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Pictures of painted tau wanted!!!!!
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Default Pictures of painted tau wanted!!!!!

Hey there fellow tau collectors,

I always have huge problem choosing what colours to paint an army. I'll decide a colour, paint a few

models and then think why on earth did i paint them like that. I'm not asking for written ideas

on colour schemes, as i won't be able to imagine what they look like when painted.

I'm asking for people to post pictures of there painted tau models or post links to other sites that loads of

different tau colour schemes.

This would help me enormously as i'm very bored in the holiday atm and have nothing to do except so far come

up with bad colour schemes for tau.

Cheers, yogii.
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Default Re: Pictures of painted tau wanted!!!!!

Here are a couple of my Tau schemes. I've got some Fire Warriors that are painted a bit better than those ones, which I could post tomorrow if you want to see although they are basically the same colours.

The intro to my story, mentioning the colour scheme...
Originally Posted by Red Cadre
The Shikha’Sei Hunter Cadre was founded in the Third Sphere Expansion of the Tau Empire. Compared to most other Cadres, the Shikha’Sei Tau are eccentric and malicious but still fighting for the Greater Good, regardless of any criticism the Water Caste members may give them. The legions of Fire Warriors and the armoured columns of skimmer tanks that soar over the battlefields are painted in a dusty red with highlights of brighter reds and purples that contrast with the white and gold of the higher ranking officers. A Soldier of the Cadre may add more white and/or gold to their uniform with each promotion.

Representing their relative embracing of individuality compared to the other Cadres, the units have un-uniform colour patterns, yet still with the same basic colours of red-white-gold. Each Fire Warrior may pick their own colour of shin armour, which sometimes makes their lower legs contrast with the rest of their uniform; with some enemies and fellow Tau giving the Shikha’Sei the derogatory name of “The sock troopers”.
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File Type: jpg SDFTau.JPG (19.9 KB, 40 views)
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Default Re: Pictures of painted tau wanted!!!!!

You could always to a search through the showcase section of this forum for tau miniatures. That way you'll get what you want and will probably see a bunch more models than will be shown if people just post images here.

To search just go up to search and then select showcase and then type in tau and you'll probably get tons of images of peoples tau models.

Oh and welcome to the forums! I hope your holidays become more eventful.
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