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Mech Tau army lists
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Default Mech Tau army lists

Hey there I've been lurking for a few weeks now, picking up ideas and reading on the basics of playing Tau. I've played a couple of small games of Combat Patrol, and starting to get ready to move onto larger games. Thanks to judicious uses of the apocalypse sets, I've got a decent army together (I do enjoy painting them ) Which so far, consists of the following;

1 commander
3 crisis suits
6 stealth suits
48 rifle armed Fire Warriors (and 5 devilfish)
4 Pathfinders with Markerlights (w/ devilfish) (I've enough bits to make a few more of these, if needed)
Enough drones of various sorts to bulk out most things.
6 Vespid
5 Piranha
3 hammerheads (maximum of 1 can be switched to a skyray)

That's ... actually more than I thought I had, now I've written it all up. As with everyone, I'll be playing a lot of MEQs, though my local club also has a very sizable 'nid contingent and a fair amount of Eldar (Mostly fairly static). With all that in mind ... what do people suggest I take? Games tend to go in 500 pt brackets, anything up to 2000.
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