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FarSight at a Tourney [BatRep]
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Kroot Shaper
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Default FarSight at a Tourney [BatRep]

My friend Jon is in the Air Force stationed in Nebraska. He's due to ship out to Hawaii at the end of the month so RedBeard and I drove to visit him one last time before than happens. The excuse we used was a RTT at The Game Shoppe in Papillion, IL (great shop, btw).

My list was a rather straight forward FarSight list at 2000 points.
Farsight + 6 FireKnives w/ 2 SD + 1 FireKnife w/ a FailSafe
1 Ninja'O w/ CIB, VRT, SI, SG
1 Monat w/ TL FB + TA
3 FireKnives w/ 'Vre w/ 2 SD
3 x 6 FW w/ 'el w/ TL + ML
3 BS w/ ASS & 'Vre w/ 2 SD

My BatRep won't be as detailed as RedBeards, but hear it goes:

Game 1: vs New Iron Legion

We forgot about the Arch-Rival rule until after the third turn *shrug* but played w/ it after that. His list was something like :
1 Lord in Termie Armour
8 Termies w/ 4 Claws and 4 Power Weapons
2 x 3 Oblits
1 x Dread
3 x Squads of 10 CSM
2 x Squads of Devs

The lesson learned from this game are:
  • know when to keep Farsight as a static Firebase and when to make him mobile.
  • I used the marker lights to my advantage, lighting up and then taking down squads.
The BSs took out the Dread in turn one and then became a fire magnet. Turn two saw the termies and lord drop to the right of my line. The FB monat took out the CL in turn three. While the Ninja'O roughed up the termies for a full round. And then here is where I started to make mistakes. I had the chance to tie up the terms on round 4 w/ a squad of fw and didn't, I shot at them instead. They were assaulted on his trun 4. I lost that combat w/ a squad falling back. Mistake two was in my fallback move I allowed him to pile into the FW and BS squad. That combat lasted into my turn 5 in which I made mistake three, I could/should have moved the 3 FK squad to screen Farsight from the oncoming Terms but didn't. Instead Farsight was on the other side of the squad when the terminators struck. I pulled this into turn 6 at which point I lost combat and rolled 11 for leadership and jumped off the table edge w/ another bad roll.

Pts: 6 ( I held him to a solid victory)

Game 2 vs Dark Angles
Least said the better for me. I deployed poorly, he was able to DS his Terms w/in 8 in's on turn one. He swept my lines before He fell to Farsight's plasma. I was able to hold him to a solid victory

Pts 7, total pts 13

Game 3 vs Necrons
I won this game. A rather straight forward shoot them up match. He vailed units around the board untill my FW and Farsight was able to force just enough leadership rolls for him to lose his immortals w/ a 12 in fallback and no unit w/in range for a WBB roll. I was able to melt the Destroyers to where they weren't a threat. The biggest thing from this game was I felt safe enough to be aggressive during the assault phase and attack him.

Pts 13 total 27 pts

Overall I came in 10th of 16.

I haven't played this list often but I think I may start doing that to become more comfortable w/ it.
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Default Re: FarSight at a Tourney [BatRep]

Props on beating the crons, that's always tough for Tau. I like to see a Farsight list doing alright, variant lists in general make me happy.
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Default Re: FarSight at a Tourney [BatRep]

Show those Necrons!

Real men read The Strange Gazzet! (PM me for more information)

Thanks to Jais for finding the avatar!
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