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apocalypsebattle and the 2 hierophants!!!
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Default apocalypsebattle and the 2 hierophants!!!

guys iam new to gaming with the Tau but anyway 2day me and 4-5 friends had a big big big big apoc battle it was 2 vs 2 but because i have a tiny tau army they let me play because we were playing at my house!!! any way it was like 3 vs 2 but i had only 24 FWs and 2 devilfishs, i think there was about 12000 points on the table antway moving on...... my mate was talking about that he was going to get 2 very very very sick units that he said will takke on the hole world on!!! so.... as you get it he got 2 hierophants not 1 but 2 !!! when we started i swear i just said there is no point in playing after i saw them and then i knew it was going to be a looooooonnnnnggggg day. so we started and has soon as the bio cannon was in range it was taking big chunks out of our team so for fun i send my brave FWs to the 2 hierophants and they looked tiny i mean tiny in i thing 30 secs 24 FWs and two devilfish were turned to mince meat!!! the 2 hierophants where standing after the battle and they made mince meat out of verything. anyway the point is HOW? are to going to kill one of those things and the guy had 2!!! a tau army would have a very hard time killing that thing. so do you thing the hierophants is tooo strong or is it only me!!!
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Default Re: apocalypsebattle and the 2 hierophants!!!

I understand you were already instructed to read the forum guidelines and had a similar thread locked. Read the guidelines or you'll face a harsher penalty than mere warning points.
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