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Why Tau would fight Witch Hunters
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Why Tau would fight Witch Hunters

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I posted, but now I'm in a pinch. I'm trying to setup a campaign with my Tau. I want to give every army a reason for attacking one of my Tau planets. For most armies it's easy and if I my best buddy didn't have a witch under army I wouldn't bother but since he does, I need to figure out something interesting for him to attack me.

The only thing I can think of is some kind of Chaos Object that would reside in one of my capital cites.

Could anyone point me to some kind of "why X army should fight X army" guide?

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Default Re: Why Tau would fight Witch Hunters

They believe that the utter devotion to the ethereal caste must be due to some greater power, i.e. chaos

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Default Re: Why Tau would fight Witch Hunters

The Witch Hunters would fight the Tau because they think there might be a rogue Gue'vesa psyker (assuming you have gue'vesa on your planet)

(If the witch hunters FAIL their campaign you have) The Daemonhunters fight the Tau because that rogue psyker from earlier? Yeah, he just summoned a horde of daemons.

Chaos attack the Tau because they're part of the psyker/daemon group.

Space Marines come to assist the Imperial Guard

Eldar Harlequins were wandering the webway and POOF appeared on the Tau world, so now they have a breach in the webway and need to fix it (or something)

Dark Eldar just want to rape, torture, and pillage.

Orks, well, they were bored, see, and thought, "what better thing to do then go fight?" so they attacked the planet, y'know, just because. Since when did Orks need a reason?

Imperial Guard are there because they were already fighting the Tau, to retake the planet.

SO, it goes like this. Imperial Guard, then Witch Hunters, then Chaos/Daemonhunters. And everyone else. The Orks just join the dog pile essentially. The Eldar reason is kind of cheap, but you could have it be something like there's lost artefacts or whatever. Maybe one of those missing Phoenix Lords?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Why Tau would fight Witch Hunters

Yeah that could work I guess :-\, still not to sure about that.

I figure:
Orks -> fight because your there
Chaos -> Some evil artifact
Eldar -> Destroy evil artifact
Dark Eldar -> Too close to them and they need slaves
IG -> My planet has good minerals
Marines -> Trying to regain the territories I got after the Gulf Crusades
Necron -> I flipped the wrong switch on one of my moons
Nids -> enough said
Witch Hunters -> ????, best guess with be that artifact I spoke of earlier

But would WH go for that ?
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Default Re: Why Tau would fight Witch Hunters

I kind of agree with Tak'ukos: Gue'vesa. Witch Hunter whould attack Tau simply because they 'Corrupt' Imperial Guards/Humans with their false idea of 'Greater Good'...Everyone knows there is no Greater Good then the Emperor.

DeamonHunter are, in my Oppinion, the least likely to attack the Tau because Tau are not very likely to be currupted by Deamons...then again if they are in the way.

IG and Marines: 'cause they were tolsd to take over that World.

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Default Re: Why Tau would fight Witch Hunters

Just as an example, in my tau force I use the Rogue Psyker rules for an alien psyker

(The Figure I use is from another model company, but resembles a Starspawn (Cthulhu), Ood (Dr Who)or an Ithalid (D'n'D).)

(The Rogue Psyker stats. do nicely resemble the Ithalids powers)

I will post a pic. when I have one.

As a note my friend is useing witchhunter and Daemonhunter rules to represent everything from Rogue Traders to Sensei.

We also use in a Genstealer brood; an Apostale Cardinal as a Magus, Rebels as brood brothers and mutants for Hybrids,

these codexes are quiet versatile in my humble opinion.
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Default Re: Why Tau would fight Witch Hunters

The Witchhunters, strictly speaking, are Inquisitors of the Ordo Hereticus. Anyone who turns from the Imperium is fair game for them. E.g. heretics.

The witchhunters don't just fight witches and psykers, but treachery in most forms. Turning from the Imperium is something almost any Inquisitor might be concerned by, but for a member of the Ordo Hereticus, it is one of their primary concerns. I feel that the Witchhunters book has somewhat distracted everyone from this point. Therefore: There are traitor humans on that planet, attack!

It also serves as a fine excuse for Marines to be attacking as well.
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Default Re: Why Tau would fight Witch Hunters

While "trafficking with Xenos" may be an atrocity that the Ordo Xenos would be more likely to deal with... the Witchunters specifically would have an interest in 'questioning' those imperial citizens and governors who allowed such events to occur.

It may have been as innocent as "hey! those Tau guys traded us good water purifiers for some ore at an excellent rate! We've been waiting for the Imperial requisition for their purifiers for 400 years now!", but of course the inquisition never sees things to innocently, and will add conspiracies and nefarious intents [which by the way are in their own heads] to the situation, and will feel justified in hunting and burning down such evil themselves [never realizing they could save a lot of time and needless carnage by burning their own heads off- thats why I never could consider witchhunters for my army: the hypocrasy turned my stomach]

Which is to say: Witchhunters dont really need a reason to go to battle: they bring all their reasons with them. If they believe their own slanted views fully enough, then anyone and everyone is a witch. And the galaxy suffers [a win for Chaos, apparently. I wonder which chaos power whispered in their ears and twisted them into such depraved wickedness?]. At least the monsters that the Ordo Xenos and DaemonHunters struggle against are real.

Sorry to sound so Inquisition-bashing, but you asked for a reason "why?" And this basic fundamental explanation of their reasoning works quite well for any troublesome 'whys' that may occur when there is suffering to pridefully dole out. >

[btw: I hope you werent the Witchhunter player, as I would hate to talk someone into hating the army they chose and paid good money for, that was not the intention. It IS the Dark Future, afterall.]
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Default Re: Why Tau would fight Witch Hunters

Maybe the Witchhunters believe that the powerful control that Ethereals use on other Tau is some kind of psychic power?

Cheers, Alexander.
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Default Re: Why Tau would fight Witch Hunters

(Before I begin: absolutely no offense meant, Calaban. You're completely correct: the Imperium is quite bad, and the Sisters are the worst of the worst.)

Well, Calaban has one view of it. I'm a Tau player, but my roommate plays the Sisters of Battle, so I've been introduced to their "ways." If they released plastic Sisters, I would drop the Tau in a heartbeat. Why? Because there's another side to Calaban's Inquisition bashing.

There's a reason the Sisters of Battle are so draconian - the 40K universe, as written, has left them no choice. There isn't time for pleasantries, subtleties, or negotiations. The Ordo Xenos deals with the alien, which, in many cases, is well-enough defined. So to the Ordo Malleus - they are fighting daemons, after all. But the Ordo Hereticus has to deal with these two disparate forces - the alien and the daemon - as they corrupt loyal Imperial holdings. Their struggle isn't less 'real', it's simply harder to gauge.

And once a world falls to Chaos, it is lost. Once a world falls to Tyranids, it is lost. And the longer taint is allowed to grow, the more worlds it threatens. Complete systems, entire sectors can and have been lost when one seed of taint was allowed to germinate.

And thus the Ordo Hereticus is tasked with the hardest job of all: find corruption at its very source, and root it out. For the benefit of everyone. If that takes assassination, the leveling of a city, or the glassing of planet - so be it.

Another thing to consider: there is a reason for the Sister's complete devotion to and faith in the Emperor - in the 40K universe, miracles do happen.


So to those water purifiers: the Tau do have nefarious intents behind their trade. They do seek to undermine Imperial control. They do tempt loyal Imperial citizens from the fold, damning their souls for all eternity. No, there cannot and there will not be negotiations with the Tau. Cleanse the traitors that have sold their souls for money, destroy the idolatrous work of the xenos scum, and restore faith in the Imperial creed. It's all in a good days work for a Sister of Battle.
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