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[BatRep] Take & Hold, Tau vs Necrons, 1400
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Default [BatRep] Take & Hold, Tau vs Necrons, 1400

Played my first game against Aaron's Necrons this weekend, We played a Take & Hold Omega level with table quarter setup, being my first game against Necrons I was prepared to suffer my first defeat as a Tau player (from all the hype I've seen on here about how tough they are) .

Table terrain saw 1 large building in my deployment zone with a small wall on my far right (Q2). Directly to my front saw a large tree stand close to the objective and a small building (Q4).
On the left table quarter a large tree stand and a small building (Q1) right next to the take and hold objective.
His deployment zone saw a large tree stand and another med sized building (Q3).

Tau Forces

Shas'el XV84 w/TLPR/TA
2 Monat Deathrains w/TA
1 Full Sqd FW w/2 Markerlight
1 Full Sqd FW w/Devilfish
2 Tetras
2 Piranha w/FB two units
2 HH w/RG


2 Lords 1 w/RO VoD 1 on destroyer platform
3 Full Sqd Warriors
3 H Destroyers
1 Monolith

Being we were using Escalation rules the only unit to deploy for me was the single FW sqd, he deployed 2 of his Warriors sqd and one w/lord. I deployed in a 2 rank line formation facing the objective but far enough back to stay out of Gauss range, he deployed right on the quarter lines to form a V formation.

Turn 1

Contact detected in Q3.
Moving forward to gain visual conformation, visual conformation confirmed.
Command; Necrons detected near objective.
Engaging enemy.
Movement detected in Q1 and Q4.
Command; Enemy is not returning fire.

Turn 2

Command; Priority message; Request reinforcements in Q2 we are out numbered 2 to 1.
Command; Reinforcements denied.
Sqd moving to engage enemy forces in Q1.
Command; Enemy sqd engaged in Q1.
Command; Enemy forces seem to be unaffected by our pulse fire, they seem to reanimate them selves.
Enemy movement detected in Q3, Heavy signatures.
Command; Taking heavy enemy fire, losses minimal.

Turn 3

Command; Priority message; request reinforcements.
Reinforcements arriving.
Command; Tactical retreat fall back to large building located in Q2.
Reinforcements engaging enemy.
Surprise Movement detected in Q2;
Reinforcements lost in Q2, enemy seem to be able to teleport at will.

Turn 4

Command; Priority message; request IMMEDATE reinforcements or we will be overrun.
Reinforcements arriving.
Reinforcements engaging enemy.
Command; Mass fire seems to be effective at taking enemy down in Q2.
Command; Mass fire seems to be effective at taking enemy down in Q1.
Command; Enemy unit in Q2 seems to be combat ineffective.
Unable to detect enemy in Q2 - Break unit reappearing in Q4.
Command; Massive contact detected in Q3.
Command; Enemy forces weapons seem to be less effective at greater ranges.

Turn 5

Command; Priority message request reinforcements.
Reinforcements arriving.
Command; Move forward to secure forward objective.
Massive contact confirmed; visual conformation appears to be a large vehicle.
Command; Destroy all remaining units.
Enemy return fire dissipating.

Turn 6

Command; Objective secured.
Command; Enemy contacts retreating.

This had to be one of the most challenging games I've ever played.

Starting out with only a single troop choice really made deployment easy, but I deployed them a little to far back to be effective in the first turn of shooting, but this also denied Aarons units from shooting at me at all.

My reserves rolls just bite the big one, did not receive any major reinforcements until turn 4

Turn 2 Reinforcements Nothing
Turn 3 Reinforcements 1 Deathrain
Turn 4 Reinforcements 1 Deathrain - 1 Piranha - 2 Tetras - 1 HH - 1 FW Sqd w/Devilfish
Turn 5 Reinforcements 1 Piranha - 1 HH - Commander

My thoughts where that on turn 3 after the elimination of the Deathrain that it was all but over for me, because of the Necrons Command Sqd being in my deployment zone, and then them getting the chance to move in on my lone FW Sqd and killing then he then he could just set up shop and butcher everything that came in for the remainder of the game, but as the game moved into turn four everthing just turn around for me, over all it was a very good game as the Tau prevailed once again to advance the Greater Good with a Solid Victory ;D

Originally Posted by Wargamer
Your army appears refreshingly different, which in itself is a god-send; it suggests you actually give a damn about something other than winning, and that alone speaks volumes.



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Default Re: [BatRep] Take & Hold, Tau vs Necrons, 1400

Interesting way to write the batrep.
Good job on destroying the necrons, our hardest to kill opponent.
Yeah, Escalation has its ways of destroying mech tau, but on the plus side it gives them less turns to get their victory points.

I've played where my only railgun (broadside) was the only unit I had for the first two turns against a fast nid. Painful.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Take & Hold, Tau vs Necrons, 1400

Nice job, have a cookie +1!

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