moves south through fiery crater, movement reduced to 4. Weatern Squad moves towards ruined Apt. complex to make sweeping flank on FWs. Psyker channels Warp energy, but effects are non-beneficial. Shooting phase sees 2 dead FWs within Ancient ruins.

Turn 1 - Tau

Stealth Team jumps towards hollowed warehouse, Deathrain and Helios both jump out from cover. Sniper team lights up both Ork units with marker lights but fails to hit anything with rail rifle. FW team 1 shoots southern Orks, but miss. Deathrain fires 2 missles and successfully obliterates 1 Ork. FW squad 2 has no LOS on western Ork squad. Helios fires Plasma rifle at Orks, hits but does not wound the Orks. Stealth team moves closer to warehouse, and XV8s jump back into cover.

Turn 2 - Orks

Southern team continue through crater, but only move 3. Western sqaud peak around apartment building corner. Psyker reaches into the warp again, this time coming up with a mind blast that sees 2 more dead FW in the Ancient ruins. The FWs, being bonded, fail their panic test and run out of cover. All other shooting turn up no Tau casualties.

Turn 2 - Tau (out come the mistakes)

Stealth team jump towards massive Ork squad 1, XV8s jump out of cover again, northern FW squad move towards apartment complex. Shooting. 1 markerlight hit, 2 misses. 2 Dead Orks from Missle pods, and misses or saved wounds everywhere else. Assault phases sees the stealth team moving closer to the Orks and 1 XV 8 suit staying in the open.

Turn 3 - Orks

Ork squads move closer to Fw squads. WAAAAAAAAGHHH! Unexpected movement during shooting phase sees Stealth Team and FW squad 1 obliterated. Psyker the proceeds to ZAP! my XV8 Helios into oblivion.

Turn 3 - Tau

Sniper Team, again misses all 3 shots. Deathrain kills 2 Orks. The remaining FW squad is now in Rapid Fire range and unloads 16 shots, does 7 hits, and 4 wounds ... not enough to prevent a charge next turn.

After that ... the FW squad got charged, lost combat and fled off the table. It was a Slaughter to say the least. But I learned a lot of things from my many, many mistakes.

I think I need to play a larger game to get a better feeling for my Tau army, then after several battles, I should be more capable to play smaller scale games.
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Default Re: First Tau Battle Report

Lord Roke,

I would say to you stay at the lower end until you have mastered the game, as adding more points to your army may frustrate you more, with more mistakes possible at a higher points value and cast doubt upon yourself in the very beginning of your playing.

The thing I would consider would change how you deploy your small force, maybe keep the two FW Sqds closer together and concentrate all fire on one Sqd first, add use another force to delay other targets while you eliminate the first one.

Say use the Sniper team to slowly degrade the second unit, while all others pound the priority unit (closest to you) thus you wipe one out then shift fire to to second unit that should have taken wounds from the snipers.

Next consider changing weapons your XV8 two TLMP or to TLPR, keep both of them the same based on the enemy you are facing.

Keep your head up as there is always the next battle to further the Greater Good.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Your army appears refreshingly different, which in itself is a god-send; it suggests you actually give a damn about something other than winning, and that alone speaks volumes.



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Default Re: First Tau Battle Report

I could tell from your list that you were going to have a very hard time against an Ork horde army. If you want help making an anti-Ork list I can help you there. Some people don't like to tailor lists, but I bring the best list I can to a fight. No sense in you being at a huge disadvantage before the game even starts.

Like Pilot suggested, I would not go into higher point games until you master the basics. Things like list building, coordinating fire, and deployment. If you jump right to 1500 points, you'll have too many units to keep track of, and will likely get more frustrated.
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