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New books
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Default New books

Today I picked up some new books, one is the Infantryman's Uplifting Primer book, Damocles Gulf Edition. It's a nice hardcover book, complete with pictures (most of which are hysterical) and a 'detailed' entry on the Tau. Lol the stereotypes and propaganda against the Tau is hysterical. My favorite is "Beware the Tau- They'll sacrifice your babies to their gods!"

The second book is 'Star of Damocles'. It takes place just before the Damocles Gulf Crusade....I'm mostly through it and it was for the most part a really slow read...I'm not big on Rogue Traders or Navis Nobilite, so maybe thats it....but yeah. It does include Puretide, O'Shovah, Shadowsun, and Icewind. If you like Tau fluff as much as I do, I'd suggest picking up both books, as they cover everything from the Imperial point of view on the Tau (both military and rogue trader pov's) and also goes into greater detail about Tau architecture, which I've always been a fan of.

Anyway, good reads. cya
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Default Re: New books

Hmm, the Infantryman's uplifting primer, does it have a lot of general info on the guard, or more on the Tau? Either way, I'm picking one up!
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Default Re: New books

The Primer is a good look at some inside info on the Guard. A lot of the stuff in the Primer is great, such as weapons maintenace, hygine and wound treatment. The stuff about adversaries, however, seems like it was written by some huffy beaureaucrat wanting to make himself look good, and I don't think that it would be taken seriously. If some people do start to believe it, leave it to the veterans to straight them out and tell them the truth. Many of the punishable infractions are also something that it seems are only paid lip service to, such as gambling.
But seriously, a Guardsman, I'm willing to bet, could a) outshoot me, b) give me the beating of my life, and c) shove more squad-based tactics down my throat than I'd ever care to digest. Guard are hard, hard men. Whether or not GW's inconsistent, Marine-worshipping fluff keeps with that, mkay?

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Default Re: New books

I found the new primer to be just ridiculous. The first edition was great (I was an IG player at the time) and the xeno entries were quite well done. However, with this new edition, I feel that BL have just gone all-out for the comedy element. The entries are laughable, but to the extreme and just make a mockery of the whole thing, rather than being propaganda. The way it is written is making out that guardsmen are just grunts with zero intelligence. The reports are written from an overly-personal viewpoint with little fact and come across very childish.
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