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Your XV
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Default Your XV

Assuming you're a worthy young Shas, survived years on the line in assorted different thetres, and passed your Trial By Fire to ascend to rank of Shas'ui....

What XV would you want to have made/customised for you?

I personally would want an XV-88, it's the closest to a 'Sniper' battlesuit in the Tau arsenal, with the power to level anything in its way, for the Greater Good. I could see a lot of ex-Pathfinders choosing this suit as well.

So? What suit suits you? Don't forget about weapon config. for all those choosing the reliable XV-8.
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Default Re: Your XV

XV15. Shooting the crap out of someone with a minigun, but wait, they can't see you!
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Default Re: Your XV

Well, as a Shas'Ui one wouldn't get much by way of custom gear - your weapons would also be selected by the command elements as fitting your role in an upcoming battle.

However, given the choice as a 'Ui, I would go with an XV-8 Crisis Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, and Shield Generator.
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Old 05 Jan 2008, 00:42   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Your XV

XV-8, plasma rifle, missile pod, targeting array, hardwired multi-tracker, hydrolics, nice speaker system, maybe heated seats and a sunroof.
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Default Re: Your XV

for me, it would have to be an XV-8 with plasma rifle, missile pod, and a targeting array
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Default Re: Your XV

Well...In terms of game stats I would definately have no need for a TA or MT...so Shield generator'd XV15 with a fusion.

Fluff-wise you can't see me, I have boosters to fly, and a weapon capable of melting through anything known to man right now.

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Default Re: Your XV

An XV8 with Burst Cannon, Missile Pod and Shield Generator.

Cheers, Alexander.
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Old 05 Jan 2008, 02:40   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Your XV

i would want an 88 just so i could see tanks explode! im obsessed with artillery in rl anyway >
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Default Re: Your XV

I would want an Xv8 with duel fusion blasters, and a shield generator. I would be deepstrike to kill enemy tanks and leaders. Or if the mission didn't require that, an Xv8 with a burst cannon, plasma rifle, targeting array, and hardwired drone controller with two gundrones (just because gundrones are cool.)

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Default Re: Your XV

Lets see XV88-2 w/ MT & ASS and HWDC (shield drones)

Darkane, in today's real world must tanks don't explode as in hollywood style, they more or less burn from the inside out.

1) Sabot rds, Enter and exit the tank causing a vacuum within which sucks ever loose item (crew) out through a tiny hole about the size of a fifty cent piece. The velocity of the round also causes extreme heat within the turret and hull and that is what ignites the tank from within.

2) Heat rds, uses a shaped charge to flake (theirs a scientific name for it but forgot it) the inside of a turret thus using its own armor to destroy the inside of it. (think frag)

3) Javelin missiles will make a tank go boom hollywood style though.

4) Most MBT in the world today have separate ammo storage behind closed doors (M1A1) which have blow off panels if hit by a AT type round, which pop off to channel the explosion out which prevents any damage to the crew compartment.
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