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Default Broadsides

hey, i have just started Guard and then realised i hadn't finished my Tau. all i need aare three broadsides, but i don't like the GW minis and the FW ones are too expensive. do you think i could use Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons teams with a pair of Broadsides Rail Guns on the tri-pod? what do you guys think?
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Default Re: Broadsides

Could work.. or you could convert some drone platforms to have railguns, emplacement crewed by two technical drones

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Default Re: Broadsides

You could do the IG thing and get some wheeled Ork artillery and add the RG's to that, and you'd have the Advanced Stabilization System, ha ha!
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Default Re: Broadsides

You still have to give it a SMS no matter what you do though, so...

And I don't think Tau would trust their Human Auxilliaries with railguns, but just as a fun conversion it would work. Needs to be hooked to a huge power-pack though, and maybe have an emplaced SMS and say it's being controlled by an AI to defend the Guard while they're shooting off the Railguns.

Wow, I want to do that conversion now for my Gue'vesa... Hrm.........
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Default Re: Broadsides

FW ones too expensive huh?

You know, considering you're buying three of them anyway ($105 from GW, $132 from FW), the difference is only going to be something like $27 more in the long run... :

If you like the FW ones enough, I think the extra dough is more than worthwhile.
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Default Re: Broadsides

The cost of either model is pretty harsh, but i'd highly recommend the FW versions. They're FAR superiour to look at and the design is much better if you imagine how they would operate.
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Default Re: Broadsides

Agreed. I'd say get the FW ones. Simply because thay look ALOT better and will match the army better. Good luck if you do the conversion, I still want to see a finished product either way
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