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rapid insertion force loadup
Old 04 Jan 2008, 08:27   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default rapid insertion force loadup

I know that this sounds like a pretty standard question that has been discussed here loads of times, but hear me out ;D

A coupld of weeks ago I bought the rapid insertion box to compliment my small but growing army. I currently own and have painted:

1 commander ninja'O
1 Fireknife
3 x Stealth suits
4 x 6 firewarrior teams
1 Ionhead
1 Railhead

Now I want to make sure the army is tournament legal so I will be building 8 of the bots from the box. Which will give me 2 x 3 crysis teams (incuding the one I have already painted) and 1 additional commander with 2 bodyguards. So my question to you guys, considering my list, what weapon config would you chose for the 8 bots I'm about to build?

My friends mostly play SMurfs, so I will be facing them most of the time.

thanks a bunch in advance fellas

PS my biggest concern is probably the lack of anti-tank in my army. I also lack firepower against Nids. Luckily I only know one player who plays 'em. But still worth considering...what would you recommend to rectify this problem?
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Default Re: rapid insertion force loadup

You never said what your Ninja'O is equipped with (I use FB/MP), but here is how I would configure the others:

Shas'El CIB, PR, TA, HWMT, two bodyguards with PR/FB, MT
I'd use this group to hunt heavy infantry/monsterous creatures

XV8 vre TLMP, AFP, HWMT, HWTL, Deathrain X 2 TLMP/Flamer
This is a good anti-light tank unit, and great killer of snapse creatures. The Thunderrain can split fire if swarm nids get close. The ability to negate cover with the AFP is great.

XV8 Fireknife X 3
All purpose squad that can help out either of the above squads.

I'd suggest adding shield drones and bonding knives to these units as well. With so many suits you will find cover to JSJ behind, hard to come by.
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Old 04 Jan 2008, 09:27   #3 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 26
Default Re: rapid insertion force loadup

thank you very much for your reply Scoutfox.

Thats some awesome advice right there! I was expecting advice on spamming fireknives, but the idea of having 3 teams with configurations suited for a certain tasks is very appealing and should be fun to game with.

The thought that lack of cover might be an issue, never struck me. Time to build some shield drones then. Luckily I get LOADS of 'em in the box. ;D

thanks again mate
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Default Re: rapid insertion force loadup

I recently bought the Rapid Insertion Force, as well.

I would advise on magnetising the Suits - I did so myself with all nine of them. With a 3mm drill and loads of 3" magnets, this can be done in a reasonable amount of time, and saves you lots of grief later when changing weapon configurations. I guess I`ll take some pictures later of the whole lot.

During our last Apocalypse game, the teams were:

3x TL MP + TA

3x TL PR + TA

3x TL FB + TA

Not a single Fireknife there. My dislike for this configuration goes even far enough to NOT field a completely painted unit of three of them in an Apocalypse game, even if this means I have to hand over a couple of points to IG players...

It has a poorly thought out concept, is unreliable, and just plain expensive for what it does. I`d advise you to stay away from this configuration unless you absolutely have to field it - which is, imo, never .


EDIT: Here the pics of the magnetised Crisis - I haven`t magnetised all weapons yet; this will be done on a "need-to-field"-basis.
IF you have bought the RIF, then also please take the time to magnetise them. It is not as daunting as it sounds, believe me. All I needed were a couple of 3mm diameter magnets, a 3mm drill piece and some superglue - the rest is just routine work.

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