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Is There Something Wrong With Me?
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Default Is There Something Wrong With Me?

I can't be bothered to use markerlights and never use Devilfish, Stealth Suits or Pathfinders!

Is there something wrong with me or are there a whole group of Tau players out there who were too scared to admit it?

BTW I still manage to win most of my games! ;D

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Default Re: Is There Something Wrong With Me?

I can't be bothered to use markerlights and never use Devilfish, Stealth Suits or Pathfinders!
Well you sound just like me. I have one devilfish. I dont even own any stealths or pathfinders. I dont even have any broadsides. And yet I still come in 4th in a twelve person tourney, with multiple necron players. Its possible, its just different playing abilities and tactics. Who knows, maybe there is a whole percentage of tau players who dont use those three things, but it sure as hell isnt out of fear. Lack of money maybe, but not fear.
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Default Re: Is There Something Wrong With Me?

As much as I like the idea of Pathfinders, I can't see using them. And as for a Devilfish, I don't use it either. As all I use my Firewarriors for is to sit in place and the leader has a Markerlight. Though, I do like Stealth suits.
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Default Re: Is There Something Wrong With Me?

I only just recently started to use a broadside, and even then it's limited. I used to use stealths but I find that they don't preform as well as I wanted them to and they used up a lot of my points. As far as marker lights go, I've never really used them, I have pathfinders and have used the once but they die far too quickly, so I don't see them as being worth their points.

Devilfish on the otherhand are something that I do use. Sorry that I had to ruin the similarities.

So I'd say that you aren't alone, I win the majority of my games as well, and I also happen to be the "top dog" in my game group as far as everyone else is concerned. I play against marines and 'crons quite a bit, but I seem to be playing against guard a lot lately.

I never really thought about that though and I suppose that I don't play with a conventional tau army. I thought I did though, haha whatever.
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Default Re: Is There Something Wrong With Me?

Of the three units you mentioned, the Devilfish is the only popular one. Pathfinders are one of the less common choice, as many people prefer to have a higher volume of shots rather than less more accurate ones. I use them on occasion, but only if I've designed a list specifically to take advantage of them.

Stealth suits weren't so much nerfed by the new codex, as fire warriors were made better with the new rapid fire rules. My anti-horde firepower comes from my mounted fire warriors who can put out more shots for fewer points in the same amount of time. Admittedly, Stealth suits have the advantage of being in range sooner and being harder to target, but I prefer fire warriors overall.

Devilfish are needed if you want to play a mechanized or hybrid list, but static list can still be very effective. I personally prefer to mount my fire warriors if I can, but I've had success with static teams in the past.

So it really isn't surprising that you do not use these units.
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Default Re: Is There Something Wrong With Me?

I don't even touch Pathfinders since they just don't last. Plus, the point cost of them plus their requisite Devilfish can be put to better use with other units with offensive capability. I have Stealth Suits, I just don't run them in my current list (I have enough Firewarriors to make Stealth Suits less useful). They can be very, very nasty, but other units can fulfill a similar role. I use a couple Devilfish, but their primary role for me is actually to preserve the Firewarriors they carry and take objectives with those same Firewarriors. They fight as a secondary option and even then they do I have them fight from behind cover. I don't even bother with Broadsides simply because I refuse to pay 35 bucks for a slightly modified Crisis Suit model, but they can lay down the hurt (though I prefer Hammerheads for survivability and maneuverability).

I don't think that not using Pathfinders, markerlights, Stealth Suits, or a bunch of Devilfish is at all unusual for a Tau player. The Tau army is (fortunately) set up in such a way that your army doesn't really require certain units to be strong, but it does require that you think about how to use them.
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Default Re: Is There Something Wrong With Me?

Originally Posted by StaffordGames
I can't be bothered to use markerlights and never use Devilfish, Stealth Suits or Pathfinders!

Is there something wrong with me or are there a whole group of Tau players out there who were too scared to admit it?

BTW I still manage to win most of my games! ;D

I used to play a hybrid list, but then I opt for Mech. Reason? I hate being assaulted within two turns of the start of the game and thus I mount my fire warriors up as a Anti-assault defense. In addition, I prefer to play a more aggressive shooting playstyle, and Mech Tau enables me to do just that, devilfishes bringing units up for their nasty rapid-firing range when I want them, and where I want them.

I play Pathfinders, often alternating between a squad of them or a squad of mounted fire warriors. They offer me a lot of benefits which I need not elaborate. But they tend to work better when my opponent is a terrain hugger or that they are a huge horde.

Stealths I don't often use the (1 every 20 games) as my anti infantry department is already packed to the teeth. I prefer to use Crisis suits as I like the model and also they compliment my list with anti-MEQ and anti-vehicle department.
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Default Re: Is There Something Wrong With Me?

I play only infantry

Crisis Suits (I try and Just use command units BS 4+)

Firewarriors - foot (might try a devilfish)
Kroot - Just awesome

Broadside with A.S.S

I use my Crisis for maneuvering, and laying down fire

Firewarriors for laying down fire and maneuvering the enemy to where I want them- 6 man squads so they die easy to HTH leaving said HTH out in the open,

Kroot - take a piece of terrain and harrass the enemy - HTH if needed and useful in deploy for strategic terrain taking.

Broadsides - maneuver and kill vehicles and high tough units

I do very well last tournament I went undefeated, was beat on points.
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Default Re: Is There Something Wrong With Me?

There is several different fundamental ways to play Tau, and Markerlight tech is just one of the options. But its all about how you 'force the odds'.

You could force the odds with sheer numbers of guns, and you forgo the markerlights as expensive upgrades, and instead use those points to buy more guns. Hoping that that # or extra guns will make up for the fact that they hit only 50% of the time.

The other way is to commit to markerlight advantage, using the tech to make units shoot at BS5, and heavy use of seekers, or other technological benefits, to make your fewer number of guns do MORE per turn than normal un-tech'ed ones would.

So you see, they are two different approaches to solving the same problem: hitting enough to do as much damage as possible. Whats counter-intuitive about this is that when you start buying markerlights, you have the urge to skimp on them, to hedge your bets so that you dont loose that many guns in the deal. BUT that urge is opposite of the reality. To make markerlights really matter, you have to go all out. No skimping.

And finding that balance: "how many guns to take away to add enough markerlights to make a real difference" is the hard part that requires a lot of study, and game testing, to get just right. and is often more work than most are willing to put effort into. Add to the complexity, is the expensive options out there: Marker Drones.. and how viable that cost MAY be, and how much is indeed too much. Do you bulk up makerlight support in mutliple squads of pathfinders?? Thats really expensive, devilfish considered. So what else is out there to give you a good number of Markerlights (4-5 hits on a target unit to get full markerlight benefits, fyi), barring marker drones?

Well, the interesting thing to note is that there are some 'both ways' options cleverly hidden in the lists. If you want some more markerlights, without loosing guns... there is the Sniper squad, which gives you guns AND a markerlight. If you want markerlights and more Seekers at the same time.. duh: Skyray. These options to use your markerlights and get something extra out of the point cost is the point of these units[and by the way, these markerlights are BS4 as a bonus], which may now make a bit more sense why they are the way they are, eh?

I say, dont throw out your way of playing, just give markerlights a shot, and dont go half-hearted- go all out, just to try them out and see what they can do. Imagine being able to reliably pin Space Marine squads over and over again (carbine firewarrior squads shooting at a unit with 6-8 markerlight tokens: 2 for +BS, -2 to cover saves, -4 to -6 to shooting morale and pinning checks.). Or even better: a full squad of firewarriors Rapid Firing at a to hit of 2+ (wouldnt that be nice?), with a -4 penalty to morale checks for loosing half their numbers... Or destroying each and every one of their transports and Dreadnaughts round 1, with them all still on the starting line (seekers), just to give you some potential ideas of stuff you can do if you DO go Tau Tech-ey..

.. And to also point out all the things that you can NEVER do without the tech. The choice and playstyle remains yours, just letting you kow whats out there, to give your Tau collection a whole new feel or playsyle, without costing you a thing (hehe except for skyray models.. :P )

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Default Re: Is There Something Wrong With Me?

I`ve tried hard to field Markerlights, and I repeatedly failed.

Itīs not that I don`t like them; I just have no use for them in my army. All my Crisis have BS4 with TL-weaponry - adding Markers would be overkill.

The only thing benefitting from increased accuracy would be Hammerheads and Broadsides, who are either BS4 or BS3/TL respectively - and of course my Firewarriors, who zoom across the battlefield in their Devilfish.

Experimenting with Markerlights leads to Markers I can`t use most of the time...

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