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Tau abreviations (sp?)
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Default Tau abreviations (sp?)

hey, well im not new to atu, or the forums, but i still get confused by the names and abbreviations used especcially in the tau area. could you guys please either refer me to one already made or make one here in this post?

so i have
Battle suit names
- monat
- fire knife
-fire storm
- death rain
- Blade storm
- other

War fish

and thta about sums it up

cheers in advance
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tau abreviations (sp?)

Welcome to the forums! I myself posted a similar topic a few days ago, this being a link to said post.

The responses I got should fill in the gaps.


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Default Re: Tau abreviations (sp?)

Where most of the name-ology came from was the original GW website Article:

The UK website is where a lot of the background extra detail articles are (the US, Oz, and other english versions are poor readheaded stepchildren in comparison) "Monat" comes from that article, which is defined as "Freedom of One", which means a solo crisis unit of just 1 suit.

Then over time, people figured out a lot of the Tau words, which were actually self consistent to a degree, and a Tau Lexicon was created, compiling all the Tau words into a sort-of Tau-English Dictionary

And, as new weapon options came available in the new codex, people made up new names for other Suit configurations, using the original article as a template (Fire-Knife is plasma and missiles, so plasma must mean fire, and the fact that "Burning Eye" (twin plasma) also has a fire theme, then it fits that fire/flame/heat means Plasma Rifle)

And over time, some phrases just sorta evolved as people talked about it and picked up the terminology. Some that I can think of, that arent in any book, but are everywhere around here:

JSJ: Taus' ability to "Jump-Shoot-Jump", essentially; cower out of line of sight, coming out only to shoot, then dodging backout of LOS. Everyone hates that, Tau love that!

FOF: "Fish of Fury" Where a devifish charges up and drops off troops within rapidfire range, where they blast away under the skimmer, and arrange to make it hard to be assaulted next turn (because theres a big honking transport in the way- you can shoot under it, but cant move within 1" of it)

Warfish: The new and improved Devilfish option, with a SMS instead of gun Drones... turning the Devilfish more into a combat vehicle, tossing out 7 S5 shots each round

MechTau: where Tau plays as actual mechanized infantry: safe within an armored tank, safe from enemy fire, and only coming out to FOF (see above), with the goal of preserving your units while whittling away at your enemy.

Feel free to ask any other odd or confusing names that seem mysterious to you here, as it is no problem at all for me to define it for you.
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Default Re: Tau abreviations (sp?)

excellent cheers bud, that is just what i needed, in fact i will recomend it for karma, and at the post as a favourite on my internet thing, (im always needing to remeber the hip cool lingo of the tau
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Default Re: Tau abreviations (sp?)

Just a note: Warfish are also often equipped with seeker missiles and disruption pods.

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