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Default Broudsides

I dont really know how to spell it, seeing as how i dont play tau...But how menny broudsides is to menny in a 1000pts list, my mate has 2, most people i have seen only have 1.....just woundering

Regards C

^about bloody time =P
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Default Re: Broudsides

Its not just Broadsides you don't know how to spell.....

And he could have 9 in a 1000 pt list, if he wanted to.

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Default Re: Broudsides

I'd say that depends on what you have in your list. Seeing as how you play marines, I'd expect you have some pretty dangerous units too. He might not have enough broadsides if you're taking more than one armour piece in a 1000 point list.

Remember that the only heavy weapons tau have can be taken by our heavy support. Marine players can sneak them in on their troops, HQ, heavy, elite, and probably fast attack too. I wouldn't complain too much about two extremely pricey and vulnerable railguns.
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